Gentle thumb
Cleared patches
And streaks on
The fogged window
To see the raindrops
Trickling down
Its glassy pane;

You gazed your way
Into my soul,
Until the rain ceased.

I stopped –
You smiled –
Your breath turned
Into my lullaby…
I chuckled –
You consoled –
My tears turned
Into your reason…

Being apart
Even before
Being together
Was perhaps
The only reason
We had to go on…

– June 21st, 2012
~ s.r. ~

4 thoughts on “Consolation

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Consolation ” is well-crafted and embraces the reader with its subject matter unambiguously . The short stanza , ” you gazed your way into my soul , until the rain ceased .” is particularly striking. [ Editorial note :- the abundance of … are not really necessary ……..]

  2. Sana Rose

    Thank you, Louis.. 🙂 the abundance of ellipsis however happens to be a ‘just me’ in my poems. I try to avoid them but the emotional stuff comes off like that.


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