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The Forest Feast : Dessert : Part 4 ( (final )

Dessert :

Next up : Dessert , with a Forest Flavour
Without a doubt , it’s time to savour
The fabled delicacy of tribal lore
The mottled green-and -orange-skinned Tthetthayitaangar Papayas ,
lowered with ropes into deep wells to cool ,
Then cut open in the hot afternoon and sliced, never peeled ,
the black seeds nestled in moist fibre never thrown away
but kept for recycling into the Five Seed Maghaz .

She shouts with sudden delight , biting into the firm cool saffron flesh
The sweetness a sheer shock of pleasure: everyone smiles indulgently

And now to imbibe the heavy sweet soporific Mahua Flower Wine
Tomorrow to more marching : Today to celebrate.

The Thaap of the Maandar drum decrees that tribal dancing must begin.
She is no stranger , dancing with abandon in the Jhumar group,
Arms wound around waists and matching rhythmic steps :
The village hugs the newcomer, and makes her their very own .

Last Course


Chewing on Green Heart – Shaped Betel Leaf , astringent
With areca- nut folded into cones verdant
The satiated Simdegan diners reflect ,
And ruminating , pronounce to this happy effect :

No papayas as sweet as those of Tthetthayitthaangar :
No snakes more deadly

No ants redder or more sour
when ground into a chutney blazing with red chillies

No Hadiya more effervescent :
No Mahua more intoxicating

No company more invigorating ,
than that of the Oraon :

These are riches
beyond the dreams of Avarice

The Hosts are delighted :
Now isn’t that nice ?

And then the Bison -Horn-Pipe calls ,
In Simdega Forest’s Tree- pillared halls
Thrilling wandering minstrels strum
And all the tribal elders hum :

Dance till you drop , O Tall Oraon Braves !
Dance, O Maidens of the Sidelong Glances, Singing , Sloe- eyed and Satin-Skinned ,
To the beat of the Maandar Drum !

The cry rises near and far :
Johar , Jharkhand ! Hul Johar !

( ASA )

Ode to a Pandemic (by Dr.Phillip Earnshaw)

Ode to a Pandemic

A year of loss and pain

Lockdown one, Lockdown two and three
PCR, Lateral Flow Test and PPE
Ventilators, Nightingale hospitals and those in ICU
Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

Sputnik V – the Russian vaccine – first they shout – suspiciously
Sounds more like a spacecraft from our childhood to me
Oxford Astra Zeneca, Pfizer Biontech and many more
Moderna, Sinovax & Jannsen – so many now – what a bore

Tiers 1 to 4, Care bubbles combined with the rule of six
Different in other parts of the UK – confusing – we’re in a fix
Eat out to help out & let’s keep going
Act like you’ve got it. Keep the testing flowing

Work from home, furlough, shielding, Test & Trace
Joe Wicks, Zoom & home schooling now the place
Donald Trump, Vitamin D and Hydroxychloroquine
Buying stuff from the internet – has that delivery man been?

Digital Church, blogs, quizzes & Zoom coffee
Preaching to every continent – amazing – how can this be?
The second lockdown Easter – we’re almost free
Our Lord is risen – He did it all for me!

Dr Phillip Earnshaw
April 2021



He is a man doing many roles and
so many persons he is,
a son, a father, a brother,
husband and what not.
Doing justice to all the roles is
what he needs

Full of masculine virility,
he toils hard and fights against all odds
to make his family happy,
conquers the whole world for the woman
he loves, the kids he rears
and the family he bears,
but without a bit of feminine tenderness
how incomplete he is?

Under sun and shower, he works,
reduces himself to a beast of burden,
never after his own comfort,
gives everything he has to those
he thinks him own,
can live and die for the woman he loves,
the ability of him few can question,
still, fewer can question his
commitment and purpose,
but questionable is his attitude towards life
and the woman he interacts with,
questionable is the way he looks at his woman,
the lady of his life.
Man is no man until and unless
he finds the woman in him
or else how solitary and poor he is

copyright@smrutiranjan 9.3.2017

Demons drink too

She sits there on that high chair
Legs elegantly crossed
Her high heels, arrows of pleasure
Pointing straight to hell
She sips slowly fixing me to the ground with her stare
Dark, hollow, blasting stare
In her glass the liquid changes colours
Another sip and I slip under her spell
I gladly surrender to that horrendous heat
I become an empty shell to be filled
With whatever the demon craves for
The glass is full again
And on repeat I pay my sin

Her drink is green now
But I can tell red becomes her
She starts her journey towards me
The glass gets foggy and then blasts to shards
Her steps are light but that tormenting heat precedes her
Even my shoe laces melt
She walks, she flies, she passes through me
On my lips scattered ashes rest
A remainder of hell’s aroma

Jesus, today you resurrected

Jesus, nothing can stop you

From loving us all, not even death.

Today, many years ago, you resurrected

Defying all pains, all tortures, humiliations and even death.

You do not have to prove to the world

That you are omnipotent. omnipresent and omniscient.

We know it, we see it and we feel it in our hearts

And in our souls wherever we are and whosoever we are,

Rich or poor, black or white, famous or simple, learned or not.

Jesus, in you we find a friend, a guide and a master

Who holds our hands when we go astray

And brings us back to the right path,

The path that you tread in spite of all the hurdles,

The obstacles and the pot-boiling twists.

Original and daring, dauntless and fathomless,

You are in yourself a school and we, the learners.

You showed to us the road to fearlessness,

With uncompromising faithfulness to mankind,

Thereby bringing a transformation powerful enough

To create spiritual awakening that transcends the mundane.

You showed to us right livelihood

That brings the joys of life

And you taught us that forgiving is divine.

Today, when I thought of how you washed

The lovely feet of your disciples,

Tears flowed down my cheeks for wisdom

Flashed to me in the colors of the rainbow

That we never came on planet earth

To be served but to serve others.

And now Jesus, all of us are in so much pain

With the pandemic that does not want

To release its grip from our frail bodies.

If it is a collective karma, please forgive us

And come to our world to freshen our minds

About the ways of living and solving our problems

Just like you did many many years ago.

pramila khadun

The Greatest Love

“ Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13 KJV

Easter Sunday :
And we remember Him
And recall His way
Who died for our Sin

Light a white candle
For Love today
Light a white candle
And let us pray

Remember Jesus,
Who came from above
He died for us
So great was His love

“ Greater love hath no man, “
Sayeth the Book ,that Love commends
“than this, that a man , ( under God’s plan )
lay down his life for his friends.”

So come Easter Sunday :
And we remember Jesus
To Him we now pray
who once died for us

( ASA )

Life is a learning process

Life is a learning process till eternity.

Being conscious and with deep insight,

We can perceive that every moment throws,

Something invaluable to learn and grow.

Life is pinnacle of the attitude,

We own what we believe and think.

If we stop learning and thinking,

There will not be any creativity.

Owning our own mistakes,

Paves a great way of learning.

One should struggle beyond anything,

To learn new things for ascension.

Life is about finding our better version,

Amending our mistakes and not repeating,

Finding the truth of mortal and fragile life,

Ascending towards divinity and sanity.

Venomous snake



Amidst smile and tears
Ifs and buts
Swings life
A tug of war
Between mind and conscience

Sometimes shade
Sometimes light
Sometimes hope
Sometimes despair
But life is not either
Moves on its own
Leaving aside
Your moments of happiness and sorrow

Life is beautiful
But how transient is its beauty
How fleeting the scenario
You just don’t know how will be your tomorrow
Without knowing what is in store
You weave dreams and plan for years
Knowing well
The moment next may not be yours
Without brooding over yesterday and
Thinking about tomorrow
Live in the present
Which is all yours
Life is nothing but the moment at hand
Live it with all your heart

Life is an encounter
With a venomous snake
Charming and captivating
It keeps you spellbound
Keeps you at a fix
Never let you know
How it will react next?

Life is no mathematics
It knows no law
It never differentiates
Between young and old, rich and poor
Defies all calculation
But life is life
Despite its uncertainty
Is worth living
To be loved and lived
With dreams and passion
Irrespective of the outcome.

Life is poignantly beautiful
Parting from the ones you loved
Things you called your own
Things you relished over the years
How sad and pathetic
The final departure
That unknown lane
Very few enjoy dying
Know not whether it is the best
Or worst part of life

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

Broken Path, Chosen Path

Broken Path, Chosen Path.
By Dr Swati A Gadgil
I chose a path
to tread on it
lined by trees
and gravel on it…
though muddy it was
and not laid well
but protected I felt
thought, peace will dwell….
distant from settlements
far in the jungle
no one to obstruct
nothing to entangle…..
but then came a turn
a tree decided to burn
its roots and uproot
falling across my run…..
my fate was crossed
my pace was slashed
huge trunk lying
flat and dead……
I won’t budge
I won’t judge
but destiny on my side
I hold no grudge…..
the trunk just split
now two logs huge
no tears any bit
no emotional deluge….
I was destined to walk
fate after all!
rise and fall,
just take it all….
© Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

Thoughts Around Eastertide (by Russ Crabtree)

Thoughts Around Eastertide

A fragrant smell,

a gentle touch

And wondrous sights to see,

Music with

harmonious melody;

Gifts beyond all worth

a touch of heaven here on earth;

Five things we have from God,

To touch and taste and see

And smell the fragrance all around

These are given out for free

Last of all I like to stop and listen

As I hear God speak to me.