Carve my name in thin air

Cut deep into my flesh, the sin
Arrives to that inner space
Rolling tears
Venom expanding in arteries

Music to accompany the ordeal
Yet no shards of glass crumbling the silence

No whispers to fly with the wind
After the sin
More sin
Evolving in a cancerous mushroom

Inner you go, the rot surrounds you, swallows you
Never to let go

Thrills climbing down my leg
Heels burning with pain
Intricate connections
Non void

Another day with clouds on my street
Rugs covered in dust

4 thoughts on “Carve my name in thin air

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Ennui and alienation are to Iulia’s poems what the colour yellow was to Van Gogh’s paintings.
    This particular work’s knockout punch is a well executed last three lines that would make even Morrissey quiver.

  2. ramesh rai

    Tides of time has made the Hon’ble Poetess more stronger that is why her ink manifests multi-colorful aspects of rainbow whispers to fly with wind.


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