Blessed are those
sacred souls,
like the teddy bears
and barbie dolls…

In all shapes
and sizes too,
with a single aim-
nothing new..

Just sit there
or lie or stand..
Loved and cared
in a growing hand..

Nothing to worry;
no joy nor pain..
In this bloody world,
nothing to gain..

Blessed are they-
the heartless few..
Sans broken bits
or worries new..

Blessed are those,
soul less souls..
those teddy bears
and barbie dolls….

4 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for September 2013 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . **** Poem of the Month..****”Dhaka University” by AZMM Moksedul Milon….*** Highly Commended (tabulated alphabetically) *** are the following….”Alas ! the gong has lost its voice” by Ogunjimi James Taiwo….”A Portrayal of Pain” by Swanti Sharma….”Blessed” by Basil Razack….”Disheartened” by Suzanne Parlee….”Given” by Jan Christian Sorensen….”Illusion” by Tapeshwar Prasad….”Let me go” by Santanu Halder….”Life is” by Sridhar Karanam….”Long Rain” by Ramesh Anand….”Profanity” by Sangeeta Sharma….”The Bible” by Elizabeth Hexberg….”Unsung Samaritans” by Sharon Elizabeth Walker…..


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