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Suzette Portes SanJosee is a Filipina, 62 yrs old, a widow and a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She is Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of San Carlos. She has been through her studies from being a University Scholar. She is not a literary achiever like other poets but born with her passion for writing and living in her arts. She started to write online, the year 2013. Her poetry brings about her life's journey in her pains, frustrations, betrayals and somehow a joy that found its way to her existence. An international contributor of poetry and arts... have contributed to 10 books since 2015 and 2017... and a book cover artist of 2 books for a moment. Done every poem with a painting for visuals. Doing her painting on canvas with acrylic and oil paint. also using acid-free paper for watercolor and poster paints. She also an admin to poetry groups on FB... Heart and Soul poetry USA, The Challenge USA, Feelings International Artist USA, Mohinderdeep Grewal Poetry corner Canada, Hiraya International Philippines. At her age, she had found the fulfillment of her dreams and passion and would rather choose to venture for more success in arts and literary works. She wants to convey these words, " INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"

Dying Ember

the glorious mortality that defies forever
a promise that discerns the word of never
as beauty ends from the eyes of the beholder
hues are hidden behind the shadows of wonder

this is the wistful remnants of yesterdays glory
now belongs to the telltales of folklore story
all that cast from the pedestal of a memory
in mournful remains in the broken lands revelry

but time and again in creation, nothing can end
high trees have been told, they shall never bend
until the world’s rebirth shall start to live again
exist in faith and hope as world start to rebuild

one day soon in time this slivered land will heal
from the dying ember, the warmth shall prevail
as the sun and moon, in their rejoicing ordeal
spread the wonders and beauty of a world so real

in watercolor painting by suzette portes san jose

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Rainy Nightfall

pitter-patter the deafening roaring sound
quenching the lips of the thirsty ground

upon the bosom of the ravaging land
earthen cravings in pleasance so grand

rainy nightfall sings a sweet lullaby
in a rhythm of melodies from angels high

the song sang in sweet melody and tune
in winds harmony underneath the moon

every drop of rain a cold touch of heart
whisperings of love will always be a part

the light that will be there kindling a spark
from the rainy nightfalls of moonless dark

upon the window pane a blossom of delight
the beauty that glares in a single candlelight

wet velvety petals that kiss the candle glow
in tender caress from the winds gusty blow

sun may share the blessings from high above
from haze of rainy nightfall in dewdrops of love


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Rain on my Soul

dragging each step, and walked away…
without looking back, the heart did stay

heavy as the dark clouds in the sky
bereavement within, nothing can deny

tears start to fall… like rain on my soul
melting in pieces, never again be whole

beacon the day of joys and smiles
now shadowed with distance in miles

emptiness swallowed into darkened deep
a lonesome dream in a long night sleep

in the stillness of shivering coldness
wanting the warm embrace of tenderness

the rain never ends…never stops falling
days with tears behind smiles pretending

wished my steps back, have you again
nailed on the ground i feared the pain

rain on my soul…i am soaked, drenching
in the coldness, i will just be here waiting.


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How can you hurt me this way?

i hold you close within my arms embrace
holding you tight so you won’t slip away
believing you to be my only solace
as i dream life drifting along in a long way

the trodden path that i walk with my fears
are the steps in barefoot of flooded tears
the thorns that hurt me are in my heart
when it will end and have nowhere to start

i am hurt the way that i have never been
blindly converge my thoughts of what is seen
my heart keeps pondering and beating fast
never will i know how this ends for life to last

how soon promises are made to be broken
leaving me in the world with a heart forsaken
shall go and play on the stage of hope and faith
till time ticks around into the phase of its death

tell me please, how can you hurt me this way?
when all you ever knew is wanting you to stay
as my world would stumble upon your feet
i raise my sword only to conquer my own defeat


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Truth in his Words

i wouldn’t live to see the day
words uttered in trembling lips
in shivering and cold hands
teardrops flow from his eyes

happy anniversary, he whispered
wanting to embed a smile in his face
but pain within wouldn’t let him
i kissed him wiped his tears away

it was the day before his death
and two days before our anniversary
he knows then he will not be there
a dying man’s heart with dying words

i lay my head on his chest,
listen to the weakening heartbeats
i wrapped him in my arms embrace
i know and feel the truth in his words

he said sorry for the things he had done
the thorns that were buried deep in me
he said sorry for the things he could have
the best as a father, a husband, and a son

i held his face straight up to look at me
bear the look of his deepening faint eyes
“you are the best in your own ways”
i touch his lips with a kiss of forever..


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i longed for the day i know will never come
have you at my side with your body so warm
in my waiting arms to have you in my embrace
as i touch every inch of wrinkles in your face

so close to breathe your every breath, i take
the air that brings life a glow to my very soul
as i let my heart beats the flow of love forsake
i have the part of you within my deepest it role

in each day it’s your image i keep in my longings
to hold you tight and fill in my hearts’ yearnings
the finger touch that you run through my hair
felt so sweet and tender and is without compare

in our heyday as the twilight time seen coming
the coldness of the nearing darkness now blowing
all our days seem like the rainbows in the sky
they appear in full beauty but only to pass us by


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The Living Lies

the world of make-believe
was an ecstasy of love to live

with dreams shattered forever
in broken promises that linger

words so sweet and so tender
with love, we could not surrender

yet the truth behind is in silence
a word uttered makes no difference

you are the living lie that lies herein
between the heart and the soul within

to fool the thoughts without an end
with all the sweet love to send

but like the sound of a song in the air
one day it will not be there to hear

gone along with the wind of gust
blown away like a golden dust

priced preciously with time unfold
with all the stories of love left untold


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it is a speck of spark in the darkened part within you
that gives a slight glow in your mind, on your thoughts
broaden the glimpse of visions of your inner passion
builds reality of your imagination into a life’s dream

goes to explore your whole being finding the wonders
the mystery that brought out the existence of its hue
kaleidoscope rainbows unseen that only a heart knew
as the rhythmic beating echoes in every inch of you

from that certain spark, that glow was the hidden flame
that warmth your body like towing you from a deep freeze
smoothing your skin from the blistering of the winter snow
as the heat turns back color and softness on sweetest lips

the brightness that languors in your illusion and delusion
blinded you to claim its true meaning other than desires
only words beneath the unknown can spill the sincerity
of one heart to another heart…of one soul to another soul

it’s the incessant flow of warmth that comforts the whole you
from a strong grip in your hand that leads you on a step
farther more towards the light of the whirling time of forever
to share the new world of tomorrow in a new life…of love



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There is Tomorrow

i watched the sun going down at twilight
the color deeming slowly out of my sight
darkness hovering skies in a silent night
with passing hours waiting for sunlight

…………….there is tomorrow
………………….bare no sorrow

i felt the wind touching my skin…so cold
wrapping the heart and soul that i behold
with this journey of life to tell and be told
in riddles and puzzles in a hundredfold

…………….. there is tomorrow
……………………to spare and borrow

eyes may fall in slumber for thousands of day
frozen amidst the blooming sunflowers to stay
towing the tears as the morning dewdrops lay
on velvety soft petals under the suns colorful ray

…………….. there is tomorrow
……………………… without a hollow

awakened in a morning of fulfilling brightness
smiles reborn without the blues of lonesomeness
dares another day to trail once more in the vastness
the trodden and the untrodden in life’s wilderness


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The Shadows of the Mind

in the dark black hole within that cloaked a shadow
beneath every conceiving thoughts a burdened hollow
have imprisoned the heart behind the bars of sorrow
that defies to kindle a lasting light to last a long tomorrow
the glitch of joy that once belongs in the essence of living
exist in places unseen, unheard where the shadow is hiding
silenced the soul within, locked the body in all its longing
underneath in single thoughts, a tear fell from an angel crying
the mystery in life’s journey in the pathway of a jigsaw puzzle
hovered with dark clouds as heavenly tears came to drizzle
reminiscing the past when life was once, only a simple dazzle
rekindling moments in the shadows of the mind in a fizzle
languor in the passing of time in cycles on sights bewildered
never-ending thoughts rewinding the longings and wandered
into the vastness of nowhere in silence, no words uttered
ceaseless mourning of the angel’s heart, heavenly favored
the cloudy sky remains above the misty road far ahead
to where the destined soul trails away as to heydays forbid
letting go the glories anchored for the longest time, now to bid
waved the last goodbye from all whisperings of ‘hellos” said
the wailing of the hearts that feeds the darkness to behold
as the unspoken whispers remain to be a mystery untold
silently on the gusty whirlwind of the mind was sadness unfold
embracing the breeze of the worldly passion freezing and cold
without refrain, molding the uncertainties into figures unknown
in visions and imaginations comes and goes swiftly as blown
away from the shadow that grips on tightly as fears grown
but tears wash away the miseries in rushing ripples flown
only the remnants of the old memories treasured through time
each day glows with the sun and listens to the pitch of chime
as mind is tingling with wonders on thoughts of love sublime
unveiling the truth behind the cloaked shadows for a lifetime
let the moon and the stars shine in the darkness of the sky
to brighten faith and hope in every corner of the angels’ sigh
a shadows reborn in spirit to dwell once more in heavens high
keep the smile on thy lips that whispers a promise never cry


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