Autumn Falls


Ripe mulberries fallen on the foot way,
He walked past leaving stains on the path,
Death and winter stopped on the high way,
Hunting dogs barked out in rage.
Cold wind blew the autumn leaves
and smoke spread the smell of the kitchen,
through lofted chimneys,
onto the strange sky.
He walked with long steps against the storm,
There is no one around,
not even shadows.
Once they sat under those cedar trees,
In those luscious shades, in flames.
With burning souls and searing in love.
Now he journeyed home…
to reach before darkness fell,
to bid her farewell,
for the last journey, without him.
He entered the closed door,
held her so tightly and never kissed her,
In this passion, ever before…

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About Rekha Moothedath

I'm a teacher by profession, hailing from Calicut, south-west coast of India. I was brought up in a huge joint family, a home in lush greenery and a mile away from the sea shore. Being married to a defense personnel, has enabled me to travel widely within India and once made me write a poem on the great Andaman islands. I did my post graduation in History and I do research papers and have published a paper on medieval Indian feudal society, in the International History Congress. Sometime in the late nineties initiating a life time love with Latin American poetry I mustered up all my passions in writing. Though my head fought battles and spoke peace, poetry was always a deeply embedded part of my soul and I was enamored of her beauty and traveled through the emotions of tempest and silence and overcame the desolation.

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