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Distant voice

A small and distant voice
Wimpered by the little corner
Of an earthy space
Braving truculent night
Taking all the woe to itself
In an inglorious way

Stranded from the land of
Otherly abode
It never knew
How inhabitants of this earthy world
Communicate with each other
By the alphabetical order of vowels and consonants

A chariotter
Appeared from nowhere
Of the silent space
And took him mutely
Saddled on its back
Outer, and outer
Into the unknown
Sans any voice, or the languages
To call its own

Play an eternity

Come …
Come stealthily
Into the painful crevices
Of my wanton heart
Here, I am done away –
A war with myself

Play you by
The longest tune ever
To gauge me weightless
The soul of my bidden love
And keep me guessing –
The trudge of my worn-out feet

Come …
Come resurrected
On a heap of my pyre
Shrugging off my wrongful deeds
And play an eternity
Beyond the bounds of life and death

Hunch of Determination

He stood like a cactus
in an oasis of his dreams
Mirage it seemed
as and when he looked up
at the desert end

Whence his rosary
will be counted
he was bounded by his fate, and
Sand storm taking a plunge on him

He took a hunch
of determination
on his broad shoulders
pawing his feet, desert soft; unknown
as to why, he is fixing his gaze upward