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Anaesthesiologist , practising since last 30 yrs in Mumbai and medico legal advisor. Counsellor for Children at Puberty , Parenting , Stress Management , Motivation and Peace MBBS DA LLM Postgraduate in Human Rights Postgraduate in Hospital management Founder President of NGO, Dombivli Women's Welfare Society and it's youth wing NayaSavera Published three books of poetry Columnist and writes on various topics like Stress Management Appointed by Times of India as Consultant for their NIE Newspaper In Education Program Recognised by Medical associations and Rotary Speaker and panelists on Tele media, print media and National and International conferences Taekwondo Red Belt

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold
By Dr Swati A Gadgil

Heart keeps beating
Heart keeps pumping
we take it for granted
until we are dying,
ungrateful we are
selfish we are
abusing our systems
until dying we are,
World celebrates heart
A day meant for heart
364 days of abuse
miserable oh my heart,
cholesterols, good and bad
triglycerides, always bad
oils and sugars discussed
isn’t mental abuse even bad?
talk of stress
stress on peace
peace and smile
smile a mile,
miles of smiles
miles of health
tonnes of gratitude
tonnes of wealth,
heart is my pal
it loves ‘Love All’
care for it really
write on your wall…
“I shun inhibitions
I shoo deterrents
I love my heart
No place for irritants”,
just be strong
and true to yourself
you are not always wrong
don’t you bury yourself,
becoz heart keeps beating
and heart keeps pumping
I won’t take it for granted
and “you don’t take me for granted”,
I am surely not dying
fortunately though
I have a heart of gold
and will always glow…..
©Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

Lust to Dust

Some do not hesitate
to jump on the wagon
murky are their fingers
and heart of dragon…
they exploit women
unassuming and shy
and taint them forever
unabashed, why?…
they protect their own
family and clan
repute and Caplan
she nowhere in their plan…
except for their lust
sex, play and thirst
she has no face
no name no chaste…
they suck dry
guzzle their fry
enslaved to their whims
some women die…
robbed and raped
mangled and misplaced
unfortunate lives
trapped and trashed…
as some do not hesitate
to jump on the wagon
murky are their fingers
and heart of dragon
© Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved .

Opportunistic Parasites

Written by Dr Swati A Gadgil

When posed with a challenge
that seems enormous
will I be dauntless
or barefaced raucous,
Would I lean back
on a relation snapped
or pamper my ego
and remain capped,
being opportunistic
selfish and double faced
does it come so easy
to some, when drained,
piling on to friends
in hour of need
whom they had discarded
pulling out like weed,
such is the breed
to be wary of
who fleece you unconcealed
trust and faith tearing off,
never be misled
choose your friend
who walks with you
well until the end,
neither manipulative
nor judgemental
but accomodative
and regimental,
God bless me with wisdom
self respect and fear
fear of destiny and capitalism
and epiphytes far and near,
when posed with a challenge
and enormous it seems
let me remain impregnable
Haunted with dreams ….
dauntless with whims……
©Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

Ending His Life…

He wants to end his life
estranged from his wife
he feels lonely
he is melancholy,
Is it okay to have such thoughts?
just because sometimes they fought
like cats and dogs they tore
over issues not so hot,
bad dreams no sleep
only memories to keep
logic vanishing volatile
eyes sunken deep,
clueless as to what next
beating heart has no pretext
engulfing void, short of breath
life is now out of context,
he is depressed
he is obsessed
sore and helpless, surely
he must be possessed,
he is yearning
he is threatening
can someone help quick
as he is sinking…..
©Dr Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

She Was Ageing

She was ageing
in bones by grains
in mind by brain
in heart by rain ,
yes , raining emotions
flooding memories
each day of past
and worries of today ,
defying future
sorrow to reign
tears pooling
wrinkles breaking
forehead bearing
assault of fate ,
rough fingertips
rheumatic swelling
both knees bowing
swaying gait
her endless wait ,
there’s no happiness
gloom in her veins
shining blue
no tone in her frame ,
ask me why ? ask her why ?
her sons business
touching the sky
her only son
flying high ,
ohh …thats not the reason
for her melancholy sigh
her grief is deep
on her own trip ,
yearning for his love
she desires his attention
and now worried
about daughter-in-laws defection ,
would he know someday
she lived for him
she always loved him ,
will he feel the pain
when she rests in the coffin ……
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

My Piggy Bank

My Piggy bank of Happiness
Yes , my happiness is in bank !
in my small piggy bank
it is tall , it is fat
it is big , Aristocrat !
it is always around
easily found
if my heart is beautiful
receptive and abound ,
happiness is palpable
rolled in the carpet
tucked inside my blanket
warm in the kiss
planted on my forehead ,
happiness is ubiquitous
in the vase on my table
in the fascinating fable
in the cup cake I gobble ….
I look for it often ,
I am an Aurelian
Butterflies in my garden
resurrecting happiness
happiness is pardon
happiness is love
happiness is dove ,
coving the sky
hugging the ocean
yet fits in my piggy bank
as I have the right change
to have happiness in exchange
in My Small Piggy Bank !
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

Past In My Closet

My bunnies and barbies
my teddies and mickey
all in a closet
surely are whacky ….
they giggle and roll
the laughter bursts a hole
in the past that is gone
crawling in the cubbyhole ….
they are damp in corners
my tears they treasure
Oliver my cat , showing off
the tail I stitched on her ….
it was a bad fight
between Oliver and Dodger
when Dodger pulled out her tail
you understand , it was my brother ….
Oliver and Dodger
or me and my brother
it was kick and box
but love forever …..
his set of felines
my family of dolls
all huddled together
emotions snowball ….
as time flies fast
but impressions last
shadows growing tall
in my closet with the past ….
my beautiful past
my furry past
soft and cozy
my cuddly past …..
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

Friendship Chemical

Friend in need , is a friend indeed !
Rest are opportunists
Just an obligation
Just a mist !
Learn to make friends
Learn to keep friends
Learn to know friends
Learn to earn friends !
Am I truly loved
or Am I Always Judged
Am I truly Supported
or often Deserted ?
Questions too many
Do Ask and Never Mind
but Remember Always
to be Loving and Kind ,
As You are not perfect
and Nobody is so
no one can predict
what actions will sow ,
If someone claims
to be a true friend
there sure would be times
to test and mend ,
Blessed are those
with friends not biased
no Justifications asked
no Judgements passed ,
Those who come
and those who stay
no questions asked
but always pray ,
for your Happiness and Health
are Immeasurable Wealth
Thus I am the Richest
with You Me and Ourself !
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .


What’s it like
to be a mother
do you know?
how soft it is
how deep it is
how swell it is
how warm it is ….
do you know
where the heart beats
at six weeks in the womb ?
do you know
when it kicks
she cries , in happiness ,
the world is within her
at the tiny feet ,
rolling and cuddling
holding on to the cord ,
but soon it is brutally cut
only to release
the bundle to her bosom
her life blossoms ,
she is now the best human
only next to the creator
she is now elevated
she is just a wavelength
which can read eyes
which can measure breath
which can tread in to gait
of the stumbling crawling feet
and soon to release
the empowered wings ,
she can feel
through miles of sea and land
her prayers always
answered by the Supreme ,
lest He knows
its tough to win
as this woman is now a mutant
she is a Mother
she is a Super Power …….
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

Object of Desire

I am no object of desire
No obligation
No compulsion
No moment to spare
Its my life , my way
my mind free to sway
with the winds of time
with the melodious chime
or will lie low
listless and blow
with the dried leaves of autumn
or light up and glow
from top to bottom
with the tenders of spring
and Church bells ring
why should you question
to hurt my esteem
I am a free soul
reflecting my dreams
flowing down the streams
or drying up parched ,
My soul , My body
and why should somebody
expect the time to stand
still in the barn
frozen in the puddle
my cottage muddled
though surrounded by greens
will crumble for sure
and certainly disappear
yet my soul is too beautiful
in mirror to appear ……
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .