Counselling a Counsellor…

She was a psychologist
an exceptional one, I must say
Always witful,cheerful, patientful
Diffusing the patients weeds of ill- thoughts
She was a real panacea for downtroddens
A real gem of milky way, a perfect healer
And mastery over the seven universal laws of artful brain
Be it ‘contrast’, ‘isolation’, ‘peekaboo’,’ Abhorrence of coincidences’,
Or ‘ orderliness’,’symmetry ‘,’ metaphor ‘
All bowed in her ordeal and were in utter commands
But alas Destiny caught her bared
Piercing thousands of deaths in her heart
She died thousands deaths for every moment of life
How cruel and ugly was the fate
My tears couldn’t hold rolling down the cheeks
Though my heart is bleeding
To counsel her
To soothe her
To pacify her
Oh My counsellor,Oh my philosopher
But all in vain as if she is stoned and withering
And today she is lying in that dark room
With no ventilation
Selfcaged , self haunted, selfcursed
Sometimes naked sometimes screaming
Sometimes pulling her flaxen hairs
And sometimes talking to walls
Rarely does she sleeps
With no food and medicine
She is on her journey with cartesian
That simply tears the life in infinity
And of every flying pieces
She winks weirdly, she laughs paranoidly
Silent sobers puffed in the holocaust of smoke
She is drinking the wine as a divine nectar
Afraid of vicinity
She lay hidden wrapped in the blanket
And there she was the greatest counsellor
Hope some fairy frenzy breeze
will carry out
Some few fuzzy neuro logics
Some few unspoken words
Some few Unheard therapies
And one day she will be back
Back with a bang
To sort out
Trajectories of life
Resonance of life
Uncertainties of life
Mysteries of life
To unveil a new micro and macro cosmic cell theory
To explore nth dimensions
And to dwell
Beyond the infinity
Beyond the secrets
Perluding the horizons
May be one day she gets well
To colour different shades
Both pragmatic and philosophical
Both secular and devotional
Wish life to counsel my counsellor soon
And here I am holding her hands
With my silent eyes
Filled with tears
Am counselling a counsellor
Ah sorry , forgive me you all
Am counselling MY counsellor


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