Cuddles in a Muddled World

A fog enveloped the surroundings
Impenetrable and thick.
Through my window, I heard a disembodied voice.
Someone mimicking Santa Claus?
Oh, it was an invisible shepherd loudly rumbling.
“Ho, ho, ho” he bellowed to the accompaniment
of a dog barking frenziedly;
not a thing could I see,
but concluded it was a dog, since it barked.
Dogs bark, it is said, but sometimes humans do too.
Viciously, vengefully.
They can bark corpses out of their graves.
Ah, was that the bleat of a calf- so lost?
‘Ma…ma….ba ba ba” ; was it looking for its mother?
Somewhere the plaintive cry of the lapwing
pierced the fog; and the dog barked.
“Peewit, peewit”, said the lapwing
Wheezy and drawn-out; drowning the shepherd’s shout.
Ah, the fog lifted, gifting me a beautiful moment.
Next to the shepherd, indulgently watched by its mother
The lamb , no longer lost , now gamboled and rolled .

The lost sheep had come back into the shepherd’s fold.
The sun had done its bit, drenching them in tints of gold.

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