Broken Memories

The Chanteuse


crooning existential

torch-lit ennui,

marinaded in

absinthed vocals,

in the salons

and bars of

La Rive Gauche,

domicile to flaneurs

and bohemian confreres;

she is wounding

their hearts with

visceral monotonous langour;

amid smouldering pyres

of  Gauloises,

stygian-leafed frissons

of earthy odeur,

redolent of arcane

manual labour,




2 thoughts on “Broken Memories

  1. Rashmi Malapur

    Music can make you unwind but, some tunes just rip your heart apart. Artists come up with masterpieces and the audience is spellbound. These sentences seemingly look incomplete but, in actuality complete the essence of a performance so well. Wonderful poem Sir!!!

  2. VijayNair

    Nostalgic memories of the great Edith P! This sparrow could sing and render listeners speechless. A successful ‘capture’; a delightful read.


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