Balloon Seller’s Daughter

He was her father
he was her mother
he was destitute
but no one bothered ……
in reduced circumstances ,
he was raising her
and four others ,
clueless penniless
and tireless he was ,
yet not defeated ,
hope and perspiration
his nose to the grindstone
yet…fire in his stomach
air in his ware ,
colours on his strings
yet ends apart
he was selling balloons ,
she sprinting behind
holding the strings ,
happiness in air
air in her ware
smiling eyes
flaring nose
lips stretching
across her small face
smiles worth million dollars
frock in tatters
did it matter ?
she was rich
with happiness loads
filled in the balloons
though getting sold
to be replaced soon ,
he was her father
trading in happiness
cheer and glee ,
teaching her
not to fear ,
deal with hunger
filling air
gastric balloon
acid fire air
deal with it my dear …..
tender feet
trailing behind
balloons in hand ,
he was her father
now selling magic wands ….!!!
©Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

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    A narration evolving empathy in the minds of reader; how much pathetic are certain lives in the streets!


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