Marvel at the stars at night, think of time and space.

Eternity, creation and the whole of human race.

Beauty, magnificence, unequaled power and might.

Molecules and atoms and the amazing speed on light.


Look into a mothers radiant smiling face.

See the power of kindness the expression of your Grace.

Love and gentle passion faithfulness and peace.

Sincerity commitment until all time has ceased.


Look at oceans deep and then a babies tear.

At mountains storms and hurricanes in unanswered fear.

At forests, flowers, prairies and a single blade of grass

Animals from every mould; for You a simple task.


Wonder at your love for us who so easily ignore

Spend our time in selfish praise seeking more and more.

You paid the price at Calvary for us to know you well

Spend eternity in heaven and save us all from hell.


We thank you Lord for all the sacrifice you made.

For the agony you went through in the price you paid

We want to enter and enjoy the victory You won

With all the praise and glory devoted to your Son.

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