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The Vow…A Promise

the virtue of heart. mind, body, and soul combined
holding on to forever leaving the pain of past behind
the joy of sharing the passion of life to live today
from within a promise that would never fade away

we took the chance in minutes and time together
contemplate the destiny that brings all the wonder
in every smile on the lips as the soul winks a second
felt the warmth of an embrace just holding your hand

all through the years a vow…a promise we will give
for the love to be there with us for as long as we live
with the heart to understand and always will forgive
whatever it may cost we will stand and shall never leave

let us hold the vow…a promise till our last breath
till time with us shall forever fail to lay on life finding death
as the earthen glory never exists in the world of immortality
but love can always be through space and times infinity

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Today, we shall sit together

Today, we shall sit together

And say a prayer.

Prayers have power and group prayers

Take one to those heights

Where angels are not afraid to tread.

Let us pray for the vulnerable first,

That ritualistic child abuse will disappear,

Child labour will be inexistent

And all children will have equal opportunities

For food, shelter, clothing, love and education.

Let the muslin saree flutter

Freely in the air,

Let the dress get the respect they deserve

And the salwar kameez worn with pride

By girls and women without whom

No one can exist.

Like vapour, let sex trafficking evaporate,

Like snow, may rape melt

And may no woman be battered.

May men get respect without discrimination,

Whether they are Ministers or food growers,

Single or married, gay or differently abled.

With enlightening radiance, may they build

A world where nature is treated as a goddess

And animals protected so that they

Walk by us, fearless

And head held high.

pramila khadun

In Bruges

A soft elegant turquoise
caresses your eyes,
inviting you to join
and enter into the day;
a day of glances and looks,
talk and walk, coffee and books;
still now,languid at eight in the morning,
early buses down from
the station circumnavigate
the splendid Markt ,
diverting to destinations
hidden in a
nuanced symmetry of slowly
revealing labyrinths hewn
and cobbled,restored,narrow
and poignant two-storied brick
houses with neat serrated roofs
in angles and parabolas
fanning out from Langstraat
up to Jerusalemkerk with
their careful clever twists,
you navigate by spires,
cathedral and churches
and totemic Belfort ,
clocked and counting,
its innard three hundred and sixty-five steps
a challenge for later ;
now, bicycles, delivery vans
and the morning commuters are
unravelling their silken-thread
routes and your eyes trace a
lazy line on your pocketbook map,
from where you are to where
you need to be,
here in Bruges,
it’s all the same.

My Days of Yore

In the days of yore,
what else one could ask for;
During those moments of ours
you were just mine and I was yours.

They were neither more nor less,
those days were fearless as well;
Let us stop for a while and ponder,
What was that, that kept us closer?

My advancing steps turn wise,
often gets slow sometimes,
to look back and to see beyond,
hope can move mountain they reckon.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 8, 2019.

Complexity of Life

Life has made us all,

A joker in its periphery,

Where there are no ifs and buts,

Only smile, hue and cry.

Life is short; thinking the same

We smile from our heart,

And even artificially.

At times to please our innerself,

We laugh and make ourselves,

A puppet in hands of the power above.

Still we smile and say

This is life-

let’s deal with it, with a smile.

You never know when our role is over

When we part our ways

with this Beautiful journey called LIFE.

We smile , we regret, we cherish and forget

This is life, Be it’s owner or a vassal.

At the end, we tend to be jokers,

For life is a comely journey!

The one and only thing..

We often forget about being just us …forget that alone, life will only give up.

For the peace of others you can go a thousand miles …without it bringing you a single smile.

We forget all too often just to be there for each other …forget that we alone will lose sense.

For yourself, you can walk all your life …without losing faith in the hope of love.

We often forget about telling what we feel …forget that we get nothing when we hesitate.

For love you can go all your life …without it ever being given to you.

Too often we forget why we fell apart …forget what was us while slowly losing our mind.

For that one and only thing you want to go all the way in your life …

and only fate can decide to give you hope, unless it’s given to you from pure desire.

Spectrum of Consciousness

An old tree, that
Fell down yesterday
on to the earth,
Came sprouting up in its ever verdant greenery –
into the
Spectrum of my consciousness;
Like a newly sowed seed
Welded into me
The whole stretch of its magical beauty
Ever replenishing
the lost memory
with the present reality
Making, no difference –
What was there, so live
what is here so lively

Beyond Darkness

Beyond darkness,

lies the startling epoch,

that glitters within the eyes.

Beyond darkness,

is the era of gazing stars,

that light up the niche in everyone’s life.

Darkness is a golden bird,

that spurs us to dazzle,

to flutter our wings and

move up above the empyrean.

Do not hesitate, for darkness is the power,

to overpower our debility.

Mould darkness into twilight,

and see the magical sway.

Rise above, shine bright,

and leave darkness behind!

What is Lost? No Idea

Gyres of thoughts

Spiraling up and down,

Rottening the whole being

Earned in births,

Karmas and sanskaras

Like coins of gold and silver,


Awakening the being from slumber,

Thoughts intoxicating

to sink deep into the abyss,

Where one can’t find oneself

What is lost? No idea.

Mind can think

Heart can feel

What is lost? No idea.

Senses perceive sumptuous sights

so full of life.

What is lost? No idea.

Spring in Wings

with an open arm, like wings soaring upon the sky
clothed with warmth within from the shining sun
beneath the wings, winds among the flowers bloom
as clouds adored the beauty from heavens high
rendezvous remembered when spring is gone
spring in wings embracing the earthen bosom

let the moistened ground bring forth a new life
from the winter’s cold unfreezing tow away the grief
melting tears of snow flown into deep ripples rife
drowned, slipping through thoughts and sighs of disbelief
beholding on to sight the new horizon far beyond
destined journey among flowers and rainbows so grand

over the mountains on the ranges of flowery fields
hovering, wings swiftly cover the praiseworthy view
playfully gliding through the petals velvety dew 
the bounty of spring fragrance as gathered and yields
commune the glory of life in a joyous shower it brings
unto eternal creation in the certainty of spring in wings

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