Dancing heart

My heart is dancing to the call of the death
Like a psyche lover I am escalating to die
For it will be the greatest union
That will hold and embrace me forever
For it’s the origin of absolute , the real me
As it doesn’t have any desires or longing
Ready to die to be alive
In my own real world
Very far away from this alien galaxy
For my ultimate home is calling
Emancipating the fake mirage of life
Where there won’t be protocol
To find the decorum of orderliness
For there all entropy escapes with a merge of flow

Where there won’t be constraints
To find the essence
For there all ceases to be one, the absolute

Where there won’t be the priority
To bifurcate anything
For there nothing itself submerges to everything
Where there won’t be any name
To define anything ,hold anything
For there will be the freedom of absolute flow
Harmonizing the void and infinite
Where there won’t be any count
For it’s beyond the measures of empirical attributes
My heart is dancing to the call of the death
For the ultimate home is calling


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