I am raving mad

At nights, when you swoop down

On my sleep from the dismal chill

Of delusions

When I walk down the souvenirs

Of abandonment

An unnerving iciness

Creeping through my spine.


I hear the frothy laughter

Of the Id

The disquiet tuning it’s trumpet

From across the forbidden lands

And forbidden love

Blowing softly in the wind

The tunes of hers owned

And my desire

To die for.


I know I am raving mad

When I embrace this soulless night

For the wishful firefly

And yet I do

With the spectres

Of a begone tale

And undying hope

That’ll never leave my side.

6 thoughts on “Chimera

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A weirdly immersive piece of what the French term ” Grand Guignol”. This evokes graphic tropes of horror from a plethora of Hollywood movies from Vincent Price and even Hitchcock in his pomp.
    ” I am raving mad” as an opening line takes some beating.

  2. VijayNair

    An engaging ,and slightly disturbing, narrative that includes elements of the gothic genre and aspects of magic realism.


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