I grew up in a family
where not much
communication happened
those days
my father did not
ever express his love
he thought we would know
that he cared to provide
all that we needed
and that was love for him
mom’s life revolved around him
me and my siblings
grew up around books 
probably that is the  reason
why I am a reader
why I always turned to books
why books raised me
we would read all the time
it was my escape from life
which I did not understand
not that I understand
life any better now 
also books always rescued me
they still  continue to do so
they unfold what I need to know
they also give me insights
I look for answers
to all my unresolved matters 
they are dependable
like old childhood friends
my bed side companions
my comfort zone
my source of joy
my inspiration
they never fail me
this relationship of mine
is secure and safe
I can go back to them
any time without hesitation.

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Poet, abstract artist, documentary film maker. Has 20 published books, 9 collections of poems translated in Greek, German, bangla, urdu, dogri. Writes both in English and Hindi. Has scripted and directed 7 documentary films. Has held 35solo exhibitions of paintings in India and abroad. Based in Delhi, India.

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