Daughter Mine


Daughter mine,

I see your tears, know your hurting, 

feel your fears.


Long to see my girl shine through,

smiling wide with eyes so blue.


Yearn to take it all away,

the hurt and scars of yesterday. 

but then ,

what rods would gird your heart ,

when grief and pain are all a part 

of life. 


I wish there were another way to learn.


I used to hold you in my arms. 

Safe from every threat of harm.

but now,

 so striving to be grown .

and I ,

to let you 

stand alone. 


Find your way. 

Spread those wings. 

Inner strength with all it brings. 


Daughter mine, 

I love you so. 

The hardest part still yet to know. 

To love includes

the letting go.

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