Chocolate sonata

so I decided to empty the jar…
full of the pleasures
that my mouth anticipates
spoon after spoon, quicker and quicker
like an addict, I even forget to breathe
sweet velvet sliding my inside
sweet warm sensation tickling my every fiber
total debauchery of saliva
joy spread in eyelashes
dance on tiptoes
swirl of the bloodstream
so I decided to empty the jar
now smeared with the trace of my lust
abstract art for a very well defined cord

2 thoughts on “Chocolate sonata

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Roald Dahl’s anarchic spirit lives on in Iulia’s ” Chocolate sonata “. It is THE funniest poem I’ve read in quite along while. Unfortunately there is no Destiny Poets’ ICOP award for Humorous Poem.


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