Word Play #4

Babble babble , chatter chatter,

chunter chunter , mutter mutter ,

natter natter , guffaw guffaw ,

rant rant , mumble mumble ,

yawn yawn , whisper whisper ,

shout shout , en-un-ci-ate en-un-ci-ate ,

clamour clamour , yell yell ,

bellow bellow , project project ,

harangue harangue , question question ,

whinge whinge , whine whine ,

yammer yammer , stut-ter stutt-er ,

cackle cackle , laugh laugh ,

splutter splutter ,cough ,cough .

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    Word Play #4 by louis kasatkin
    The comment (by kelly bella):

    giggle giggle, snigger snigger
    whistle whistle, cheer cheer

    clap clap, fun fun!!


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