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Radiating Contentment is the Quintessence

Radiating Contentment is the Quintessence

With limbs or half upper limbs in our human existence,

Radiating contentment is the quintessence

On your countenance,

Braving the world stoically with resilience

Is what matters by the Lord’s munificence.


The brilliant joie de vivre emitting, is catching,

Magic ripples automatically start forming,

In circles, again and again, extraordinarily increasing,

With positive vibes more and more undulating,

Far beyond eternity, in the universe reaching.


And what we need is fellowship and amity

To make this world more beautiful wholly.

Let love, care, and comprehension, 

 And empathy be our utmost emanation,

To save the world from social starvation


Many are those who are millionaires

Proudly putting on airs

Of being the smartest

The most connoisseur and wisest

When actually, their attitude is like a desert

With no life, no warmth touching the heart.


Hence, let’s try to reach the uttermost limit,

On this world’s stage, be examples of being a hit.

Let us shine like the brightest star,

Our physical appearance should not mar,

And the world will stand up and say,

Yes, here is somebody whom you cannot dismay! 


©Pushmaotee Subrun

The Double Present

What we do in the present creates our tomorrow today

but not everyone is pleasant as they go about their day

I wonder if they realise just how much power they have

to give or take a life away through their thoughts and words and deeds

or If they ever ponder on what God already knows

that we are all creators too and this is our Father’s school

so take a moment to kneel and pray an Amen and a Thank you

for the gift of this present 🎁 the God particle in you

and then you’ll see this from now on and guard what you say and do

For knowing this is a real gift that comes from heaven above

A pleasant present in these moments that we all share, given to each of us with 💕 love.


The first thought was to sow some coriander seeds
Then fenugreek and spinach
But the compulsions of the seasons intervened
And the matter was settled on some green chilli plants
Some okra and a few creepers of courgettes
To climb the backyard wall
behind the guava trees
The neighbour’s jamuns , though sweet
Cast too oppressive a shadow over the little yard
The branches had to be ruthlessly trimmed.
Listening to the sing – song voice of the eastern gardner
Brought back memories of times spent
In an even more distant land
A stab of pain
A band of suffocating tightness around the chest
That took the breath away
It was not nostalgia : it was something far more physical and ominous
And it gave no time to think
Death had been stalking the garden planner for long
Was this its time ? Stillness ,
And a faint scent of green coriander
Hung in the mid- morning air .

It was a sunny day in March
And a cool breeze blew from the mountains
Colouring the sky bluer
Now more than ever seems it rich to live
The curry- leaf bush smiled in a daydream
Redolent of pale mauve , white and lacy
crushed coriander flowers .

Far away , a man had once been heard singing :
“ Kaniya, du go dhaniya de de “:
“ Maiden , won’t you spare me two stalks of coriander ? “
The coriander song can never be forgotten .

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

I Read Your Poems



My friend!
I am no Shakespeare, no Wordsworth
Nor a Bradley or Coleridge
Just an average reader of poetry
Who reads your poem with heart and mind

It is my honour and privilege
You invited me to your poem
To enter into the heart of your heart
Feelings and emotions, ideas and passion Crystallised into a beautiful verse
I feel elated, like a child with the moon in hand,
An irresistible urge
To have a glimpse and know what and how it is

When I read your poem
I see you in front
Feel you, feel your mind and heart
Smile and tears going into the composition
It blankets my mind and take me to your world,
A world of poetry,
A world where I truly live

I could see the smile,
From the core of your heart
Fathom the depth of your ecstasy
When you get your words right
Emotions move like a flowing stream
Simile and metaphors are in perfect harmony
I could sense that moment
When your heart rhymes with your lines
Your inner being dances in joy
When poetry and poet becomes one
And you are dragged into a different world
A state of undefined bliss
Where remains hardly any difference
Between you and your poetry

No one is like you
No one can ever be
I respect you
Respect your lines,
The efforts, feelings and madness
That go in to the making of your compositions
Like you, your creations are so unique,
So different.
I am just in love with them
Don’t think your poems go unnoticed
I read them with love and sincerity
Always a pleasure reading you, your mind
Emotions and feelings
Go on writing, go on unfolding yourself
And tagging me as and when you like
I am here to to read all these
If they are not against decency and morality,
Peace, amity and humanity.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

Let us Save Our Planet!

It is high time we save our planet,

Our life giving, life sustaining planet,

Our beneficent mother earth from whose womb we came,

And who will our lives ultimately claim.


We have witnessed disasters unseen,

Calamities so unforeseen,

Lost so many near and dear human beings.

Brace up now, oh ye the Lord’s image, ye human beings!


Save our planet from factors such as temperature, radiation,

Climate, chemistry and geology which need consideration.

For, due to environmental issues, the climate is changing rapidly,

Smog and acid rains are becoming frequent jeopardy,

With flood, famine, drought, landslides hitting calamitously.


We are precariously polluting the air, water and noise poisonous,

With industries discharging their untreated waste hazardous

Into the water bodies, on soil, and in air alarmingly.

And the greenhouse gasses increase the temperature considerably,

With further pollution by our vehicle and factories, catastrophically.


Why not resort to electric vehicles or those powered by solar energy,

With sustainable wind energy, which are all environment friendly?

And why not conserve more natural habitats with promptitude,

Manage those that already exist, increase production of food

On cleared land, to minimize mineral exhaustion and increase fuel wood?


Furthermore, to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, reforestation

Will boost the natural cycles and help in groundwater restoration.  

If we ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ we shall ameliorate the situation.

Indeed! It is time to heed the calamitous situation,

Otherwise, doom will embrace us, with much ruination!  


©Pushmaotee Subrun


Countless egrets surf the blue sky beyond
while spunky squirrels down below
explore nooks and crannies for hidden treasures.
One egret swoops down playfully on a buffalo’s back,
and a noisy group of sparrows peck at pods
fallen from the tamarind tree,
 not distracted by the tail of the buffalo,
swinging to its own rhythm.  
In a shady corner, vibrant dahlias, orange, pink, and violet,
oft white-tipped, bloom with great ardour, and on the wall
sunlight flickers like a bird, restive and fidgety
 as green tea is poured into expensive cups,
through silver kettles in high rise buildings
 a few feet away.

The clouds above explode in white and a little gray too
against the backdrop of peacock blue.  
While a man in a disheveled tracksuit
runs and runs,
 tripping- tripping-tripping,
his mask
slipping- slipping- slipping,
but his tenacious grip on hope unslipping.
A mongrel whelps as the petrified man asks himself, tense,
will staying indoors really help- will it?
And runs faster – faster – faster.
The pied Kingfisher atop the telephone wire looks on, askance. 


Let heart whisper within the silence

Hear the voice from reminiscence

…how sweet

…how soft

…how tender

let your spirit flow and reveal

tell her…of the warmth to feel

whisper…words straight from the hear

twhisper…love that promised, never part

tell him…he’s a true love found

whisper…hello, in its sweetest sound

whisper…words so soft…so tender

let your heart and soul bind together

hear them say “I love you” in a whisper

whisper…that love sublime

whisper…that love never ends with time

let “time” go and pass you by…but never ever whisper “goodbye”.


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“Am Struggling for Survival’’, says the fish!

Today I am trying to save myself in the polluted ocean,

For my brethren to survive in our own domain.

Alas! My beautiful ocean home! Look, brainy human beings!

Where is your intelligence gone, reply to me supreme beings? 

You are conquering other planets in nescience,

Why don’t you conquer your conscience?


I am suffocating, so exhausted

My life span is limited,

Look at me struggling, you perfect image of God!

I don’t understand why you need a stronger prod.

Huge patches of garbage are accumulating,

From the West Coast of North America to Japan spreading.


 Awake, on the marine debris think, have mercy

Save from utter devastation for sake of decency.

You know it, that the buoyant plastics show resiliency.

It’s now or never, you will perish if you don’t heed me,

Together, on the journey to hell we shall meet thee,

In unbearable agony.


The pleasures of the sea you will soon forget,

Sure, if the bell of disaster has not rung in you yet,

Forget about great holidaying with your family

On any pristine island, to name one, Hawaii! 

With your vain expectation of sheer glee.

Beware! Your heedless actions will boomerang on thee.


©Pushmaotee Subrun

Tomorrow and tomorrow..

Tomorrow will be broken

and all its voices spent,

the gathering of knowledge dispersed

colours rendered blank

words voided of meaning

and hope bartered in the market

for cheap reassurance;

when tides fail and

time runs out of itself,

what excruciating silence will follow?

what timbre,

what depth

reverberating down

the centuries, millenia, aeons

To end here at this point,

insignificant and dismissed

without ceremony

from its own presence.

A Renaissance

Rather than a thousand pleasures

Is that one pain that brings liberation

From the shackles of attachment and pride,

Ignorance and indifference, violence and disturbance.

Corona, the pandemic of the century,

Came not only to inflict pain

But most importantly, it surged as an eye-opener,

Arousing collective consciousness

That all of us are one, whether black or white

And though our variations of pain and suffering

May swing widely on the pendulum of emotions,

We all cry in pain, we all depend on others

In the same way others depend on us for relief,

Echoing the Hindu concept of Satyam, Shivam Sunderam.

We, as avant-gardiste of our times

Cannot allow our minds to play old thoughts.

Our unrelenting passion for humanity’s progress

Must glow like paint on canvas,

The gleaming light that stands on man’s path

Will never leave man like old trash or recycled garbage.

Man’s evolution must not lead to man’s degeneration.

This is what Corona teaches us

In the depth of our heart and the layers of our soul.

While the columns of smoke rise

Like falcons flapping their wings

For the great heights with graceful composure,

We ease our troubled hearts

And pray for man’s unity, for peace and for love.

Prayers have powers, conclusively, incisively.

Man, master of his mind

With knowledge of all kinds

Beneath a balanced Yin and Yang

Lost the games he so intelligently played.

It is believed that encountering difficulties

Is the most humbling and inspiring experience

And Corona taught us all not to marvel on our riches

But to focus on diseases and disorders

Of the world where life is a cacophony.

Now, each and every individual across the globe

Is walking like a lion, sure of himself,

Cautious, commanding respect

With clear-sightedness powerful enough

To enlighten our lucid and luminous insights

And all our weaknesses are falling like Autumn leaves.

Our fake ideologies and philosophies are evaporating

Leaving behind men and women with beautiful minds.

There is beauty in adversity where one learns

Perseverance, forbearance and endurance pared to perfection.

However painful an experience may be,

Ultimately, it crystallizes into blissful memories.

Humanity was not meant to race frenetically

At the cost of devastating, bombing, killing

Leaving us in a spaghetti-like tangle of frustration.

Corona came, saw and conquered all hearts.

Nobody wants neck-to-neck competition,

Locked horns, hunger, poverty and pain,

Separation and suppression,

Inadequacies and inequities.

Corona has shaken up the world

Awakening the pristine beauty of man’s mind.

Together, man is showing his deep concern

For a peaceful world where there is justice

And his commitment to global security will never waver,

Where all men live like brothers

And women are pushed forward to get what they deserve,

Where governments are free from corruption and nepotism,

Where children grow safely and smile softly,

Where animals are loved and cared for

And nature flourishes in abundance.

Corona has revolutionized society

Forging a Renaissance serendipitous.

In rapturous delight, we whisper to each other

That we stood the test of time

And that a divisive and demoralized world

Are a past we forgot long time back.

Nestled in nature’s bosom, in amiable light,

We move ahead with unconditional love and support

Singing to our heart’s content,

Experiencing a transcendental moment

About a new world called ‘Love and Compassion.’

pramila khadun