By the candle light, at midnight

Dreams of a distant past
Dance in the dungeon of my heart
Driving me to drop my daily duties
And to dare wonder
At how shall it be
Breathless, I shall be in your gaze
Trying to look as neutral
As would be a statue
In the midst of a storm!

Shall the winds blow the frail grip
That I hold on reality away?
Or shall the waters leave the river bed
And drag me to the ocean’s depths?
Shall the skies start twinkling
In broad daylight
Too ecstatic at the thought
That at last,
Their will is being abided to?

Dreams of a distant past
Dance drowsily in my heart,
Bidding slumber and its heaviness
To fly away from the branches
Of my poetry house
And thereby leaving me
Cold and numb,
Wondering always
At what shall be the outcome
Of those few exchanged words
That we owe to each other?

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