Corona- A battle secondary.

Several mouths to feed ,
Leaking shelter to pay for,
Dues to be cleared,
To get the land that lies mortgaged.
For ages, he and his clan have been sinking in the dark sea of penury,
So Corona just remains a battle secondary.

Amidst suspending drops of death, he has to step out
Or else he and his kin, won’t get a morsel,
And their starving cells would soon be dead,
Making them immune to fear and dread,
For how could Corona kill the already dead?
So Corona just remains a battle secondary.

Beating the searing heat and thunderous rain, he struggles to earn some penny,
Lest his sister is pawned to the wealthy demons lurking around,
While silently he feels his pride shattering,
Seeing the famished body of his wife through tattered clothing.
Sanitizers and masks from where should he bring ?
So, Corona just remains a battle secondary.

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