Overhead there was a rumble of thunder
Tearing the peace asunder
The sun was pinioned down and helpless
Unable to extricate itself from the cloudy mess.
The clouds partied raucously
The celebratory fervour of the clouds
heightened in intensity.
The hills were alive to the sounds of their music
Clap, clap, slap, slap, tap tap, rap, rap.

There was the sound of a guitar
Clouds had congregated from wide and far
The dress code black
Confidence none did lack
Exuberant and spry
Conscientious like boy scouts
Screams and shouts
And yes there were Scottish bagpipers too
Violin and lute
Tooters who loved to toot
And some flautists too
Creating a happy din
“leave me alone ,leave me alone”
Unheard went the sun’s mute plea
For it things were grim
Alas its fire was dim.

The clouds , danced and piroutted
Threw back their shaggy manes and twisted
Celebrating their victory.
The sun had fallen from grace
A coup had taken place
They danced the rare dance of bonhomie
Almost extinct on earth
Irrepressible their mirth
The birds caught the infection
and chirped and chirped
In absolute joy fluffing their feathers
and expanding their girth.

A father and son played on a string cot
under a tree
Their chortles and chuckles
With the thunder merged
The all round rancor magically purged
Creating some new sounds.
A symphony.

The father picked up the child in his arms
Affected by the cloudy charms
And danced and pranced
Trying to replicate the cloudy mirth
On a parched earth.

Furtively, the sun pushed away a chunk of cloud
and glanced and glanced.
Peace in the skies
Peace on the earth
Rampant the mirth!

8 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Lopa Banerjee

    Santosh jee, this is such a delicious feast of the natural world! The words have such a sensuous effect on the mind, yet the sublimity of the images never fail to surprise the readers. Brilliant work, as ever!


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