Birds and Humans

Last evening, returning from office,
Gazing at the mesmerising sunset,
On the lead colour sky,
Far way on the horizon,
Through the smog of the metropolis,

I noticed a few city birds,
Fluttering their flaps in a flock,
Returning to their concrete nests.

As I watched I pondered:
Do they also have offices to go? These birds?

How do they earn?

Do they too visit the hospitals when they are sick?
How are they cured?
Do they attend schools? The schools of life!
If no, where they learn the lessons of life from? And the lessons of devastation from?

Do they also cheat?
Do they also rage?
Do they also betray the heart that loved them?
If they don’t go to school, where they learn:
Dishonesty, cheating, ingratitude, immorality from?
Where do they learn the art of flying?
Where do they learn the art of earning, the art of helping, the art of family life, from?

Do they have schools? Do they have better schools than ours?
Is their support system better than ours?

That’s why! That’s why!
They don’t have

Bikes & cars,
Hospitals & clinics,
Roads & dams,
Courts & jails,
Offices & Parliaments.

And also they don’t have wars,
Nuclear wars,
Conventional wars,
Weapons of mass destruction,
Knives & guns.
They don’t kill their own sisters & brothers.
Are they better than us?
Aren’t we inferior to them?
We, the humans, the supreme creatures!!
A poet’s heart could not think beyond,
For, I had reached back home,
To fight again,
And to reconcile again.
© Khaleeq

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About Dr Khaleeq Ahmad

Dr. Khaleeq Ahmad, working in the field of education in India, is a B.Ed and an M.A., Ph.D. in English. He has been working as a Teacher Trainer, material developer and a resource person in ELT. His professional qualifications include Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), Cambridge University, London, Teacher Development Programme and Train the Trainer both from British Council India, GESE- Grade 12 from Trinity College, London and School Leadership Development Programme from IIM Ahmedabad. Partnership) Award from British Council and has been awarded with the 'Bhagirthi Award' for Excellence in Teaching of English in 2012. Dr. Ahmad loves to read books full of suspense and thrill. He studies poetry particularly Urdu Ghazals along with Wordsworth and Browning.

6 thoughts on “Birds and Humans

  1. Ruchi Mishra

    Beautifully expressed the complexities of human world while comparing the simplicity found in the world of birds and animal.

  2. Naheed Akhtar

    Artistically differentiated the lifestyles… that can be, to some extent, symbolised to the simplicity of the early life.
    Thank you Dr. Khaleeq for this humble gesture weaved in the beautiful poem!


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