Charisma of colours

Obviating any need
To pen hearts desire
Held I a paint brush
Hands dipped in colours

Knowing the restrictions
Of alphabetical flights
Choose I in varied hues
The charisma of colours

Marching behind
The layered strokes
Life dragged, in
All thicks and thin

One stroke the sky
One stroke the earth, and
Many subsequent strokes

Heart’s honey oozed
Out of the comb
The desire of the canvas

Creation stood amaze
Eyebrows bright
And tilting heads, dumb.

Fingers on the cheeks
Mystified to other end
Who is this other ONE?
The credulity of the fact
Was burdening HIM

All basking in vibrance
All resplendent in hues
None was malevolent, thus
Reign, charisma of colours!

2 thoughts on “Charisma of colours

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A well crafted , vibrant poem that is very song-like in its cadences .I think it would make for an excellent live performance work,possibly with musical accompaniment.Thank you Tapeshwar for such an excellent first post and share with our International Community of Poets.


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