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The Divine Calculator


I wonder at the divine calculator

Where each digit carries

the weight of millions of micro digits

 divided into still smaller fractions.

How the flow of karmas is discerned and recorded

 when humans conceal tonnes of trash

 in the dark recesses of their

highly mechanized, unyielding brains.

How records of eon have been impeccably kept

without an assistant .

The immaculate regulation of rewards and punishments

 leaves one in a wonder,

beyond the grasp of the tiny machine

the world takes pride in.

The Lone Me

The lone bench awaits thou alike me

As fall awaits blossoming of spring.

Moments spent together, splashes of bygone

Dreams lived together, are perhaps forgone.

I gather the dry leaves and flowers,

Souvenir of love I find scattered there.

As the melancholic words are hummed by the chair

My desolate heart finds solace in despair.

Spring arrives, the woods are abloom

Showers nature with its perfume.

Yet thou lost the way that ushered to me

I eternalize the moments spent with thee.

Among the Birches

I am being lost, avidly lingering,
Among the birches in the spring
Hope! I might get you soonest
Afar from the city, in the forest

Where you are being found unseen
Among the birches, slightly mean
Once in a while you hear me wholly
And serve solace by consoling kindly

I reached here beyond conventionality
That might delve me into an audacity
And I guess, for you, my adoration
Might seem, as if, a mere obsession

But know! You supply me breaths
And keep me at my deepest peace
For this you might take me silly
But I wish to tell you really

That was a moment in which I flowed
Like a river in a restless mode
Eager, since years, to be merged
By flowing from the canals diverged

Into the vast, long distanced Ocean
Set away by the God's notion
As it is her fate forever and ever
The fact that she can deny neither

However, she puts her confirmation
That she wants him not as her destination,
(As who succeeds to get their destiny)
And admits her joy in this brevity!

The Mirage called Love.

Under the silver twilight love walks away
The silhouette growing smaller
Disappearing in the oblivion.
Leaving behind a storm of darkness.
Giving a feel of a hundred arrows
piercing at once
That’s when the heart looks inside the void
And wonders what had created the chaos
What churned the life for a lifetime
Pursuing bliss ephemeral,
Is love for real or just an illusion
Or mere delusion
Or fancy of a youthful heart
Or a myth of folklores.
For if love was real
Then why it proves a travesty
Doesn’t love make you smile,
When you first feel the vibe,
Exuding an aura of bliss and joy
Then why does it fade away ?
if altruistic emotions are its creations
why does it wax and wane
and hides behind shades
turning into a stranger ,
to the one whose space it occupied .
the weight of which felt ,
only once gone ,
Carving deep impressions,
leaving a heart undulated for life.

Brief Notes on a Suicide Foretold

When you wave goodbye to the World,

for the last time,

don’t tell them that you’ll never be back;

It only makes the world sad

to hear such things,makes it feel

sadder than it already is;

So when you do wave goodbye,

goodbye, goodbye, forever and anon,

don’t tell them anything except

that you’re looking forward to some

time away and having a great time,

and that you’ll write.

With You, Without You

Without crossing the groundsill,
without dropping the bounties,
standing in your roofless house,
my eyes are watching arid clouds.

The bloom of youth no longer blooms,
has lost fragrance in your absence;
With some hope still in my heart and
an eternal wait in fate, I’m in your land.

But surely, the wind is in my favour,
this sky with open arms harbours;
They never block my path leading to you
nor abandons me and my search for you.

A wait so primal but so pristine,
a longing so tiring still clinging;
In an endless procession of nothingness,
one’s absence becomes one’s presence.

Copyright © November 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reservedff

Astrological predictions

That peaceful day
When war had not coloured the sky, then
Like a black soot
When there was no noise of the falling shells
Or shooting of guns across the borders; Or
The agonies of the dying soldiers, or
The wailing of mother for her sons; or
When I had not volunteered in the army
There, on that shining day of my childhood
I had seen an old dilapidated wall
By the side of an old country road
There, from the broken walls
Beautiful flowers were peeping the crevices

Now those memories only remains
I am still to find that decaying house
Where I could see the smiling flowers
Budding from the crevices of the wall
Taking my heart by all its colourful beauty

What remains here now, is
But, a dead silence
Hollowing my thoughts –
All ashes, all crumpled walls

Arrayed into the night sky
I could see those flowers
Making astrological predictions for safety

Nothing is new


Everything therein
yesterday, today and tomorrow
what happened, what is happening
and what will happen
the past, present and future
the jellyfish evolved man and godhood
all there in

Nothing is new
nothing like inventing
only rediscovering things
that already exist
nothing like evolving
only knowing oneself
knowing one’s real nature
that he in fact is

When a part of reality manifests
someone in perfect tune conceives
and a law of gravitation
a theory of relativity
comes into our domain
which are there long since

Everything there in the brain
but under lock and key
when someone unlocks
the lock in the spine
raises his consciousness from
the mundane to divine
he gets access to the ocean of knowledge
already there and becomes
a valmiki, a basista
an evolved and enlightened one
god in fact

copyright@smrutiranjan 16.11.2017

The Chosen one

Somewhere within me, there is a relief
When the corners of the eyes ache
As the waters warm, with grief,
Fill in for the immortal love’s sake

With the frequent and swift pace
Toiling… to be remained inside
Or roll over, making ways
As the ferocious waves burst wild

And the Hurricane which allies
With the distinct base
That has fallen in the eyes
Soothes either ways

Whether the sets of the tear-drops
Carry images of the past whiles
Making jovial as the rain drops
And bring breath to the smiles

Or they travel in forlorn
In the wretched city
Making the soul feel torn
For the eternal verity

As the heart knows well
Itself has chosen the substance
Wanting to be in the spell
With its not-ending endurance!

O! Life

O! Life,

One summer afternoon,
Suddenly, without purpose, but for a reason,
No prior appointment,
Like two strangers,
You met me suddenly,
I couldn’t see your face even,
Those few minutes together,
Without any intention,
Without any planning,
Without any idea,
But, destined to be,
Transformed my life forever;
Initially, you were not beautiful to me,
But gradually,
Your sweet voice,
Your infectious smile,
Your catchy laugh,
Your deep eyes,
Your unique style,
Your mysterious behaviour,
Your positive attitude & you,
Aye, you,
Won over me,
I suddenly realised
No one was ever beautiful as you,
No one ever loved me as you,
No one was ever important as you..
You, you became the best part of me.

No, not a single moment
Was without you, only you
The most adorable, the most sought after,
I couldn’t find anyone else except you,
Even in my sleep
Only you, you were visible.
You became my dreams, my wish, my desire, my aspiration,
You are and you will be.

It’s an agreement for eternity
And beyond that,
Whatever you say or do,
You’ve been locked up here, for ever
In the cell of my heart,
Ya, Cardio Queen.

© Khaleeq