Caring God’s way. Is it really true
That He will give all it takes for me and you
To live free and open lives not hiding from each other,
Not causing pain when we are hurt by sister or by brother.

Will He break the grip of worry and of pain?
Remove the will to live for personal gain.
Not hide behind our walls of pride and self-defence
Pretending to be someone else and not in innocence.

Lord can you change our hearts to care about each other?
To prefer others blessings and really to discover
That helping other people rather than ourselves
Will release new freedom as His Spirit delves.

You said that He has paid the price for all of us to care.
That all we have to do is to cry to Him in prayer.
We can be changed, never be the same again.
Love each other from the heart; release each other’s pain.

But that would revolutionise bring about real change,
Would show the world a way that it might exchange.
What’s happening all around us now, something new and free.
Oh God, it sounds impossible, but please, please start with me!

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