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Cutting the Fear

Muted I ruminate
like an beggar
burying my thoughts
deeper than an empty bowl
and, listen
the ultrasound
striking the ears of vacuum
Panting an offshoot – muffled cry
by the vessel;
not that
I was feeling safe
Cutting fear
like an ostrich head

The body is…..

The body is….

A remarkable thing happened today as I pulled myself out of my bed.

I heard a voice, as clear as a bell call out in the front of my head.

“Excuse me”.  It said. “Do you think we could have a quieter start to the day

Instead of rushing and dashing about and then going out straight away?”.

The response was immediate; my foot kicked out as if it were ready for action.

The other followed; my whole body lurched as it responded to traction.

“Come on lets go, what a day is ahead, incredibly high expectation.

I’ve been quiet all night and now is the time to go for some exhilaration”.

As soon as I felt my right arm go numb, I knew that we were in trouble.

Shaving was out but my face called out.  “Do I have to live with this stubble?”

Now the normal procedure, as my wife comes to, is for me to go and make coffee.

This morning both hands went as stiff as a board and movement?  Just like cold toffee.

I aimed for the shower, as I thought to myself, this will bring about unification.

A good long blast of the old hot and cold is bound to bring harmonisation.

At this point my head started to shake and nod with increasing vigour.

My neck went stiff, my vision blurred and my eyes got bigger and bigger.

I should have noticed the wet bathroom floor, careless this time in the morning.

Then I woke up and soon realised, I’d disturbed myself with my snoring!

My mind shivering

My mind shivering

Rising upon to a new day

Feeling grumpy without nicotine

Perhaps it now seeketh, a change

To feel like yesteryears

O’ is it a change of place or clime

 that may do the trick

Or a holiday to break the routine

My mind  shivering

Between two extremes 

To be or not to be , to go or just hang in 


Perhaps I shall one day find

M­y green pasture

Muddy with marsh mellow

My mind shivering

The mountain on one side

The lake on the other…


A little less known.

You come with hope and salvation in times when the need is great.
Stories that tell us that we all have the same feelings.
Man’s way of expressing himself in difficult times.
Votes from a past that tells about the same thing as today.

Fought; beaten, persecuted and sometimes drowned…
smashed; forbidden, censored and often in the lamentability shown…
most likely the words a little less known…
the few words that say everything has proven to be our crown.

Time has changed you and you have changed time, but untouched is your opinion.
You have flourished and enriched the world, showing how our feelings appear.
Told us in words and sometimes made beautiful to ugly.
Your changed in words and made the ugly so very beautiful.

Fought; beaten, persecuted and sometimes drowned…
smashed; forbidden, censored and often in the lamentability shown…
most likely the words a little less known…
the few words that tells us everything was proven to be our crown…

The sorrow has influenced your voice and love made you forget.
The love of your voice inflected when the sorrow should be forgotten.
You’ve been such powerful a weapon.
Much stronger than desperate pleading exalted to the truth.

Tequila shots of summer

Cursed be the one who will ever drink again
Tequila shots, beer and pink champagne
What was in my mind… Sand it was
Not neurons, just blank sand crystals
Tomatoes crushed cells fighting with
This sun blessed morning, blessed in excess
With this made of blades sun whose only purpose is to slice my entire being
Bits and bits of me try to regather the whole picture in vain
And the pain, this hammer that knocks my template is similar with the persistent wave
That digs under my feet
tormenting my steps on this beach
Drunken, sun beaten, defeated I crawl
Under an umbrella craving for a pair of sun glasses
Next to me a person, someone who very well could be Eve herself offers me hers
Is that obvious? I ask
She nodded and stands up
I relax in her shadow
Oh, yes, she is Eve in person
A pair of thong and in rest only summer
The pain is gone
Life can start again
Suddenly all the waves are my friends
In the evening, on the porch
My ears get accommodated with the shrieks of the gulls
Time for a beer or a Eve or both



The grey sparrows fly straight down
the muddy bank
into the water bodies. Carry the burden
The evening sun dipped at its lowest
Azimuth and drift,
Feel liberated and freer
Over the skyscrapers behind the City Park.

There are times when we listen to
Someone else,
as if the arteries speak gently in whispers
about the abandoned children,
as if they have learned something
from the orange splashed skies.

When I walk out, the sun slid away
The evening has no depth or height,
Surrender to red lights and sirens,
The blank eyes of the night
surveying the houses and streets
bring only scream and savage laughter.

Dark skin

Every cell in my body revolts
When I think of the deep-seated biasses
And hatreds of racism.
Light skin versus dark skin,
What a futile debate
For both are equally beautiful.
They are God given gifts.

Many a man has suffered silently,
Withstanding the storm
Because of the color of his skin.
What is the point of holding
And promoting peace congresses
When there is so much hatred
Associated with discrimination,
Inequality and inequity.

Black and white are equally attractive
With their own charms
And when both combine, grey is formed.
Grey is the color of wisdom.
So, why be ostracized because of one’s color?

Life has its own twists and turns
And a person as well has his or her own choices.
Black women are straightening their hair,
Or wearing wigs and white women getting
Lip and butt injections and implants.
The brown women are applying
Skin-lightening products.

We live in a free world where all are free.
Having white skin or dark skin is another
Form of freedom given by our creator.
Love people as they are
And love yourself as you are.

pramila khadun

POETRY 21/03/2018

Words  vowels alphabets
black letters on white ,
my sensitivity challenged
emotions bright ,
I struggle to express
I fail and suppress
It bursts out loud
Like thundering clouds
Melting quotients
Failing equations
Inks , black and blue
Turning grey in hue……..
Mangled thoughts
Desperate to unwind
Few syllables I find
Arrange rearrange
Yet nothing comes through ……..
I surrender, my friends
My heart is brittle
Not tempered glass
Words vowels alphabets
Just happen to pass
White letters on black
My sensitivity challenged
Emotions crack …………
©Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved.

Poetry-A Splendorous Sustenance

Like precious pearls put together in a necklace to wear,

Poetry lovingly composed bringing forth its sweet flavor,

Savoring the poetic bliss, I want to be a willing martyr,

When I smell the words that wind carried to me from afar.


I am a dog that can sniff poetry’s aroma from a distance,

Call me a vampire who savors poetry as sustenance,

Craving for poetic diet never ceases and soul yearns more,

Poetic recipe of rhyme and rhythm is all I crave to savor.


I inhale and exhale the poetry for sustaining my breath,

Here I am both, a glutton and a chef,

As thoughts cooked in to exquisite words fills my plate,

I feel as if I am nearing the paradise’s gate.


Words from the soul is poured in to poetry,

Voracious devouring of its rhythmic symmetry,

Like the soul to the body, poetry is engrained in me,

Poetry is like nutrient, a means of sustenance for me.

© K.Radhakrishnan

The Boy by the Waterfalls

I see you in one of my greatest dreamscapes,
Sitting on a huge rock facing the majestic waterfalls
As I emerge out of nowhere in a place called the Ruins,
Where an ancient, mystic castle used to stand tall
A witness to a great kingdom’s sweet downfall.

A river runs through the debris of this enchanting sanctuary,
Flowing from under a magical bridge where I am about to cross
And there came to view, a vivid and glimmering sight of you,
But I failed to see how you could have looked
For your back was facing me while you immersed in soulful serenity.
I missed to behold how your eyes could have stared beautifully at me
Or if you are lonely and needs someone to be just there to listen,
As tears flow down your cheeks looking for answers in beautiful solitude.

I was about to step on the rock you are sitting on to tap your back and say “Hi!”
But then you vanished into thin air and what was left was white smoke,
And the empty space you left- the same spot I sat on and delved into my own contemplation
Then a realization came upon me that you wanted me to carefully view the waterfalls you have laid your eyes on.
The waterfalls signifying the ebb and flow of life,
Things happen every now and then, constant changes inevitably take place
Every split second and in the mere blink of an eye,
But life continuously flows come what may
What matters is how we enjoy our journey,
And do not have regrets for what could have been, what might have been
But simply cherish how things used to be.