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The Tale of Love and I

Love was once a colourless fume

Flying freely in the open sky

Having enough power to drive my hand

Towards my pen

To write, lines and lines of how

I shall start to live only when I shall be merged with it!

Love then shifted into a man,

Bold and handsome,

Gentle and tender,

Awaking in me, fiery volcanoes

And colossal tsunamis

Making of me, in this process,

Reveal to the world,

The Goddess that I am

Fallen and having chosen to live

Hidden behind the facet of a boring human!

Why, Love, though, chose to turn his gaze away

For the traps of maya’s illusions are so strong,

As to stop the course of Fate

Wishing solely to see souls, like Love’s and I,

Drown in its endlessly vicious cycle of meaninglessness!

Pray, awakened and guided,

I can only choose to remain that which I was,

A poisonous plant dwelling in swamps,

Ready to cause those dumb enough as to approach me

To perish in most painful ways!

Shall I surge forth

When with those pure drops of mysticism

Shall Love choose to dress himself

Awakened and responding to the pulls of Fate

Desirous to swallow my lava flows

And to assuage my raging tsunamis!

The Way I Live My life


when i get up
i look at my lord
fall in love with him
with all my heart and soul
show my gratitude for his unconditional love
reassure my self that i am at his feet
my only possession
i relish the golden rays of the rising sun
the symphony of the wind blowing across
ceaseless rain and the charm of the chill winter
meadows and mountains, rivers and rivulets
again and again, i fall in love with life
for what it has given me
and have no regrets
about what i don’t have
have no complaints and always feel that life has given me the very best
one can ever have

i look at my mother, brothers, sisters and kids
my friends and neighbours
my surrounding, plants and animals, my work, obligation and commitment, freedom and bondage, joy and ecstasy, worries and agonies, and feel so fortunate to have all of these that make life so complete and fascinating
i look at my wife
as if i am looking at her for the first time
as and when i unveil the veil
i find the same teenage love
sensuous and passionate
living and dying her moments
for me and my love
for me, she is the most beautiful
and virtuous lady on earth
always nice and captivating
full of elegance and grace
passionately i take care of the greatest gift of my father, my life on earth, with which i am always in love
this is the way i live my life
I don’t know any other way to live a life
one has to accept it as it is
and be honestly satisfied
with whatever he has
whatever comes his way
without thinking about others
about what they have
for they are as incomplete
as i am and as you are

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2018
All Copyrights Reserved

The Sound of the Sea

Have you ever spent
some time near the sea?
On the beach lying alone
When you have nowhere to go

And when you come from nowhere,
You are in the middle of somewhere
Suddenly the seagull screams and
Wakes you up from all your dreams.

The splashing sea
runs like a little girl,
Who wants to have fun,
Under the sourching sun
Waves full of diamond
Of freedom and fun.

As the sun goes down
She becomes warm like a lover
With a song on her lips
She moves and rushes
To hold you in your arms

Have you seen the sea
Always bestowing her charms
Sometimes she gets mad
Sometimes jealous but takes all in.

And throws all out
She is old, she is young
She is deep and dark inside
Rich with pearls of future.

She is rough she is smooth
She is the giver of life
Cradle for civilisation
We all are her sons.

Embrace the love filled breeze
Walk barefoot on the waves
Like she is holding your hand.
She will rush towards you

To wash away the sand.


What is that
Helical bonding

Up there in space 

All consure up in togetherness –

Mete at an infinite end

I know not of your justice, that

Measure my deeds

Worn out

in quixotic time

What is yours

Have taken a respite in me

Taking loads of curse and care

Redeeming qualities

of my existential presence 

I know not

On what axis our Earth rotates

All polar co-ordinates, come

with their own diurnal wishes

A shadow to my day

Has man really evolved?

A veil of melancholy hangs over my face

When I think of the way the earth

Is reacting to the accumulated

Sins of mankind.

The prominent and pioneering leaders,

The makers of civilization,

The saints with a halo round their heads,

The reasonable and reachable trend setters,

The poets, painters, singers and path finders

Are all perched in delicate silence like grapes.

I feel so suffocated thinking of air pollution,

A nausea grips me thinking of water pollution

And noise pollution is about to make me deaf.

The skycrapers are touching the sky

And the farthest recesses of the mind

Are being dug out to be able

To settle on the moon and Mars

When down below, children are dying of hunger,

Snowfall killing the homeless

And brothers are making walls

Instead of bridges.

Can we say that man has evolved?

Hearths and homes are many

Mourning the deaths of beloved ones

In attacks, confrontation, wars and blasts.

Nobody has time either for God or for oneself.

The ratrace for amassing wealth is irresistible

As if wealth is everything in life.

When will man realize that we are all one.

The day this happens, it will mean

That man has really evolved.

pramila khadun

The last vapor

How happy is the immovable, the deceased!
Do they come back as ghosts
In dreams, in real or in movies

Gone is gone, whatever, you strive,
Goodbye is always goodbye.
Does that thought bring tears?

Disappearance is inevitable, water on its way to vapor.
Look down into the darkness of the disappearance,
Gently it goes – the muzzy, dizzy, vapor


I have been here for so long now.
Always tried to find my way back.
Danced in the sun and the moonlight.
Always on the look for your eyes.
I have been searching every bright light alley.
Always being swallowed by your depth.
Taught by your wicked way of being.
Always wanted you to tell me all your secrets.

I have being observing you from my distance.
Always tried to contract the best of both side.
Singing along your song and the rhythm of your soul.
Always with that look painted of your face.
I have looked through days without ends
Always with the hope to see the real of you.
Not erased in blurry images but as pixel in your picture.
Always imitating you so I can be me.

I am still here…

I really want to go now…
I, as weak as I am I now see our light fading away…

I have been listen to the two of us for so long.
Always tried to be better than the rest..
Burned and broke on your side of the shore.
I guess I never moved very fast.
I kept my eyes open in case you return.
Always just waiting for that all inspiring call.
Caught in this circle I can’t escape.
One step tread wrong and I get hung.

I have been seeing to little of you.
Sometimes it all just turn all upside down.
Or so it seem to the most of us.
I need to be so much better than you.
Can not close my eyes for what we were.
You taught me how to really care.
I feel the pain and can hardly bare.
The lonely I, it’s burned into my eyes.
It was us that made it into I.

A finger points.

Against a reality that is not yours nor is it mine

Maybe it’s all something we play

and we are all to the point of self constructed emptiness.

You decide now or not has no meaning

can you believe yourself even though reality is not yours.

Maybe it’s every man for himself and a scam

maybe it’s just something we hear as a scream.

You point with your finger

don’t know at all that it’s for you a bell is ringing.

Like everyone else

do you want to follow the indifference?

The fingers pointing

will you ever see and understand life or just be absorbed?

Maybe we forgot the sound of each other

and in that we have all lost our mind.

I have decided

well I know that reality can be tough.

Maybe it’s all the words we forget to say

maybe it’s just best to keep quiet.

A finger points.

but never on you but at you and everything is as usual

Maybe it’s all illusions

served to us all in edible portions.

I point with my finger

but only on the few who have got their wings.

Like those who can make their choice

I will  forever walk alone

beside this small army of keepers

and follow the trail of those who dare.