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Tongue of The Wisp

Swiftly like a tongue of the wisp
it rose from the upper land
crooning into my soft ears
Wisdom of the yore –
Not all that comes passing by
attend to your life
All that lay hidden from your empty tomb
Resurrect a claim
Treasure into thy golden land

Saying so
It sublimated into the air
The tellings of His being
Trailing a leftover –
The carcass and my bones


When all was
not it was, but
a past
You only, came
Driving my hearse –
Giving communion
to my spirited whole
Sans any bereavement, that
since uptil was
a flicker of my earthy life
Now, that
I have a truce with my understanding
I have shrugged off
all my reasons
to be with you
Sans any death, sans any act to call my own
But, to
Bequeath my breath onto you –
Time and space