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Long Trick

What haughty air
You stoop a walk
by your subtle decay
O, the knightly crumpled man
Every yarn you weave
Cobbling together
the imperfections of your life
Ultimately –
by being born with milk breath
Toothless; you are
Rattled by death

All life’s long trick; rests
A quiet sleep and an infinite dream
Rovering around the hinterland


It never was
So scary, about
the darkness of the night –
The other day, when
all those hazy and translucent images, came
Birthing from nowhere with a howl –
morphing into each other
like an overlapping movie reel
Putting up a bizarre images, melting under its
Seemingly dark cry
A unicorn
of its non existent belief –

What relief I found
about the sludge
Wasting over my fearful face, as
All those nightly dreams
Went, vanishing away
An Excalibur shining –
The first ray of the morning sunshine

Cultural Zeitgeist

Much, that has been
of traditional values and conformities –
A deference towards authority:
The faith, and the faith bearer of yore –
Our golden time
Have taken a worn out look
in our rush
to bet with the running time

Peace have shed its skin, in
Temporal pause.
On all fronts
We peeve blood
out of our wounds
Chased our patience away to seven hills
Made a mockery of our faces –
Upping our angry beat

This, the Zeitgeist!