Dawn to Dusk

Dawn is our first breath
Melded together to fight
Our daring dream’s death…

Noon forms the bright beams
Your springy smile extends
To my soul’s fraying seams…

Evening lends me the breeze
Of your close, soothing voice
While we sit under the trees…

Twilight paints our moments
A magical rose and lavender
And flawlessly, the sky blends…

Tonight, I would miss you,
As the magical hues darken,
Just like everyday hitherto…

– September 1st, 2013
© Sana Rose 2013

9 thoughts on “Dawn to Dusk

  1. Sunil

    Dawn-to-dusk: A time sequence, otherwise ordinary, but here, experienced colourfully and rendered magically by a poetic Sana, a weaver of fine imagery!

    1. lokesh roy

      Thank you Madam…….Humility is the hallmark of greatness…..you are humble, to my otherwise abrupt comment & you have bet me in my own game ! As I said your poems are so unique as to raise our expectations in a like manner .

  2. Sana Rose Post author

    I truly understand, Lokesh ji. 🙂 Thank you again. And I have put my best to two war poems. One on the list still. One that I will post after other poets take their turn.


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