Cobwebs ( by Russ Crabtree )

Cobwebs made by a spider

So beautiful and artistic

Looks like expensive lace

Not out of place on palace walls or gentry halls;

To think I’ve got lots of them

On the windows outside our house

I see them glimmer and shimmer in the light,

For the day has begun

On my humble dwelling of a weaver’s son,

I do believe it was mother nature

Who taught my parents how to weave,

The threads are seen in every northern textile town

Flowing through them like an expensive quality woven gown;

I’ll rue the day when I have to ask the window cleaner

To wash the cobwebs clean away

Just like the wool and cotton workers they have gone,

It could be a lamenter’s song

Then I laugh with great excitement

Lots of thoughts and happy memories

Going round inside my head

As I look outside my window

I see the spider spin another web.

4 thoughts on “Cobwebs ( by Russ Crabtree )

  1. Amita Paul

    A lovely poem that weaves Nature , work , domestic life , memories of the past and hopes for the future together in one seamless web .


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