Between This Life and the Other: The Rain

Do my dirty walls rain, still?
Dots imprinted on dark leaves, scrawling,
Pressing their heads to the crushing dust of human pain?
Do the fingers still dig into
The dark, unfathomable whole,
Beneath the ribs, the pain, stark dead, burning?

Do the primal clouds of monsoon jump in puddles, still?
Longing to steam, to cry in small streams,
Ripples and kisses, running down, the deluge
Slitting throats, trampling my primordial breast?
I have seen the skin, blood, bones
Of the rain, hung on to thirsty fingers
Licking the pickled salt of a fleshy pain.
Is it mine, still?
Forgot its name since we last held hands.

Does it still rumble, growl inside,
The billowing cloud-fire, the necklace of grief?
The night, jumping, leaping, sticking her tongue out
For one last dance, entwines me,
Stumbling over, as I listen to mourning ghosts,
Moving around, in circles, the earth
A whisper of sprinkled ashes of pain?

The smoke, a translucent fusion,
Do I drink it whole? The murky waters
Ruminating on the slumber-buried drone of pain.
Do I shake it off like old dust? Here it comes back
Peels and hums amid grinning, littered rain.

The bird rests beneath the rusted bricks and walls
The flash of cool light, of rain, long gone.
The heart of the wind beating amid the dead leaves in rain,
I stand, smothered between the damp walls,
Breaking and sinking, birdlike, aflame, drowning.

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About Lopa Banerjee

Lopa Banerjee has studied Creative Nonfiction at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has a Masters' in English and Journalism from Kolkata, India. She has written a a book-length collection of personal essays and also a poetry collection. She is a regular contributor to 'Cafe Dissensus', an alternate journal of literature and the arts. Her poetry and essays have also appeared at journals and anthologies including 'Fine Lines', 'About Place', 'Yahoo Voices', 'Northeast Review', 'River Poets' Journal', 'Indian Review', ‘The Mind Creative’, 'Prairie Fire' and 'Incredible Women of India'.

9 thoughts on “Between This Life and the Other: The Rain

  1. pramila khadun

    What a lovely poem Lopa. I love reading all your poems for the rich imagery and emotions all in a perfect blend to catch all passersby eyes.Keep it up dear.

  2. lopu123

    Thanks a lot, dear Reena, for your appreciation…really means a lot coming from a consummate poet like you!


  3. shamsher

    A poem that truely honours the sensitiviness of a poet’s heart. Something that can pierce if thought of deeply, a work that has a lot to speak beyond the gravities and aperture of its carrying words.

  4. lopu123

    Thank you so much, Shamsher jee, Shashikala jee…your lovely comments really made me happy!

    Thanks for reading and for the appreciation.

  5. Maya Dev

    Your brilliance to portray the emotions with imagery is superb and leaves readers linger more on it…Lovely Lopa..:-)


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