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Just a drop


The water was rising, rising.  
The air whistled, and the ship swallowed the water,
with a furious sputter.  
What was that? The startling sound of a raging torrent? 
Shouts and screams, frenzied mutterings.
A roaring cataract?
 Were we sinking in some deep abyss?
Brains were shattered, thoughts confused.
Was this the end of the world?
 We were drowning, drowning.
The water rose to the bunks
and stopped there. 
Were we saved? Faces lit up, a light kindled.
Parched throats croaked, choking on their own saliva,
 “A swig, a swig,
 not of brandy or vodka,
but plain drinking water, please.”  
Quivering hands groped for the pitcher,
brows creased   in anticipation.
Ah, the ministering angel healed parched lips.   
The lingering echoes of the fog horn were drowned
 as the strings of an invisible mandolin
miraculously twanged and scattered a merry roulade.  

A 1960’s Northern Town

fading back the years,
to Friday-paid dirt-nailed
stand-up straight-razor guys,
smoke-stenched, beer-drenched,
immersed in Willy Dixon’s words
strung like wire
barbed across their hearts;
lost in deep resonances
of factory-line steam-hammers
raw and edged
like John Lee Hooker’s
drunk on too much scotch
and too much weekend parfumerie,
unrequited by Howlin’ Wolf’s
plaintive primordial lament
“ won’t you come back to me? ”
its timeless patina of weariness
covering the night that goes crashing,
its braggadocio getting swept aside;
the only consolation
is in the cold clear air
of Sunday morning.

Life unfolds its pages.


When the present
becomes too much to bear,
life a burden and endless struggle,
when heart bleeds in love,
eyes moist with tears,
mind goes back to you my love,
to that pink envelope,
the piece of paper with crimson glow,
where dwells my heart,
wherein inscribed your love
in golden letters

Life unfolds its pages.
The past reincarnates.
Heart and soul, body and mind,
eyes and ears dance in joy.
You come with all your splendour
like the silver moon
from behind the bank of clouds,
touch me, touch my body and mind,
take me away
to the heaven of love,
where there is none but you and me
in love with each other.

How can i forget
the day we parted,
the day when you were forced
to tie knot with someone else,
leaving me and our love midway.
I could see your heart wounded
bleeding in love, tears pouring on your cheeks, body and mind shattered in fear of losing someone you loved.

Neither you lost me, nor i lost you.
They just made us depart
to meet at a different level.
Two physical bodies forced to
bid farewell to each other,
but love is beyond body and mind,
it never dies and no one can let it
and our love remained where it was.
We are very much alive in each other
in each other’s feelings and emotions
and your last letter
written in blood and tear tell it all,
you are mine
always with me forever.

As and when life betrays me,
I come back to my love, your letter
read it again, smell you, feel your touch, drench me with all your colours and become one with you once more.

©smrutiranjan 7.7.2018

I Need To Forget

I need to forget myself ,
just ignore and let ‘Me’ vanish
my image my identity
my name and ‘Me’ ….
I am in search 
of something divine ,
calm and beautiful 
full of life ….
energy and peace
I do not know 
what it means ?
what am I looking for ,
solitude or company ?
confused , Am I ?
To find a way
I need to lose my ‘Self’ ,
it brings ego 
ego brings hurt 
hurt brings agony
all in tow ,
a basket full of sorrow ……
hence I start ,
in search of a state
no name no face
no life no trace , 
just peace around …..
world of glow
gallons will flow
mingle and dissolve 
this puzzle I solve ,
now I know
I need to melt
I need to forget ……
© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .ReplyForward

Break the Glass Ceiling

Let’s jump off the window
and imbibe to fly.
Spawn the magic
and shoot up in the sky.

There is not a soul
who will bide for me.
I need to push myself
and break the glass ceiling.

Build the valor
and say ‘I can do it’.
There is nothing
that can pause me.

Nothing else can bestow upon me
what I can do for myself.
I have the power
to turn the left pages.

Acquiesce and believe
nothing is unattainable.
Just follow the heart
and leave immure unshut.

Mehak Gupta Grover

Never knew

I consider in silence the loneliness our world possesses.

Like an air bubble rising from the depths of the sea

and slowly floats up and breaks in the sunlight of the surface.

I never really knew how quiet the loneliness is,

But now I can tell about its unbearable rage.

I consider in silence what I have become in this world.

Thoughts rise from the depths of oblivion

and sweep me over, devouring, like the ever greedy waves.

I never really knew that so much pain would come my way,

by taking the journey back to what it once was.

I consider the silence of a life that no one in the world possesses.

Like a breeze that wants to lift your hair so gently

and kiss your cheek almost unnoticed in your mind.

I never really knew there was so much sadness forgotten,

but within us were all our feelings and we knew it somehow.

I consider in silence the few traces I put in this world.

Few and rare as the imprints put in fresh snow

and now melted away and ran back to the depths of the sea.

I never really knew it was so easy to see

how it all should be without even having to speak a word.

It’s not the truth…

We are lead to believe, believe the most suited truth is to believe them…
No one ask why, no need to argue over settled truth…
At the moment it is religion and from where you came…
Yes, even the color of your skin defines you and what you are…

On every Continent they bow for God…
Like us like them, as below as above we look the same…
There is only one race of human, neither black or white…
but uniform with shades of color…

If they tell you that you are less, they are the makers of all mess…
God is the same for you and me, as weird as it can be…
We share the same soil and live from what we can harvest…
We live and die in the same way, even if we go astray from time to time…

Christians waiting for salvation, Jews for the new King and Muslims for a new prophet…
The believe is the same we all know,
only the shades of color defines us, they posture this so hardheaded…
Look inside your next and you will see your self…
Stop the hate and turn away from weapons and violence, I beg…

We are kept on the brink of oblivion…
They want us there to win and succeed…
Our power lie in the amount of believers of the truth…
We have the supreme power to change it all back to a Paradise…