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Suzette Portes SanJosee is a Filipina, 62 yrs old, a widow and a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She is Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of San Carlos. She has been through her studies from being a University Scholar. She is not a literary achiever like other poets but born with her passion for writing and living in her arts. She started to write online, the year 2013. Her poetry brings about her life's journey in her pains, frustrations, betrayals and somehow a joy that found its way to her existence. An international contributor of poetry and arts... have contributed to 10 books since 2015 and 2017... and a book cover artist of 2 books for a moment. Done every poem with a painting for visuals. Doing her painting on canvas with acrylic and oil paint. also using acid-free paper for watercolor and poster paints. She also an admin to poetry groups on FB... Heart and Soul poetry USA, The Challenge USA, Feelings International Artist USA, Mohinderdeep Grewal Poetry corner Canada, Hiraya International Philippines. At her age, she had found the fulfillment of her dreams and passion and would rather choose to venture for more success in arts and literary works. She wants to convey these words, " INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"

The Vow…A Promise

the virtue of heart. mind, body, and soul combined
holding on to forever leaving the pain of past behind
the joy of sharing the passion of life to live today
from within a promise that would never fade away

we took the chance in minutes and time together
contemplate the destiny that brings all the wonder
in every smile on the lips as the soul winks a second
felt the warmth of an embrace just holding your hand

all through the years a vow…a promise we will give
for the love to be there with us for as long as we live
with the heart to understand and always will forgive
whatever it may cost we will stand and shall never leave

let us hold the vow…a promise till our last breath
till time with us shall forever fail to lay on life finding death
as the earthen glory never exists in the world of immortality
but love can always be through space and times infinity

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Spring in Wings

with an open arm, like wings soaring upon the sky
clothed with warmth within from the shining sun
beneath the wings, winds among the flowers bloom
as clouds adored the beauty from heavens high
rendezvous remembered when spring is gone
spring in wings embracing the earthen bosom

let the moistened ground bring forth a new life
from the winter’s cold unfreezing tow away the grief
melting tears of snow flown into deep ripples rife
drowned, slipping through thoughts and sighs of disbelief
beholding on to sight the new horizon far beyond
destined journey among flowers and rainbows so grand

over the mountains on the ranges of flowery fields
hovering, wings swiftly cover the praiseworthy view
playfully gliding through the petals velvety dew 
the bounty of spring fragrance as gathered and yields
commune the glory of life in a joyous shower it brings
unto eternal creation in the certainty of spring in wings

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Incantation of the Heart

whispers from what heart holds within
shaken the soul, body cold quivering

catching breath as lips in a grin
let the shadows free and lingering

words shatter the soft blowing wind
splintered tears in bits of tinned

it pains, it bleeds to find its end
gasping and groping trying to mend

bewitching each moment spared
into your heart from eyes that stared

whisperings incessantly roaring
from the cold breeze as wind blowing

freezing the skin, stiffening each vein
the warmth of blood starting to drain

the body and spirit grow weary and faint
sought the strength within so quaint

deep enchantment where love be found
hunted from incantation, a heart is bound

Rainbows End


tears from heaven, in drizzles, were send
upon the clouds, among the rainbows end
floating soul-soaked, dripping, and wet
under the rain standing still with a mindset

to walk across the storm in gusty wind
in barefoot with all the bloody mud stained
in broken wings flew to where clouds may go
swiftly and all along… did blindly follow

drenching from the pouring rain that never stops
lost thyself and lost a heart, the weary body drops
a pleading heartbeat cried like a roaring thunder
visions and thoughts wander to seek and ponder

through bright lightning that strikes, a way was found
pavement where soul silently creep, without a sound
wished to find strength and the chance to stand tall
body weakened on buckled knees shall never fall

all through, upon the rainbow’s end, I sought
the pain of joy found on a pot of gold it brought
beholding the soul dripping, drenching, stern and still
on dark clouds of stormy rain, a heart learns to heal.

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The Deafening Echoes

from far beyond that limits the very sight
a new horizon awaits with a glow so bright
as the sea slowly changes from blue to yellow
a sigh from the heart that longed for tomorrow

keeps the beating in the rhythm of the waves rushing
let the ripples of the water tune a haunting melody
from the deepest deep, deafening echoes wailing
mourning an emptiness of darkened melancholy

like a floating wreath tossed from the ocean’s depth
in the delusion of a sirens song seeking for death
allured a soul into the ravenous mouth of wrath
vanished to linger forever more in an unending path

the world stood still as the time awaits to go and linger
every step into the unwinding road on destiny’s forever
printed the sand to mark the journey of the unseen
without the shadow from behind an echoes forgotten

remnants of the broken past are all that was to remain
the vanishing visions of thoughts, saving its domain
in fragments and pieces, all scattered and blown away
leaving behind the perfumed dust of memories to stay

the misty coldness now starts chilling the softened skin
penetrating deep into the flesh freezing the blood vein
feel the gusty wind that withholds the passing of time
in whispers of deafening echoes on a mellow chime

ripples from the waves upon the shore creeping slow
on the pearly sand finding the shore in restless flow
the waters that shiver from every wave crashing
like tears from tormenting pain, a heart is bleeding

now the darkened dusk hover the ocean floor
a prison cell in a dark room without an open door
in long night that awaits the glowing ray of dawn
eyes never sleep nor the waves ever drawn

till the open arms of the horizon are spread once more
gather the cold winds and the waves as it did before
out from darkness into the brightness of the earthy glow
the silent sigh of deafening echoes still prevail to bestow

illustrated in acrylic painting on canvasImage may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

The Waiting


from time unknown stood still and waiting
cast the shadows of the past in hearts longing
for the glorious joy of life… comes hoping
one day soon at the rainbow’s end be reaching
a love divine that captured a soul-searching

let go once more from the world bewildered
seeking the immortality of true virtue rendered
from the visions unseen behind reality gathered
a soul with an empty look on their eyes stared
into nothingness… into darkness lost and scared

just being there waiting for a snap of kindled glow
to lighten up the very sight of a certainty blow
of mystic dreams with faith in each day to flow
into every moment of time, a touch of hope to grow
from within the core of the heart a seed to sow

laid on the footsteps of the pathway unforsaken
beholds the color of the rainbow’s end untrodden
into the stillness of time whirling and stayed woven
waiting for a chance reborn into the worlds earthen
counted among the hues of life’s passion forgotten

like the rain from the summer sun, remains a miracle
maybe a hasten journey on the rocky road to tackle
be it the flight over the mountain range to battle
fathoming mortality gambled and struggled
in victory waiting till weakening knees buckledImage may contain: flower and outdoor

A Certain Glow


along with every step of our journey in life,
we pick every bits and piece of treasured moments…
kept and stored within the deepest part of our heart
every now and then we look back with a certain glow,
a certain smile on our lips and a sparkle in our eyes

our existence is never a bed of roses in a velvety petal
there were thorns that can make us bleed and feel pain
nor would it be a calming sea to enjoy the windy breeze
waves could come rushing into the shore and whimpering
none can tell the tales of burdens that life can tag along

so we walk on and garner those scattered pieces of joy
go ahead onward to that destined shore of new hope
from a glimpse of the light that cast our shadows behind
with our footsteps as we flap our wings to soon leave
and meet the foremost horizon that awaits the dawning

finding that certain glow fulfilling the dreams we hold on
from the mysteries of life into the mystic enchantments
where the rainbow’s end be found with lights and colors
that overcast on the blues and the blackness of the dark
so the silent whispers of the heart are heard once again

let the melody of the sirens song allured not of death
but instill life anew, on a newborn majestic glow of morn
upon this rock on the pearly shore, our voice shall rise
to tell the world the tales of our life from gloom to bloom
let there be the mirth in every corner with a certain glowNo automatic alt text available.

Just As The Water Falls


when the world weeps, tears are gathered
into the clouds, are moistly clustered
too heavy to keep, the sky does whine
on thirsty ground, heavens divine
drops showering, from leaves unto waters to lay

along with current comes rushing
among the rocks gone crushing
it whispers.. murmurs… and moaning
in search of stillness…in fear…gnawing
striking ray on the ripples…glowing… flowing

goes on… wandering through, to the far end
looks on heaven… was a sigh, to send
a heartthrob for a long water fall
dripping through to a waiting stall
from wailing tears, drops of water that fall

amidst and among the waters deep
awakens the soul that’s long been at sleep
in silence with no ripples ever heard
deafened with only eyes that stared
only to the echoes of the wind be shared

stunted waters down from a reef
holds the surging stillness in disbelief
from the crushing roar of the waters that fall
time ticks for every drop like tears rolling
so does life, with heart and soul, still standing

an acrylic on canvas by suzette portes asn joseImage may contain: outdoor


the reality of a dream that holds in your sleep
the wonders that a wandering heart can keep

from the slightest flight of wings in the night
found a resting place to wait for a new days light

where flowers bloom in scents and fragrance
as the hues of life glow through in a far distance

with rainbows bridging the earth and the skies
so as our time that comes and goes swift as it flies

so live today with borrowed smiles and sorrows
for nothing in this world would stay on our tomorrows

forever won’t be here to cling on for dreams of glory
nor does our body that soon feels weak and weary

let us be here and create a paradise to call our own
with birds singing a melody soft as the air blown

touching every flower kissing the morning dew
whispering a promise that brings a hope a new

let your spirit afloat in delights of life’s splendor
and swill the sweetest wine of paradise to savor


Image may contain: birdin acrylic painting on 18×20 canvas by suzette portes san jose



underneath the ocean floor
a beauty never is seen before
a paradise beneath the blue
such wonder only earth knew

a glorious treasure the ocean hold
even more than just a pot of gold
in an embrace with its magic behold
the heritage of ancient myth untold

mother pearl in brilliant fame;
colorful fishes play a game
along with seductive coral reef
watchful tortoise floating in relief

the ocean stood still and sound
majestic depth worth to be crowned
fascinating sights for us to see
ahh ..,let the spirits devoured in glee

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