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I know not how much I love her.
Should i call her the bone of my bones,
the string of my heart,
the pupil of my eyes?
I have no words to offer,
similes and metaphors awfully inadequate
to express her true grandeur

In her my past and present,
in her my future and fulfillment,
in her is salvation to all my worries,
in her the panacea to all my ills,
in her the answer to all my vexed questions,
in her lap is my heaven,
in her smile my lost paradise,
in her eyes the whole of my life.

In her i see beauty personified,
charms agglomerated.
With her scintillating beauty and unmatched elegance, she is always there to hug me with all her heart.
My love is she,
my village,
the soul of my soul,
where i truly live.

copyright@smruti ranjan 2017


O captain! My captain!

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

Is it? Is it that life is a skip
that flows with the wind?
How timorous tomorrow is
when things seem to shamble?
There is no shore that completes the core,
but a part of me that beseems abhor.

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

No rejoicing for today, no devising for morrow;
but blues that makes the spirit strew and sorrow.
It’s too unfair to leave the pages unturned
and think about the unsaid and undone.
Melancholy diffuses the potency to ponder
soul halts with the obscurity to yonder.

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

Mehak Gupta Grover


Stark geometric lines
intersecting clean marble
and steel;
horizonless concourses
deserted entrance halls,
empty corridors
vacant escalators
in relentless
Walls hyphenated
with reminders
to purchase,
to consume
bellowing mutely
into the void;
shimmering platform mirrors,
clipped automated announcements,
data screens streaming
their silent prophecies;
Inexorable arrivals
and rumbling,
debouching into
the gleaming Now
of a glass-towered
morning amid its
awakening rage
there on
the bench
face down,
his skin again

What ever happened?

What ever happened…

What happened to us?

What happened to our future?

The dreams seem so infinitely far away.

Days are going to fill weeks; yes months and years.

Every night they are born again in endless pain.

Come here and lets try it all again.

Perhaps it’s just the scream and the echo of the past.

To remember…

To do…

To hold…

To never let go

What happened to us?

The dreams we printed into stone and silicon.

Weeks pass by, which fill months and years.

Every minute we look back to a safe haven.

Come closer to me again.

You seem so faded in your light.

Maybe it was because we promised words we could never keep?

So now we can’t see what’s us.

What ever happened to us?



The ideal …

Fearless in fear …

What did you and I like?

Are we in any way alike?

We dream to dream but far to quickly.

Months pass away, yes years and forever in oblivion.

Each step takes us a bit further away.

Come and tell me that it wasn’t just a dream.

I no longer feel your gentle touch cover my mind.

There is no way I see you as before, or I may have gone blind.

I reach for you for a very last time to feed your dreams.

But what ever happened to you and me, my heart keep screaming.

It must be another person’s touch now really making you dreaming.

Shall we?

And if a guest

Shall we accost him?
Shall we not,

After a year or two
If he comes with
a fair beam

Shall we adore him?
Shall we not

Though we have
brought to end
all relationships,
Though we have
left everything
All through the two years-

What if we accost him,
What if we adore him,
What if we reconcile
with him again,

Shall we not do it,

Ah! Shall we do it,
Eh! Shall we not

Enticing is it,
Enticing is it
To welcome him
in the tenebrosity
of wasteland

My Love


I know not
how to live without you,
how can I die
when are you not around?
My love! be there
with all your passion and grandeur
till I breathe my last in your lap and
lose me in you forever.

It seems
since time immemorial
we are with each other
but time has come for
one to bid farewell
to the other.

The single entity we are,
a single pair of eyes to
look at the world, a single heart
a single pair of ears to feel life
and smell its fragrance.

All along I am with you,
feeling me in you
and you in me,
enjoying and enduring each moment
of our joy and sorrow.

It aches when a single entry
cuts into halves,
the soul is made to leave the body.
It deeply pains when you
leave the special one you love
all alone
to fight the battle of life
on his own.

You know
I can not live without you
but you can live
though there will be
hardly any life in you.

In between you and me
there is a thread of love
which will be there
when I will be no more
that love and longing
will make your pain endure
and let my vermilion shine
with all its colour.

Be sure my love!
I am always yours
always with you
here and hereafter

copyright@smrutranjan 11.7.2017

On a Sunday Haat


On a Sunday haat

I’ve seen a girl

Sixteen or so,

Selling vegetables,

With a wow child on her lap,

Scrambling for breasts.  

The girl dithers,

And fears the male eyes,

They aren’t her suitors,

All busy gentle clients,

Time is money,

And not a minute more they spare.

So what’s the choice?

Some faces are known,

And many strange,

A festival day she calculates,

And looks sideways,

 And tears asunder the door of subsistence.

Beginning days were hard,

She was shy, and timid,

And knew not the ways of the bazaar,           

Day by day,

She counts coins,

And becomes bold.

So she wars with the lusty gazes,

 And thumps her baby

Under her sari,

And the child gropes and scrabbles

And sucks her mother,

And she flashes.



He came with a message of goodwill

which we seem we want to gag,

God saw our deep predicament

we had no hope ahead,

He came to meet us in our need

that we our sins might shed,

“ a little child shall lead them ”

the prophet prophesied;

As he grew up to manhood

it was for our sins he died.

for the words of wisdom

and the love he showed,

they nailed him to that Cross;

it was for you for me for all

he suffered on that tree,

the babe who was Jesus;


set us free.