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I cannot pretend, that
I am not seeing television
The screen of which is switched off
I could see the reflections
of my ceiling fan revolving, mapping
its shadow on the opposite muted walls

These news, these shop operas
Don’t hold me dear
I am not talking about George Floyd, or
of a pregnant elephant gulping pineapple crackers within
I am my own “I can’t breath”;
I am my own dead trumpet

I have my own friendship
“Friendship with none”
I am the cast away man
Running after my own reflection.
Hold me a nonentity
Balkanization of my thoughts

A Very Special World

It is our special world
Wow, the first throw! Awesome
First step…I feel the tears.
First word …, a treat is due.
First unbuttoning, a hug for sure.
Hey! Your son can’t tie laces at eight!
So what, he can wear them by his own at least
“Mumma can I hug you?”
Was all he said.And I share it with the world..
People may think, I am crazy..
When I share everything that he does.
But that’s our special world.
We know how to celebrate every little success.

Years later,the things have not changed much.
It is just that,we have exchanged our places.
My trembling hands are held in his firm hands.
I ask for a hug and I get it too.
He shares my achievements on his Insta posts,
And often he treats me to sumptuous toasts.

I live for him and he lives for me,
And holding hands,We cross troubles and their far-stretched sea.

Be the Ruler of Your Kingdom

Be the ruler of your kingdom’s space
While running life’s continuous race.
Ever and anon breathe into it freshness,
To be away from lethargy or restlessness.

Bring freshness physically,
Always exercising regularly,
Stretching, to activate dormant energy,
To release new vigour constantly.

To boost yourself mentally,
Resort to stimulating activity,
Like reading, painting, poetry writing,
Or playing with your best friend or sibling.

Enrich yourself spiritually,
With the cream of knowledge on spirituality,
Getting deeper into the essence of life
To get rid of incessant strife.

Uplift yourself emotionally,
Commune with Nature’s exuberant beauty,
To stimulate your stamina,
And enhance your persona.


i longed for the day i know will never come
have you at my side with your body so warm
in my waiting arms to have you in my embrace
as i touch every inch of wrinkles in your face

so close to breathe your every breath, i take
the air that brings life a glow to my very soul
as i let my heart beats the flow of love forsake
i have the part of you within my deepest it role

in each day it’s your image i keep in my longings
to hold you tight and fill in my hearts’ yearnings
the finger touch that you run through my hair
felt so sweet and tender and is without compare

in our heyday as the twilight time seen coming
the coldness of the nearing darkness now blowing
all our days seem like the rainbows in the sky
they appear in full beauty but only to pass us by


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Days are dull, empty

But no so the nights

As the watchman whistles

And strikes the pole thrice.

This way he flashes

That way he lashes

Sometime he smokes and coughs

Sometime he himself laughs.

The field is walled head high

No thief, no raider nearby

So what does he watch?

A palm tree tall, and

Weaver birds’ nests all.

Why do we ask why?

It’s so simple

He is a watchman

And his duty is to watch.

The Quantum of Malice

The Quantum of Malice

Malice was not Alice. She was her evil twin. Malevolent Land was not Wonderland. It was its opposite. Malice loved watching Maleficent. The Disney movie. Malice was basically a bundle of Energy but of the wrong kind, negative, destructive etc.
We know that there is only one way to defeat Malice, Energy gone sour. That is by wrapping it up in Matter and dispersing it through the universe so it no longer has any power, being broken up into a million, discrete particles that can never be assembled together again. The three wizards, Sane Matter, Gray Matter, and Had Matter thus had a wizard’s cohort to decide how to put paid to the budding threat that was Malice and her Malevolent Land where fishes walked on land, birds swam, amphibians flew and animals talked. Everything there was ulta pulta, but with dark energy pulsing through it, or else it would have been fascinating like Wonderland.
Sane Matter said – let me wrap her in my embrace.
Gray Matter said – don’t forget to dissolve her land into the ether.
Had Matter, the most powerful of the three, who had once been Matter but was now anti-matter, said – I can put the finishing touch to the ‘matter’ at hand, but I will then be turned into Mad Hatter.
They destroyed Malice in Malevolent Land but Had Matter became Mad Hatter in the process and now only two wizards are left to guard the earth with Matter, using E=Mc2, from Energy if it runs amok again.

And thus was it put paid to, for the time being, the Tao of Malice.

A Lyric

We don’t have the skill to touch the sky
We won’t bear gifts to betray friend or foe
But what we have grows after every last goodbye–

Our hands are even now raised so high
Even though we fought and surrendered long ago
Under a cloud of doubt,in the public eye,

To each other,and for an alibi:
In the setting sun,your smile’s glow
Brings the light back into my life, and I wonder why

The wind remains bemused,as time goes by,
Not knowing which way to blow–
And then at midnight we hear the sudden cry

Unnerving as breaking glass and difficult to identify–
You roll your eyes as if you know:
Who waits in silence,waits to die.

I don’t think I love you anymore

I don't think I love you anymore
Whatever love was there,
Has been killed, torn into
Nothingness, by your own will
And now
I keep gaping at clouds
Wondering about when
Shall they rain on me
The dew drops of Death's
Longing for me!

I don't think I love you anymore,
The number of times that you
Have hurt me
Have reached their limits
And I guess
I am fed up with everything!

My aim on Earth is now of
No purpose
And I would ask you
To pray, together with me,
For the skies to hear
That I seek my freedom
From the soils of Earth!

But still, I hate you not
And I resent you not
As in essence
I am made to be un-loveable,
Diseased and dark,
Living in reclusion and shadows
And aware that my peace
Lies in the arms of Death!

I don't think I love you anymore
And if it be so
I guess it must be God's will
Acting over me
As He paints in me
Life, as He chooses it to be for me
And maybe
The pain that I feel
Is merely a way to allow me
To be cleansed of my negative
Karmic energy!

I don't think I love you anymore
And I know you must be relieved
As you never could love me back
Since I am
A damaged doll
Having had my pieces sewn here and there
And stitched in other places, trying to make 
Myself look as glamorous as would be
A new one on the market!

I seek to find my peace,
And I hope to find it in something
Other than in penning poetry,
As, I had thought I could see it you
But then,
You made it clear that you are not
That which I thought you were!

I don't think I love you anymore
The world is vast,
Even if it is dying
And as long as the Gods
Would will me to live
I guess I shall find enough
Space for myself as not to bother you
And make you feel my presence around!

It’s the end of the world

It's the end of the world 
And I would happily
Trade in my life
With anyone afflicted
Who still have dreams
And goals
To accomplish
For me
This world has failed
To prove
That it has anything
Credible and worthwhile
About it !

It's the end of the world
People are dying by the
As if they were bees
Being fumigated in crop fields
Ants being flooded
With hot and boiling water!

Our human instinct
Pushes us to cling on to
Living in denied truth;
This world is and will never be
Of any use to us!

We live it as if we were fools
Choosing to indulge in its pleasures
While they stealthily lead us
To our decrepit
And then
We just feel the breath blow itself
Out of us
And we get pushed somewhere else
Unable to even find some
Strength to look back at what
We are leaving behind!

It's the end of the world
And I have seen through its games
I care not to prove myself to it
As it has failed to prove itself to me
It's the end of the world
And I would happily trade in my life
With anyone afflicted
Who still has dreams and goals
To accomplish here!