I became conscious as I fell down the bottomless abyss

I could help it not

I had to let myself fall

There was nothing to grope on to

There were no hands held out to me

There was no magical rope thrown down to me

Even if there was any such thing

I would not have taken the incentive to attempt

A self rescue operation!


I fell and fell,

I sunk deeper and deeper

And I could only see, in front of me

The silent skies!

Seeming to be like a pane of glass

An opaque one

From my side, I could never see what lies beyond it

While those who reside on the other side

Could see me at all times

Even when I try to hide myself!


I continued, meanwhile, my trip down the bottomless abyss

I still am falling, today

But with the skies I have fallen in love with

Nothing, no force whatsoever

Will ever be able to deter me from my aim

I shall break this glass pane

I shall break it and see the other side

I shall break it and understand, why I was meant to fall



I became conscious as I was falling down a bottomless abyss

I realized that nothing matters

Neither do the false shows of the mundane

Nor do the whims of the ego

Yes, my soul woke up

It shall not be pleased with the mundane

It cares not

Whether I fell

Or whether I wear a diamond crown

Seeks it only the skies

And shall it be soothed

Only when it shall be immersed in their expanse


2 thoughts on “Awoken!

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An intriguing work with much potential that would have benefitted from some attentive editing. As such it lets the reader’s attention sag somewhat with its overly long lines and explicit authorial interventions such as ” I continued meanwhile..”.


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