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Cable for world peace

I drew a rope –
Cables for world peace
to let my thoughts, flow
The Statue of Liberty and The Statue of unity, and more of its similarity
like, what we sometimes see reciprocally
where avians sit
on a high tension wire –
carrying high voltage

what happened by chance –
The wings spread so wide
it touched
both the parallel wires –
Short circuit

Debris fallen down

All these brightly hued, pulpy
sweet smelling fruits
of your verdant tree, that
hung by your
golden branches
fall down
one day
one by one
on earth, or
in bunches
You will be left
with nothing, fruit-full;
to gain you respite
from an unquenchable hunger
A black sun will rise thither
from the darker world somewhere
to photosynthesize
the debris
fallen down

Curved space

Who sits here
by a larger mouth
whispering a song
into my deaf ears

I have shrugged off
all my relationship
that was called mine –
a broader space
tinted marine blue

My futility
won a greater reward
the moment I saw
an impact event
taking a crush on life

Who speaks there
fossilized in time and space
I have heard
the deaf taking a talk
by the curved space

Marble windowsill

A half crumpled leaf –
all lonely
blew to my glass window
from the utter darkness
of wet stormy night
and tried
settling her woes
sliding down
the marble windowsill

there was so much
painful bearance
beaming her countenance
pausing me a quest –
who took her life
that verdant night.

lightning strike the upper sky –
a tree shine in distance
nodding her bitterest say