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Anaesthesiologist , practising since last 25 yrs in Mumbai and medico legal advisor MBBS DA LLM Postgraduate in Human Rights Postgraduate in Hospital management Founder President of NGO, Dombivli Women's Welfare Society and it's youth wing NayaSavera Published three books of poetry Columnist and writes on various topics like Stress Management Appointed by Times of India as Consultant for their NIE Newspaper In Education Program Recognised by Medical associations and Rotary Speaker and panelists on Tele media, print media and National and International conferences Taekwondo Red Belt

I Need To Forget

I need to forget myself ,
just ignore and let ‘Me’ vanish
my image my identity
my name and ‘Me’ ….
I am in search 
of something divine ,
calm and beautiful 
full of life ….
energy and peace
I do not know 
what it means ?
what am I looking for ,
solitude or company ?
confused , Am I ?
To find a way
I need to lose my ‘Self’ ,
it brings ego 
ego brings hurt 
hurt brings agony
all in tow ,
a basket full of sorrow ……
hence I start ,
in search of a state
no name no face
no life no trace , 
just peace around …..
world of glow
gallons will flow
mingle and dissolve 
this puzzle I solve ,
now I know
I need to melt
I need to forget ……
© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .ReplyForward

I Am The Ocean

The sea , sky , mountains
Creators muse
Me , just an excuse
for the universe to mock
Me , a tiny speck ….
a particle of sand
spread on beaches ….
or a drop in the ocean
with salt identity ,
taste of life …!
life of a speck
breathing in and breathing out ,
I boast , I rule , I govern !
I run , I turn , I churn !
Solar system I conquer….
yet I am a drop in the ocean !
Who punctures my ego
who ruins my spirit ?
I need to introspect
the soul of a speck….
I think , I ponder ,
I widen my vision ,
Do I see clear
Far and near
here and there
souls do I fear ?
Now I realise ,
I am the ocean
I am the soul
I am the universe !
though just a speck
am not a drop ,
am images cropped
of a vast canvas ,
we enmasse ….
I am the ocean
I am the soul
I am the universe….
© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

He said

” Be calm 
  Be peaceful
  Be aware “
He said to me ……
” Life is easy 
  Life is beautiful 
  Life is rich “
He said , ” believe me ” !
I was always on the edge
jittery tattery 
faltering and tripping
screaming and weeping 
” cool down ” he said
with a naughty smile 
sneaking out of his moustache 
spreading across his face
and comfort in his green eyes
I tried to adapt 
I tried to gather
I fell down and hurt ,
bruised knees
remind me of my tether ,
Better late than never
his peace caught on my soul 
his demeanour brushed on my whole 
now in control 
now nothing to troll
though balance and equations 
defying laws of physics 
Me with my ethics 
and He with his basics
” Be calm ,
  Be peaceful ,
  Be aware “
He said to me ! 
© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .



Whorls of smoke

whiffs of substance

hard spirits burning

down the gullet

for agonies of life 

to melt in …..

pain , distress , despair and hell ,

with every attempt 

in which you fail ,

Self esteem waning ,

failure gaining …..

to triumph over destiny

roll the dice and move ahead ,

a square at a time 

or lunge by six ,

just grab your peace ……

truce with destiny 

not grieve in pain ,

for missing the bus

might give you a flight….

so dont despair , 

drown and asphyxiate , 

in spirits and fear…….

Gift yourself a life

Self Regard and Worth ,

get rid of fags

and boozer tag , 

a sincere attempt 

to rise and shine 

not a case of smoke and mirrors thine …..

to obsure and embellish

stand firm and vow , 

to honour and bow

to your lungs and liver 

and brain , anyhow 

help thyself

before its late ,

when people around 

will assign it to fate ,

will call you a loser

destined to die ,

blame you for being enslaved

to kicks and high…….

Wake up my dear

its never too late ,

its not a point of no return yet…….

I wish you my life

my happiness my love , 

fear the depths 

of dark dreamy troves , 

they deceive they devour

steer away 

steer away , my dear !

© *Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved* 


Arrogance , pride and ungratefulness ,

crept in slowly in to every cell ,

always yelling , shouting and laughing ,

belittle others was a hobby tale……

selfish , miser and overcome by glory ,

purging praise and love for self ,

never realised that this could end 

a stroke of destiny , no one could help……..

now a loner yet praising himself ,

praying for success , bribing every deity ,

astrologers being tried and 

rituals followed , yet no sunshine

but ego , me and mine , all are fine…….

lessons not learnt , fading glory and fame ,

riches and jewels slipping away ,

now pleading and praying , 

desperately trying , 

to reset life , on tracks to fit ………

while he still feels , 

he is a jewel , rotting in hell , 

while he screams and yells 

God has his tale , a lesson to tell…….

© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved . e

Mute world


They were looking at each other
they always looked at each other !!!
their eyes face and hands
amazing language they had ,
they were together , hand in hand
in their mute world….
melancholy tunes , turning blue ,
colours of rainbow
splashing through ,
agitated discussions
opinions and arguments ,
so much chaos ,

yet silence prevailed
in their mute world……
strong and firm ,
ideas and vision ,
in tune with the world
imagination galore ,
war and peace
always within ,
in their mute world…….
yet determined to thrive ,
grow and strive ,
so what if no sound
no syllables found ,
They were looking at each other
they always looked at each other !!!

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)


I say ; this is my house ,
I say ; this is my car ,
I say ; this is my farm ,
and so much wide and far ……
I am a rich man !
my house painted in zinc
silver bronze and gold ,
every inch of my ceiling and
every inch of my wall ,
mysteries unfold , 
of exotic collections
of lamps and barks
antiques and jewellery
and stories untold !
I have earned a fortune
and want more money ,
for people to envy
my belongings so many !
my achievements multifarous
I certainly stand apart !
but I am not a snob
I mingle a lot …..
yet I love to cry foul
to save my gold pot ,
deep in my heart
I boast and am uncanny ,
as I count my earnings
in bills and penny ,
I met God one day
on my way to work ,
He asked me
what I value the most ?
what I would love to keep
and forgo the rest ?
I replied in haste ,
I want my villas
and cars and riches
name and fame
and golden beaches ,
He blessed me with all ,….
but took away my sleep ,
my peace and my health ,
all in one sweep ……!
He took all of it away ,
gifted it to a worthy
who had just a penny !
God had asked this mortal
who had just a penny ,
what does he value ?
and regrets , if any ?
he had replied ,
” I treasure the green grass
and clear blue sky ,
which make my bed post
beautiful and high ,
studded with stars
and round silver moon
the morning alarm
with heavenly tune ,
of chirping birds
and leaves pruned ,
beating heart
One with you !
as you are the conductor
you are the musician
you are the percussionist and
You are my obsession ! ”

(© Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)

Kids in shreds

Kids in Shreds

We were clicking
pics so many
whispering in ears
I love you honey …..
the google location
mattered more
so did the pout
and the hugs galore…..
when there was a black out
deafening blast ,
my men in shreds
all bloody red
roses for love
red hearts and doves
all silenced in a moment
humanity in despair !
My kids , though poor
are fearless sure
choosing to sacrifice
leisure and love
My kids ! my kids , on border
serving the nation
a bolt from dark skies
cannot be a deterrent
They screamed and cried ,
laying their brothers to rest…..
to wrap in the flags
nothing was left ,
they all were one
in life and death
I know not ,
where should I lay the wreath ?
life will go on
for me and you
just remember them
for moments few !
soon there will be
green grass and dew ,
where the kids lay
in shreds they blew ,
winds will blow
of agony and anger
over my nation
as emotions grow stronger ,
let every eye
have just one tear…..
for every mother
who gave her child
to the blazing border !

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)


Rope from the ceiling 
noose made perfect
a small table 
right underneath ,
syringes filled 
with killer potion
needles by the side
ready to pierce ,
Balcony wide open
no grill no glass
windy on top
dark clouds with floss ,
roaring sea 
rushing waves
with arms wide open
distant gaze ,
speeding train
clanking wheels
a free style jump 
or lying still ,
People were asking
Is he mad ? 
Is she insane ?
Stop him quick !
Hold her please !
He and She make the World 
He and She break the World…..
Is it so easy 
to take ones life ?
Who permits them ?
to torment …
to whisk out the soul 
which dwells within ,
such ungrateful hosts
cowards utmost ,
now wish to return…
but there is No Option 
To Undo and Restore ,
choking breath 
flooding lungs 
senses numb
soul squeezing out ,
all is lost 
in a single bout ……
madness infused
leading to death
so is that the great win 
having lost and run ?
pointing a gun
index on trigger ,
logic misfired
you are gone forever
so , is the problem solved ?
It multiplies further
hence ,  Stop ! My Dear !
Do Not Fear 
Run Back to Life
And Embrace Tight 
You Have To Fight !

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)

Balloon Seller’s Daughter

He was her father
he was her mother
he was destitute
but no one bothered ……
in reduced circumstances ,
he was raising her
and four others ,
clueless penniless
and tireless he was ,
yet not defeated ,
hope and perspiration
his nose to the grindstone
yet…fire in his stomach
air in his ware ,
colours on his strings
yet ends apart
he was selling balloons ,
she sprinting behind
holding the strings ,
happiness in air
air in her ware
smiling eyes
flaring nose
lips stretching
across her small face
smiles worth million dollars
frock in tatters
did it matter ?
she was rich
with happiness loads
filled in the balloons
though getting sold
to be replaced soon ,
he was her father
trading in happiness
cheer and glee ,
teaching her
not to fear ,
deal with hunger
filling air
gastric balloon
acid fire air
deal with it my dear …..
tender feet
trailing behind
balloons in hand ,
he was her father
now selling magic wands ….!!!
©Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .