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My Love


my love!
when heart and soul, feelings and emotions
love and tears, mine and thine
become one
what remains is pure consciousness
beyond body and mind

ego and identity melts
definition of longing and craving changes
and love culminates
in a body less state of consciousness

minds leave roaming
hearts stop beating for a while
time comes to stand still
love starts unfolding
and one loses in the other
in the ocean of love and bliss forever

© smrutiranjan 27.5.2018

In Search of Equanimity

In Search of Equanimity
By Dr Swati A Gadgil
Ego, I go, You go, Everything goes!
Everything is a Spiritual Waste
If no comprehension, only haste,
Unless you seriously want to conquest
First put your Equanimity to test,
Else Invariably you will suffer,
a debacle in your quest,
Anger, Hurt, Love and Passion
feel bliss Only in Moderation,
Going overboard certainly is pain,
like a burnt cracker it will rain,
soot and dust and papers burnt
Sunrise and Sunset on the hunt,
ups and downs, north and south,
poles apart but cohesive and couth….
Being Wary of Each Moment, Every Emotion
and spontaneous Thoughtless Reaction,
will guide you through…
no maze no craze,
only amaze at the tranquil fields,
growing peace and delight
flooding light, blanket of rays,
shooting from the Sun, to burn your Sins!
And as it evaporates your ego, remember always,
E-go, I go, You go, Everything goes!
© Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

Those days when my mom made my plaits.

Those were the golden days

When  my mother,  fondly  plaited  my hair

Standing behind me, while  the appetizing aroma of puri and chhole

 Wafted in the fresh morning air.

She would rush out of  the kitchen  holding a steel lunch  box,

 tucking it in my satchel , she headed towards the dressing table

Where I waited for her to  braid my  plaits, two smooth and immaculate,

Which didn’t suite  my taste yet had to  abide by a schoolgirl’s trait.

Smoothening  my hair, she would religiously advice with a distinctive flair

Of  how crucial was teenage  when one should  prepare to sit  for GATE

Keeping at bay, all insane thoughts of fashion and mate.

And when I fidgeted, with the slightest prod of the comb would warn me of getting late.

I  would absorb  the morning sun that  smiled through the curtains ,

Exuding  the perfect   amount of warmth and freshness,

and occasionally the mirror would reflect her  anxiety  behind her calmness,

As she braided blessings to ward off  evil eyes.

Those were the nights when she oiled my hair

Massaging in the wisdom of life that she wanted me to take care.

Combing away my fears, she enunciated the importance of nourishing the    roots,

Be it of the wavy mass on the head or a noble adulthood.

I would initially rebel at  being  made to sit still,

Then feeling  love  radiate from of her gentle fingers to my scalp ,

 I would give in, secretly  enjoying  the massage,

A pain, imagining  a world  without her one day, would then  implode    my heart.

Note: Puri – an Indian bread made by deep frying

Chhole – an Indian spicy dish made by chick peas.

GATE _ General Aptitude Test in Engineering.

Dreams and Realities

In the raw wind of a new world
Awakens the trumpet of a prophecy
Fled is that music – do I wake or sleep ?
Was it a vision , or a waking dream ?

Beautiful dreamer ! Wake unto me
For I on honey dew have fed
And drunk the milk of Paradise

Dear Lady ! Friend devoutest of my choice !
Thus may thou ever , evermore rejoice !

And still she slept an azure- lidded sleep

( ASA )

Wait For My Rise

The tears brimmed
at the brink of my eyes,
Drenching my cheeks to seek your love,
Rolling to clink the cravings
to not to leave me alone,
In the deserts of my heart,
you are the drizzle of the meadows
Your musings are with the glints
And the stars twinkle your dreams
Be with me,
when the solace too will fade in woods
Share the beats of your heart,
when the dearth is curbing my veins
when the clocks will favour my foes,
My skin, when painted by the wounds
Don’t you conceal your love as smoke,
Don’t you blink from my fall
My lips may shiver to say
but, try to read the utters
visible in my eyes,
agonies may shatter my heart
Wait for a smile to enhance my face
I wish you to witness
the sharp edges, slitting my throat,
I wish you to witness my oozing
nourishing the soil of my land
I may be shackled by the cruel,
I may be shrilling for the peace
But, You have to wait for my verve
You have to wait for my rise.

Love is food of soul

Food nourishes body,

Allow to grow and shine,

Love embellishes soul,

Allow to glitter and dazzle.

Love is only a way to defrost soul,

To revive true existence,

To understand the universe,

To adorn true self paradisiacally.

Love is a way to towards divinity,

A journey of singleness to wholeness,

A path of selfishness to kindness,

A path of cruelty to compassion.

©Asha Roy

New Delhi, India

13 January 2021 

So Be It

I keep on writing of it
As if, by doing so,
It would bring it back

I keep on musing of it
Even if the end result
Was that my heart
Got broken into millions
Of irrecuperable pieces!

And if the world shall shame me
For doing so,
If the world shall rebuke me
For doing so,
Then shall I say to it
That I am made of mystical love
And life,
As you know it,
Based on mundane physical grounds
Is not for me!

I shall also say to it
That since it is made of variety
It should be able to understand
The difference that is in me
All children are unique
And have in them,
An original version
Of that which God made them be!

I can help it not
I shall keep writing of it
Even if it is now,
Fumes and vapour
Dissipated into thin air
Meant to be forgotten
And to be left,
In the warmth of the past!

I shall cling not to it
For love,
When true, allows the beloved
To thrive as he would want
And if loving him
Requires the acceptance
Of his indifference for my feelings,
So be it!


The world is made of diversity and in it
We are to find unity!

The world itself is layered
Its living species varying
From starfishes to buffalos, yet,
It gives all of them
Their due depending upon
What their system needs without ever
Thinking that one species needs lesser
Than another one!

Similarly, it differentiates not
Between humans, giving them
Adaptation facilities depending upon
Where they live and how they need
To struggle for their own survival!

So, we, as elevated conscious beings,
Are to learn this lesson
From the world itself
And we are to behave
As it does
As only there where there are
Feelings of brotherhood and acceptance
Shall we be able to move on
And adjust to the growing hostility
Thrust upon the world by the
Keepers of evil shadows!


Sakha when almost everyone burns everyone else alive
And soaks in the smoke
How do I blame you for the violence called life?

When last night you didn’t find the spark
How do I blame you
For digging deeper and deeper for the light?
Instead you found blood
That doesn’t burn
And how do I blame you for wanting to get away
And making that U turn?

In the red flood
Many dreams disappeared
Many woes did too
In the end everything works out
I hope it does for you

Guru Gobind

That human agony which is spiritual ecstasy
That burns luminescent in your divine breast
That love which asks for nothing but the best
That passion which will never accept rest

That unquenchable light in your eyes
Which some have called two narcissus flowers
The fragrance that drifts from their beauty
Three centuries down reminding one of duty

The saint who is a soldier , teacher – father
The warrior who is a poet , penniless king
The emperor of the world , owner of nothing
From him go , Heart , all inspiration bring

Your love that I cannot describe and yet I must
That keeps me filled with tears I cannot shed
Your being that within me you have bred
I try to express – can’t express a shred

Your Blue Horse , your red – thread – eyed Falcon
The Aigrette on your Saffron turban, torn robe
Your feet riddled with thorns , your heart with wounds
Your stone pillow , your prayer – poem – song

Beloved Friend , hear the plight of your disciples
Without you , home is a nest of snakes
My warm bed a diseased bundle, cursed is comfortable life
My chalice is a twisted butcher’s knife

Your desert is my oasis , for it’s sake
I would throw Rosegardens into a furnace
Beloved , I long for your glance of grace
Beloved , I yearn to see your radiant face

And this is what you say to me
This for your sake I need to be
What you have done I too must do
To become just a bit like you

Only when you have sacrificed every worldly joy
Can you write the Epistle of Spiritual Victory
Only when you have tasted bitterest agony
Will you be crowned with divine ecstasy

( ASA )