Believing in Angels.



Let me talk; don’t let my voice be silent
If only for the sake of all my dreams……

Not because it is in whispers,
But for the agony it screams…

It touches nerves of inspiration
Desperation like a hungry dog……..

Defyingly all hopes of satisfaction
Feeling left out of the crowd…….

Fighting over half torn rubbish sacks
And food scraps in the street…..

Only hoping from the confusion
Is the thought of that I can eat…..

I’ve heard voices out of heaven
Telling me its not the time to cry…..

But I have never believed in Angels
That can’ fly…..

© Fingleton (Septembre 2016) (Löst Viking)öst-Viking/746104845419195

8 thoughts on “Believing in Angels.

  1. Lokesh Roy

    Dull ! even if the painting tries hard. Well i do not mean to be uncharitable , unless i see a vast potential that seems to be buried underneath. Hope the poet takes it as a complement.

    1. Lokesh Roy

      I am sorry for not having read your poem in the right context. After mulling over it, I find it not only interesting but topical as well. My earlier comment may kindly be revised. Thanks dear Finglton for making me reread this beautiful piece of art, if I may say so !

      1. John Anthony Fingleton

        I am not sensitive to criticism, but I will defend the worst poem if attacked (the Irish are that way) thank you for your recent comment. I have always had great reluctance in calling myself ‘a poet’….I write mostly from emotion with words that link my life at the time of writing…except when I write on historical subjects…..thank you again for your recent comment……Art is a little strong.


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