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An Avid Literary Enthusiast ,have just entered the main arena of writing with poetry,to follow suit on other forms too .Keen on writing my soul out on intriguing soul-searching/stirring metaphysical themes,passionate romance ,social concerns close to heart & anything influencing me-- with a sort of surrealistic imagery n crafted wordplay being my natural style. Want to have a firm professional place in literary & creative media world reaching global audience! (Ahh, its warmth of home ..coming back here to Destiny now after almost 3 to 4 yrs , this 2015, feels I was away for long...but at my other poetic home so lovable as this. I wish I keep frequenting both the soulful spaces foreva..!:) tq Poets, tq Destiny. Various Links to this nomadic me:)


Ageless uncaged abstraction,

Discrete gravitating affinities,

Extracted in engaging emotions,

Evolution of covalence soul pairing,

Elucidated in elegance of verses… 


Infinite criss-crossing passion matrices, 

Entangled to deep- kissing cryptic bonds,

Holding encoded virtues of unshaken trust,

Divinity decoded at each unwinding intimacy,

Fine threads of freedom recoiling back in supremacy..


Radically unique, unceasingly unraveling mutuality,      

Dispersing mind ways often, still steadily interacting,

Winking  each other earnestly at each hearty colliding ,

Mingling into a nucleating singularity even in orbiting,

Morphing inevitably towards a fiercely fused entity.

Desert Rose

Blood stained bright hues starkly piercing

those occasional travellers gasping thirsty , 

Doomed not you are, to delight those weary eyes,

nor be a cynosure of a vibrant young muse of vase, 

Damned destiny to gaze those dreary mounds

  of undulating sand dunes,blessed with a drop-less shower,

Drooping daily ,still glances earnestly at her Sun Love, 

Smiling her petallous heart , bearing hot diurnal shrivels, 

Wilting beauty withholding hopes, dry fast to a daring death !

Smiling Sun is not Yours,He smiles at infinite roses of Universe, 

Rain yourself copiously by your springing tears of inner tides,

Strip yourself merrily, shedding each metallic shine of petals ,

Spread yourself  dry and dead , a cushiony cotton bed you serve,

Search yourself in the scorching air, for your scent still stays on ….

Love Eclipse

Sparkling shine from the coyly smiling cherubic face,

Electrifying gleam in the earnest twinkling whispering eyes,

Gathering black clouds stationed glowing her cheekiness,

Impatiently making way in twiggy canopies of mahoganies

Desperately trying to spot the sagacious soul in serenity,

Meditating seriosity beyond  her curious signalling verbosity,

Staring awe-struckedly, enfolded him in her dreams silently,

Retreating back to the far-off starry abode though inevitably,

Heavily saturated her heart his love-laden memories generously,

Waiting to shower on his foretold awakening as promised  .

 Sacredly ancient soul of sage for ages beckoned her tenaciously,

Blossoming out of his centennial sub-consciousness yearningly,

Eclipsing penumbral shadows holding her back utmost fatefully,

Ticking hour needles trembling to make their unison happening,

Sickening moment of her absence evoking bitter indifference feeling,

Self-realizing searching soul Oh Greatness!  She’s in captivated holding,

Shedding her shackles, out she comes now as a new full moon enchanting.


Silk Cotton

Like a modern poetry

or a futuristic  art,

the strange  yet  strong

perceptions  you encode

on this devastation ,just like you !

Tell me frankly,now don’t imitate

my desperation status,

you are rather too explicit!

Arms so horizontal in spread,

like  no where  neighbour,

still you don’t attract

anyone for an embrace,

at least an English embrace

if not a deeper  XOXO !

Now,what to say

of your bleeding dark

ever exuding gums

from that tanned dark

trunk? Do you feel

it either attracts

attention or consoles

your despair?

Either not!

Tell me about

your dried desiccated

fruit,so disgusting !

Do you have a single

instance of  supple

and succulency,

leave about delicacy, You

are a far off dream for that!

Still this reminds me of

my dehydrated life,

No moist or warmth

of adhered human smell!

That’s all I  bear to

ward off even

the trivial breezes !

Even a chance encounter

to offer the fruit so dried

settles down dejected

only to see flying

vacuum cotton inside !

Yes, We both are

Sullen  Silk  yet with

cotton smooth disposition !

Love Bug v. Google Glitch

PART- I-Reminiscence

Engulfed with sweet tangerine

tingling thoughts of you,

All trickling down in a trooping

tangential discipline within

The ganglionic ‘garbage’ globes

of the indomitable grey goblet,

Densely, pervasively percolating

as deliquescent dulcet dollops,

Pickled to perfection by generous

acidic gallons of acrid separation,

A sage now of an isolated island,

profound with manifold elucidation,

Crystallized dark with the purified and

the rarified of those rambled ravings!


PART II-Returning Reverie

Still the very synopsis of your retrieval

reverie that I relentlessly relish,

Makes it a rejoicing soul inquiry

of a classical cheery theory no fuzzy!

An evergreen fluorescent pigmentation

in a sudden transformation, all

Mushrooming   smileys springing back with

creamy cherubic life lilts from the

Sporulated dormant spell so spastic,

rapidly grasping all the humidified warmth

And moistened affection exuding

by your illusion-automated presence,

Barricades of non communication

boring holes with a strong Marxist plea

Of inseparable unison, all the indiscriminately

inundated erosion gleefully

Building and bridging again by this

forethought happening grippingly!


PART-III – Lyrical Letter

As a prelude to your rousingly awaited arrival,

Now temporally accentuated

In sculpting a variegated verbose verses

Of our intricately indulgent intimacy,

With all with the monstrous killing

Spree of Pattinson’s vampire instinct,

To chivalrously cherish our mellifluous meadows

Shared, all terrifically mind-tattooed,

And no-quixotic knightly rescuing the still sharable

Futuristic, no-fictitious, space from extinct;

Verbose warriors with targeted penetration

Impregnating them forever in your delicately

Seasoned thyme and rosemary heartland,

Propelling your arrival to this longing

Barren fallowed never never land,

Instantly mutating it to stupidly

Cupidity struck Newfoundland,

Abound with asaparagy and gingery

Absorbingly amorous passion land!


PART-IV- Glitches, a Love Reassurance

With heaps of hopes wrapped in all those

Tiny tactile verbal warriors in strong dose,

Imprinted with tonnes of hues and tunes,

Of unsaid yearnings and unheard melodies,

On the frail and lifeless yet cryptic cellulose,

Bearing all reunion remedies

for our desolation maladies,

Invincibly uploading all these

heart musical mélange

Into the electronic page, as soft as

your solange bosom,

The hope laden omen gets

a horrendous twist out of the blues,

Just buzzed the SEND button

to render you my soul stirring craft

Bubbling “Oo”s like scoops of scrap,

flashing wickedly my screen

Barbarously displaying,

”Oops, server error occurred and

Your email not sent “, l

ike a seismographic tremor was

My shaken self, mind of the

doomsday Nostradamus,

Instantly and nonchalantly

recuperating with a magical Messi flick

Only to staggeringly survive

with your rhapsodically revival hopes!

My mind as stern and firm of the Nazi dictator,

Pronouncing with an arrogant grin.,

All the glitches in the Google

Dare not a dampening debacle

Of our eternal clasps and clutches,

as we are a super duper soul couple,

Engraved even in gravest of the graves

As unison beyond all comprehension!

The Ultimate Liberation

Circadian carnal sleep swept away in swirling circles

To a still pond of tantalizing tranquility so timeless,

Cranky Cicada tymbals of desirous resonating

Howls silencing to a salient sang froid of composed calmness,

Lustfully effervescent lecherous dreams

Drifted afar to iridescent miraculous mirages,

Bingeing materialistic hungriness perfectly plunging

Into the divine satiety from each breath of the sanctified holy air,

Prying, pranky, fluttering, curious eyes standing

Idolized with an unfathomable compassionate blankness,

Over pulsating, throbbing heartbeat orchestrated

To a regulated rhythmic chanting of hymns,

Cannibalistic, craving and raving mind aligning

And converging into the Universal light of Cosmic Darkness,

The long ago proven energy brimming ATP Krebs cycle too

Puzzled over the Occult and mystic Super energy abound,

An Intangible spiritual socket between the you and Superior Thee

Incessantly flowing the newly realized renewable cosmic currency;

The undisputed quest of “Who am I “seems conquered utterly

The singing soul in a realm of super existence, cloudless clutter free,

For all the “I” is tiny holy integral of the blissful summary “Thee”.

The Elusive Wait


Ceremoniously sharpened wrought iron knife
His deity of duty, just taken out from the
Ayudha pooja~Viswakarma ritual
Spot on the tender meat, ripping apart
Such a perfectionist executor he seems

Flawless cuts even in his deepest sleeps!
Violent tearing jet of gushing acoustics
Irritating even the slightest ear chords
Imagine, it’s music to the ears, to the other one
He’s a god personified to the other one
The one always like an ardent disciple
On his aisle, with the humbled disposition
Gleaming eyes, filamentous spiny
Moustaches, rather a vase on the face
The felinity obscured by a meditating innocence
All focussed on his locus -the chopped bits torqued in air
Bits of meat are worth his lifetime wait
A curious wait with a grabbing hope
Short time satiety though worth the wait!
This cat wait is no catwalk or a cake walk
For it’s the entire hard earned wait against all
His god man’s abuses, crow-dog fightings
Personified with politeness yet aggressive and alert!

Just nearby another cemented platform mound
Lucky one I would define, always a profound
Palanquin for a rustic beauty queen of unique sorts
Whom I ever spot her only at the hours of twilight
Her glimmering lipshades and flashing drapes
Involuntarily pulling at ease all eyes’attention
Irony though are her floating eyes in mourning lyrical
One can feel her hapless heart in spite of her lustrous wait
A wait that she never wants to realise the fruition
A wait still which has to end up in shameful body edition!

Next street corner, my milestone for years
Is a haunting bony face,old and frail
seated with a grace, on his coveted Ferrari
of his life, the sliding hand pulled rickshaw!
He looks uploaded with loads of acute solitude
Sadness and gloom mapped all over with no gratitude
His unblinking eyes and a big black mole right on the nose
Makes him a roughened stone face, yet one would melt on
His dry straw hairs and  banyan-lungi with innumerous holes
He too waits for those eyes in the crowd, who can make
A hail, just for his mere penniless hand to mouth life..
He seems to wait, not just for that, but wait for
Something more, not  a mere traveller, but a
Life changer carrier who can profusely not,
atleast diffuse a small speck of his forgotten dreams,
childish cheers and a deck of simple happiness !
A wait wrapped inside his wait is what I see in
The poor man’s eyes, so cloudy and hazy.

All too short, lost a loved soul, many out there
Just like me, who too wait for a long long haul
which even the wondrous wait too weep and envy!
Wait my mind,let me wonder what is wait
Hope and time, both the entities of  extreme
Abstracts fused  into a frame and theme,
Time runs wild with no stops and stones
Hope unstunned remains to make the wait
Just elongate and reach almost infinite
A wait like a tabulated anorexic diet
so  severe, crude and a life-taking ticket,
A wait so obscure still it promulgates
Its longevity,  leading to its calm continuity
Starting like a trivial infinitesimal into an
Enormously self-swallowing infinity!

“Various” Adjectives


Crying celebrity babe and seductive ramp model mom,

Prying paparazzi journalists, almost their life-taking;

Ragging seniors, rampantly aggressive,

Pleading juniors, in a kingdom of oppressive,

Spoilt brat students, ever mischievous,

Detaining teachers, eagle-eyed and merciless;

Flirtaceous College minds, never into academics;

Boring instructors, ever detailing without audience;

Bragging neighbours, with their new found luxuries,

Still austere temple priest, sincerely chanting all hymns;

Nagging spouse, like irremovable grease,

Distant in-laws, arriving anytime for free advise;

Traitor sister, for lipsticks and accessories,

Boasting brother, of his countless girlfriends;

Complaining father, never giving solutions,

I am stuck with Mother, for she is dearer!

Only way to explain her, is Loving Ever!

Black hole and the soul theory


Pastel  ,vibrant, fluorescence

with all brilliance in a bingo ,

Partioned hues of flaring split colours

as in the pristine rainbow,

Heptachromacity  all fusing

in no meany  marshmellow mingle,

Wrinkling out the segmented provincial worries

into a fairy white single;

Ain’t  no god!  Let me just dwindle out

each vivid angel out of the white’s castle,

Oh Spicy Pringle! I am unabetadly caught

in a naughty noone  bland jungle,

Blinding beauty, mysterious binding bonds

sucking into a central whirlpool,

Experiencing the magical, like a

magnetic or gravitational quicksand,

Whatever it is, it’s the x-factor elusivity

behind life- sustaining witchcrafts,

Which  holds the long-probed eternality

of the severed universe and the solitary souls;

Bodily ceasing from momentary earthly existence  ,

and the dying visible horizon of the apparent universe,

Are like but hues of white soon realizing into the sublime truth,

all yelling and pulling us to take a final promising  black plunge ;

Oh Poets ! I now feel one among the intellect bald community,

Not one, but both of the physical and metaphysical fraternity!

Undercurrents of Fire

A fairy sleep caught me unaware in the odd hours of twilight,

with all the just bought festive ensembles gripping self intact  ,

galore in the dimness of severely meshed up mind’s darkness  ,

premiering into  a sort of first day-first show revelation regime,

rejuvenating all senses with inner realms of dreams supreme;

dreams intertwined with real life and near life  happenings ,

Is it a just a clueless dream or rather a clue to unseen life’s proceedings?


Pretty strange was this rare and random deep rest,

the sea of change captured with it ebbs  and crests ,

like a motion picture with nanographic  details abreast;

Bosom’s a big hearth burning with thousand watts raging fire,

the undercurrents of this  running deep, side and wide;

the fragile petals of  heavy eyelids in divinely closure,

its upper and lower, adamantly glued with lashes together,

never to blossom and burst ,upholding  the iris flower ,

the intensely  over-focussed and over flashed buds of eyeballs ,

salvaged with this perfect  shutdown ,resting from all its restless roll ;

Ironic  to this pleasure closure, was the raging pain in the firing hearth,

all sticking ardently and spreading from the walls of the cherry bosom;

the pain leaping in bounds and manifolds, never imagined dimensions to the fore;

all along to the  fallacy of the sleepless mind and the tired soul previous ,

your traces of presence  nulled  by your conspicuous absence

as you left me unattended ,unasked and  giving no prominence;

Now the deepening undercurrents digging out the remnant traces,

traces of miraculous minuscule scattered around everywhere ,

proclaiming unanimously and yelling out your roots  all here;


The olympiad fire now seems  inborn as it’s there while sleep and awake,

never to go until all your traces surfaced and resurfaced,

th e untraceable you now growing bigger than my world,

for just like a finger held before my mirroring eyeballs,

saliently covering  the whole world before me,

conveniently conquering my thoughts and beats too;

like a fish just out of water, caught between life and death,

both having its equal chances  of occurrence;

But the  fire so strong ,with  flares of sustenance;

no more end ,wilt and rot, all hymns  and chants of existence ;

No illusion or delusion, fire is always for sanctity and truth,

the undercurrents of fire will bring you from the lost state,

Wherever you are, I am no more untraceable to you,

I am no more unreachable to you, i am no more unreadable to you,

the fire of light will flash you all , now no more division;

unison of lights nonetheless  a distant horizon !