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May Simple Wish

a light to feel the warmth on my endlessness
as my falling leaves are leaving my branches
while i remain standing lifeless
still believing that i won’t be useless

some rainy days that won’t be my tears
a day without feeling all of my fears
for each morning a rainbow that appears
to dream the best that life adheres

let live life in dreams of hope once more
in this world, i shall exist forevermore
i open my branches for your touch to adore
leaving my thoughts upon the sky to soar

whenever the twilight time shall come to fall
the darkness of nights will leave me standing tall
soon birds will be singing upon the dawnings call
and i will feel you again in my days and all


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The Coloured Pieces

I was once that broken glass vase
Scattered all over the universe
Colored, opaque and at times transparent

An angel gathered me
Dropped me in a dark chamber
Hoping I would be safe there
I grew into a ball of life
Slowly transformed into a fetus
And then entered the earth

My mother fed me food and knowledge
With dads’ protection, brothers’ love
And sisters’ guidance, I evolve
With aunts’ and uncles’ care
I stay safe in my grannies’ lap

A day came, friends walked in
With loads of love, great support, and motivation
they conquer my life adding more colors
Love, wedding, children, nephew, and niece
Grandchildren, grandnieces, and grand nephew
My family grew.

And again one day, this beautiful vase I am making
may break, shatter into million pieces
yet remain as a gem in the hearts of millions of people.

The Gossamer Gown Of Yours

It was the gossamer gown of yours
that led me to write myriad lores;
When I looked through your silken veil
saw a chuting prismatic fairy tale.

A trek leading to your crystal tiara,
I named it Eden after your crown’s flora;
Then I climbed up to your neat hair vine,
there I saw a beauty as a maiden bride.

For me, you’re a raw gem waiting for a tambourer,
who’ll do on you filigree with wires gold and silver;
For them you’re just a chunk of glass, but you’re
for me, a jewel in a gold foil to be worn by Kaiser.

All heavily appliqued and densely beaded work
in other’s fabric of life, won’t lessen your shine any;
If those are polished, rightly placed diamonds
you are a virgin beauty, for which, others envy.

Copyright © October 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved

Faith softly kissed my forehead

Faith softly kissed my forehead
whispered in my ears
you are safe in her prayers
she is an angel.
Courage hugged me
and said you can not give up
on yourself as yet
get up, do what it takes
her prayers have to be answered
she is an angel.
Sun flooded my being
with its light
Commanded firmly
rise, rise from your ashes
be reborn
I give you new wings to fly
sing  for me
I miss your songs
Go bloom in
million of hearts
Who are worthy of your love.
My phoenix you are
destined to rise from your ashes
Reborn and sing again
Songs of LOVE.

I burn the midnight lamp

I burn the midnight lamp
compose a song whole night
So that you wake up every morning
with a new song in your heart
sing  my angel
sing the song of hope
love and light
Earth and sky both
need to hear you singing
Cosmos is craving for
your kindness all the time
sing my angel
I burn the midnight lamp
compose a song whole night
So that you wake up every morning
with a new song in your heart.

Dear Life

Dear Life!
Why are you so bleak, these days?
So stiff, so rude,
So complicated as a knot,
Furious like my fate,
Ruthless like a politician,
Uncompromising like an attitude.

Come some day,
Come to my modest hut,
I’ll welcome you with a smile,
Offer you the best rewards;
Come and embrace me,
Console me,
Sit with me in the cosy winter sunshine,
Let’s have a cup of coffee,
Discuss the hardships,
Talk about the solutions,
Let’s untangle the complexities.

You, you, please don’t be un-empathetic
Don’t be unpredictable;
Don’t be painful,
I’ve fallen on your spikes, with bare back, bleeding profusely,
Offer me help,
Wipe my tears,
Give me solutions.
And, be with me, Life
Be with me!

If we Be!

If we were to sew a connecting bond
Between the heart of each of our hearts,
I would make it a duty,
As long as I would be able to,
To look into your eyes each night
And search for the moon in them!

I would make sure that my flowers
Would bloom,
Ever ready for you to be plucked
And watered,
Merely to adorn your garden
With their grace, their humility,
Their fragrance and their uniqueness!

I would whisper poems to your lips
As to wake in you
That God whom you once were
Potent enough as to conquer
Worlds ridden with giant snakes
Having mouths as big as the universe itself!

I would have you drowning in my scent
So much that you would forget about everything else
And care solely to inhale me
As if
I were an opiate
And you,
An addict;
Mine own, withdrawn when away from me
And ecstatic only when I am around!

I would seal secrets on your soul
So that the blood flowing in your veins
Remain aware that this earthly life
Is merely a temporary duty
And that somehow, someday,
We shall sprout again, like fresh blooms,
There where it all started!
I shall look you in the eyes,
And say,
I loved you even when you thought
I would not be able to!

If we were to be,
I would be a child,
Throwing tantrums when you look not my way
Shedding tears merely to have you wipe them away
With your lips
And seeking your attention
With the need of one who is feeling the joy
Of it,
After having been denied of it for a lifetime!

If we were to be,
I would dig into your soul
And bury mine in yours
So that
We remain tangled to each other
In all of the lives that the skies
Would will us!


I go on,
Don’t know where to fall,
Sometimes the mind
Why gets restless!

Don’t spend a life looking for someone,
whoever has not asked,
Then why so upset!

The heart still beats
Like that day,
Someone lovingly wanted me,
I was scared,
She also took a smile,
Don’t come again.

Nervous why a mind sometimes,
I’m a chirp when I won,
With every pain and heart to scratch,
There is a bird of hope in the new people, yet.

Play on me

Play thy flute
Smiling sweet
Breathing me deeply

How mellifluously
You voice into me
I become thy wave by my ears

Many a times
I had turned around into my dreams
To find you turning around me in reality

I don’t know
What is meant by life and death
I am ever beyond its meaning humbling at thy feet

Play eternal thy flute
I am ever bonded
Chorus to thy orchestrated score