Dancing Kites

Dreams are meant to be held on to
As they adorn the skies,
So like colourful kites,
With which I played as a child!
Kites, and their mystical symbols
Have the same effect
That sad love songs have on me!

Dreams are meant to be lived,
As strongly as is our belief in them
And as they dance and flutter
To the flow of the winds,
I, become, once more,
That little girl that I was once,
So full of herself
As to believe that someday
She shall conquer the world
And place upon it,
Her victorious flag!

Having grown older in age,
I still carry the heart of innocence in me
And if all of my dreams materialized not
To be what I yearned them to be
Well, like dancing kites,
I simply adjust my sails
To suit the new course of
Those winds of tomorrow’s hope!

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