Life conspired against me
And brought me to face
A mountain,
While challenging me
To reach its top
By climbing with my hands 
And feet as sole tools!

I lowered my eyes,
And pretended
That I could not hear
Life's monsters
Sneering at me
As if they were wolves
Eyeing me while I had dared
Leave the safety of my hut
To stroll in their enchanted forests
In the depths of the night!

Life conspired against me
And whilst I had promised myself
To remain young and bold at heart,
I found my strength weakening
As much as the wrinkles on my face
Deepening and sharpening!

No more confident,
No more adventurous,
I could now
Only glance at Life
With fearful eyes
And swear to it
That I will abide to its rules
To the extent
Of accepting to throw myself,
At the time Life would request me to,
Into the lusty embrace of Death,
Who shall inhale my essence
And blow it towards there
Which is still unexplored and unknown!

Life has conspired against me;
And I have no choice
Even if I had wanted to conquer it,
It has won this battle against me,
Gently imposing itself
As the one to conquer everything
That spawns of it
And that makes it up!

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