Coronavirus Scare

New-fangled beliefs of people
are virtually formidable or less
virtually formidable;
If the virus is the knock,
Why we don’t ratify
Something best.

The knock, we are unlikely of,
Our veins got grated with the
outburst off the wall:
Our hearts are beating fast,
Our homes are on the menace,
Our family has wildly been
unnerved a lot.

A wife raises a question to her

“Are we going to die directly”

A mother to her son,

“What is the threat they are

A grandmother to her grand-

” What is VABA(the plague)?”

So, wis, what are the excuses
to be put on

This virus, no end of, scanning
the host;
Giving three precarious signs

Runny nose,

Sore throat,

Shortness of

So great is that won against
the knock,
And left beyond all
The very nation is
Who fronted every snag
of pandemic.

No deterrent strutted around
But with vigor in hearts for
adored ones.

We can seize our opportunities,
If we love praying to Allah,
Morally not for just
Kashmir, but for
the whole sphere.

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About Adnan shafi

Young Adnan Shafi, (23) was born and brought up in a middle class educated Bhat family, which belongs to Chandrigam in Tral area of Kashmir valley. He is a poet, writer, columnist, translator, short story writer, reviewer, blogger , motivational speaker, ghazal-writer and an editor His poetry book "TEARS FALL IN MY HEART' depicts sorrows and vicissitudes of life. There are various hues in his poems ranging from love to loneliness and despair. Besides, his poetry is replete with the simplicity of thought and language. Some of the poems are autobiographical in nature which relate to his own life’s vows. Some of his poems have been highlighted by different MAGAZINES, JOGMAG, DUANESPOETREE , PETRICHOR magazine, FUNDZA LITERARY TRUST ,SPILLWORD, ONLINE CONTEMPORARY POETRY, FAMILY FRIEND POETRY, UGC approved JOURNAL, WRITERS CAFE, YOALFAAZ, POEM HUNTER, YOUR STORY CLUB, THIENS.IN, FAST KASHMIR, TIMES OF KASHMIR JOURNALIST WEBSITES, HELLO POETRY, and more platforms on the INTERNET He contributes his articles/opinions for different news organizations in Kashmir LIKE BRIGHTER KASHMIR, KASHMIR VISION, RISING KASHMIR, KASHMIR AGE, READER KASHMIR, FAJR, KASMIR PEN, KASHMIR THUNDER, DAILY KASHMIR AGE.

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus Scare

  1. Jagdish Singh Ramana

    “Literature is the mirror of society.” So does it reflects. Very informative and useful poem. Positive in tone.


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