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Volcanic Vengeance

Those words
that have fossilized itself
inside ignitious rocks
Will erupt one day
with a volcanic vengeance
Taking all that molten story of this earth
like an alien land, and
From its mouth, will
Create another world
to be read by its inhabitants
far clearly
Deciphering peace and tranquility –
Which was lacking previously
in that so called ‘human earth’

Way of the World

I was not familiar
with this co-walker on my morning walk
Who was striding slowly, barefoot
on a long two tiled bridge –
a road and the rail lines under it

But, his act of finishing his thoughts
and starting it again
drew me a little closer to him –
and I nearly paused my steps further
to listen to his less comprehensible sentences –
Meaningful et al

I knew
I was getting closer to him
by his truthful utterance –
as he was slicing it part by part
He was ragged, and grey of hair
Stinking badly, but
of a princely milieu

I took pause
Under His guidance
and thought about the way of the world –
Those who are self proclaimed rich, have little of their own
Those who are ragged, have all the wisdom to share


How will you play scythe
on my nascent thoughts
that is firmly rooted
into the wisdom of yore
Hidden under the
Millenium protective earth

What you have done till yet
by your ulterior motive, has been
a two edged sword, that
have cut your tongue out into the air
Bleeding reason with your choicest colour
Knowing not how many cemeteries you wore on yourself

Tongue of The Wisp

Swiftly like a tongue of the wisp
it rose from the upper land
crooning into my soft ears
Wisdom of the yore –
Not all that comes passing by
attend to your life
All that lay hidden from your empty tomb
Resurrect a claim
Treasure into thy golden land

Saying so
It sublimated into the air
The tellings of His being
Trailing a leftover –
The carcass and my bones