The doors I knocked at and I got no answer
The doors of your acceptance and compassion
The outer gates of mere acknowledgement
These doors
These gates
One day
Will burn down to the ground
The ashes of our cremated bodies
Will meet somewhere
In the waters of the deep oceans
When neither you nor I can speak
The gift of life
Wasted on indifference
Lost amid false pride
And a hollow feeling of affront
By my very existence
Where has love gone
Those tears that once were prized like pearls
That tender voice
A warmth
In the iron freeze
Of an alien world
And lost again

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

4 thoughts on “Closed

    1. amitapaul Post author

      Thank you , Louis Kasatkin.
      It is indeed a lament for a terrible waste of human potential which is a curse in itself

  1. amitapaul Post author

    Thank you , Parneet Jaggi , for your empathetic understanding of this deeply felt piece of poetry


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