Wait, before you turn my blood blue,
I hear him…
Or was that you gently rubbing your slithery skin on my silk?
Black beauty! Bite into my bleak body
Through my skin, my shadow, my spirit, my soul!
The wild dance has begun!
Your chilliness against my warmth
The entangled helix, tightening
Mysterious madness sweeping my skin
Flashing deep pain
Brightness… Blindness…
I lose myself…
I set my thoughts free
from those existential clutches
I shade my dreams with lively hues
I hear your heart;
I hear secrets;
I hear questions;
My life is the answer!


© Suma K Gopal

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About Suma K Gopal

Suma hails from a village in Kerala, India, and writes in English and Malayalam. Her poems, written through those inevitable moments of change, are quiet expressions that help her unmask. Her poems have been published in various international anthologies including Inner Child Press International, Amaravati Prism, and xpresspublications/, and has written lyrics for music albums. Suma holds Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and has given poetry readings at a number of events. Suma began her career as a web journalist about two decades ago, but later she chose a profession in Human Resources, while poetry remains her passion.Suma is a South Indian classical musician, a certified executive coach and a senior Human Resources professional in a multinational organization based in Bangalore.

10 thoughts on “Cleopatra

  1. amitapaul

    This is a poem of sensuous depiction and felt emotion that moves towards the end into philosophy

  2. Suma K Gopal Post author

    This poem portrays the last scene of Cleopatra. She is inviting the snake to bring death to her, even when she craves for her lover’s presence beside.
    At one level, the scene is Cleopatra, snake and her last moments before death. At another level, I have attempted to paint the act of making love itself.


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