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Suzette Portes SanJosee is a Filipina, 62 yrs old, a widow and a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She is Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of San Carlos. She has been through her studies from being a University Scholar. She is not a literary achiever like other poets but born with her passion for writing and living in her arts. She started to write online, the year 2013. Her poetry brings about her life's journey in her pains, frustrations, betrayals and somehow a joy that found its way to her existence. An international contributor of poetry and arts... have contributed to 10 books since 2015 and 2017... and a book cover artist of 2 books for a moment. Done every poem with a painting for visuals. Doing her painting on canvas with acrylic and oil paint. also using acid-free paper for watercolor and poster paints. She also an admin to poetry groups on FB... Heart and Soul poetry USA, The Challenge USA, Feelings International Artist USA, Mohinderdeep Grewal Poetry corner Canada, Hiraya International Philippines. At her age, she had found the fulfillment of her dreams and passion and would rather choose to venture for more success in arts and literary works. She wants to convey these words, " INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"

In God I Trust

in God, I trust and forever be
…for in thine eyes,
the goodness he will see
…let his spirit in my soul to dwell
…for all the pains thus bade farewell

it’s you my lord, a hand to hold
a grip so tight, it’s you I behold
this soul of mortality
seeks your love and serenity

I keep myself in solitude
with all my pains, yet in gratitude
when I give you all my trust
I offer my life ashes and dust

in your presence of immortality
I gave myself in your loves infinity
your truth I preserve and comprehend
in every imperfection, I don’t pretend

I trust you lord with all your wisdom
I beg for shelter in your kingdom
my lord accept my humble soul
I am me, my life for you to control

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Whispering Goodbyes

softly my heart shout out to bid goodbyes
whisperings echoes from within that never lies
kissed all that has been and leave them behind
then walk away with eyes that seem so blind
what comes ahead are an unknown riddle
under the misty willows like spirits that meddle
upon my weary body, this heart, and soul feeble
all of life is a card laid down in one great gamble
the earthen ground holds my feet still and steady
while the calling of the wind whistles a mellow melody
the whispering sound that sinks deep into my bones
hailed my inner voice in the silent wailing tones
the miseries i live long that i wanted to just slip away
like a fool lost in my own self to run far and astray
but the truth that i hold in my thoughts i couldn’t betray
the desires that i longed dwelt with me shall always stay
for life and through the years within my inner self hiding
a shadow cloaked with darkness silently creeping
out in the whirlpool of time to stay far apart and yonder
in the wilderness of deafening echoes mind ever ponder
with thoughts deep as the ocean in a thousand miles
heart drifting and flowing in the hues of sweet smiles
a taste of honey in petals of dewdrops moistened mist
the lasting sweet refrain from the cloistered inner beast
gambled and gain the burden of sorrow, i raised to surrender
shout out the pain, softly whispering goodbyes in prayer
my heart and my soul, I leave in your hands, be my keeper
from the silent chamber, was a thunder roaring more louder
hush, i say to the beating of my heart that goes fonder
let us bid goodbye from this world but not forever
for one day soon there will be another time to be together
the world where we will be born again and live forever
for when we will meet again and utter our sweet hello
will hold you close to breathe your air that i wouldn’t let go
this time i conceal everything in you within my heart
to live again and once more make our very own start.


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sun setting in a fiery sky
across where the eagle fly
as white clouds no longer high

…….sunset shall await
………..rising suns destined fate

when the day had come and done
silently the ripples and waves have gone
as horizon kept a distance with the glooming sun

………sunset shall sleep
………….rising sun slumbered deep

slowly the sky meets the sea without an end
far beyond where nothing ever transcend
and everything in darkness shall blend

……….sunset stays a haven
…………..rising sun comes to awaken

let the sun, set as it will always rise
waves be rushing yet not suffice
the sky brightly stays and lies


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A Night of Blue

when everything begins and ends with a lost love
what is there more in life to live and to have
………….could it be pain?
………………a heart holds in vain

words couldn’t flow as you stay steadfast with time
mystified as thoughts riddled and run out of rhyme
…………..could i be lost?
……………..existing like a ghost

a rhythm in every beat of my heart in melody and tune
Unheard, unseen upon the skies of the brightened moon
…………… could it be life to remain?
………………..only to its sad refrain

a love lost that can never be found in a thousand miles
awaits in a dream with lips on ways of a million smiles
………………could it be a wish come true?
……………………..Or just another night of blue

IN ACRYLIC PAINTING by suzette portes san jose

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HOPE…used and misunderstood? or just out of reality
others consider them as a state of mind unexpressed
a set back from the pain that is in search of a way out
or just a feeling that is in severe longing…

HOPE…a wish-deprived of truth? or just being unknown
others consider it fulfillment yet undone and unseen
behind the unconsciousness of the mind, it lies
or just at its rest, motionless there waiting

HOPE…can be a dream in a fatality? or just out of the possibility
others consider them as what minds reap in thoughts
a memory left untouched by a conviction of consciousness
or just a mere perception of one’s own expectations

HOPE…is never fully understood yet loved by all
others clenched tight on it and never let go
to whatever tomorrow will be, their heart keeps holding on
or seeing them as the only reason to live by life

this is HOPE to whatever it brings to a soul
to whatever it brings to everyone’s heart
it makes them believe…it makes them live

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I Think of You

i think of you …
… like a lone flower white and pure
……braced by the light rays so secure
………adoring only on my sight, to allure

i think of you…
… clinging to a branch of joy in miracles of hope
……upon the space of time, as we stood and grope
……..holding you tight though i’m a breaking rope

i think of you…
… as the pure divine soul over my head
…….listening to every hearts word that i have said
……….over the pages of my life as you have read

i think of you…
…over and over, time and again as always
……in my thought each day on my own precious ways
………be loving you with one pure love all my days


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Beauty is

the hidden desires, of passion, be
the beauty that eyes can see

holding each other tight
…into the arms of sweet embrace
…upon the tender lips caress

heavens are down,
…with the angels hark
with nights for long,
…in nightingales lark

to share our dream of love divine
a flaming warmth of hope that shine

holding each other tight
…your kiss on its deepest
…lying head on my chest

the beauty is you and me
…finding each other
…holding on whenever
…and unto forever

acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

The Silent Lullaby

the beauty of the song no one can hear
the rhythm of loves sweet melody so dear
the song sang in a silent lullaby ever rare
as rhymes flow like waters deep and clear

let the heart that’s long been drowned in tears
withstand the ghastly roaring thunder of fears
never shivering knees to buckle in struggles
standing strong to walk with living puzzles

around we go in a destined journey without end
with bruises and wounds, only time can mend
burdened sorrows, prayer to heaven shall send
head bowed humbly in shuddered knees to bend

the howling in the darkened night stunting the moon
to rise and shine along the shore of the living dune
the whirling winds keep on and on with dust of time
a mirror of the universe in sparkling stars that mime

the speck of dust that made a being whole again
a heart within that meddle with torment and pain
in this imperfect world, forbidden soul shall remain
beholding the chant of silent lullaby in a sad refrain

upon my feet, before this body laid on the ground
may the earthen glory of a silent song be found
to sing for just even once, the song of silent sound
beneath the unseen shadow entwined and bound

soon time that angels shall kinder a heavenly light
to warm my heart and soul with magnificent delight
the unmeasured and the unconditional love in sight
visions the glorious mystical divinity of Gods’ might

if i shall let thine eyes fall asleep in deep slumber
the silent lullaby be sent in my hearts chamber
my blood in my veins to flow and so remember
that my song will forever be in silence to ponder

upon the shimmering ripples of every waters flow
when the breeze of the cold wind felt in its blow
look at me in the skies with all glitters and glow
hear the rhythms of my angels’ song softly and slow

n acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

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