Dear God

Dear God
I’ve written so many poems for you
I’ve asked you so many questions
I’ve sought so many clarifications from you
All I’ve received, in the very end,
Is the heavy weight of pain
An artefact as imposing
As a canon ball tied to my ankles
As it pulls me down
Further and further
Into the seas of misery!

Dear God
I’ve been told
By a man of religion
That I am to bear with this world
As, here
Even the one sent from your seeds
Have had to meet with an atrocious end!

Dear God
My strength is weakening
My faith is still strong though,
Be not alarmed
I revere you as the only Truth
To which I hold on to
When the seas of misery
Lash out at me their waves of doom
But my strength relies on my choices
My choices remain the same as yours
Be sure of that

My fragility is no more keen to tread along
This world is a tricky one
It leads nowhere
Yet, it will skillfully make you believe
That you have an aim to grope on to
So as to maintain it alive!

Dear God
I remain submissive to you
I shall carry my cross as long as you would want me to
I shall drink muddy water
And feed on rotting roots if need be
But that shall be
As long as my strength allows me to
Meanwhile, I await for when
You shall throw down a ladder to me
To save me
From the raging waves of my own being!

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