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Suzette Portes SanJosee is a Filipina, 62 yrs old, a widow and a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She is Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of San Carlos. She has been through her studies from being a University Scholar. She is not a literary achiever like other poets but born with her passion for writing and living in her arts. She started to write online, the year 2013. Her poetry brings about her life's journey in her pains, frustrations, betrayals and somehow a joy that found its way to her existence. An international contributor of poetry and arts... have contributed to 10 books since 2015 and 2017... and a book cover artist of 2 books for a moment. Done every poem with a painting for visuals. Doing her painting on canvas with acrylic and oil paint. also using acid-free paper for watercolor and poster paints. She also an admin to poetry groups on FB... Heart and Soul poetry USA, The Challenge USA, Feelings International Artist USA, Mohinderdeep Grewal Poetry corner Canada, Hiraya International Philippines. At her age, she had found the fulfillment of her dreams and passion and would rather choose to venture for more success in arts and literary works. She wants to convey these words, " INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"

Beauty is

the hidden desires, of passion, be
the beauty that eyes can see

holding each other tight
…into the arms of sweet embrace
…upon the tender lips caress

heavens are down,
…with the angels hark
with nights for long,
…in nightingales lark

to share our dream of love divine
a flaming warmth of hope that shine

holding each other tight
…your kiss on its deepest
…lying head on my chest

the beauty is you and me
…finding each other
…holding on whenever
…and unto forever

acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

The Silent Lullaby

the beauty of the song no one can hear
the rhythm of loves sweet melody so dear
the song sang in a silent lullaby ever rare
as rhymes flow like waters deep and clear

let the heart that’s long been drowned in tears
withstand the ghastly roaring thunder of fears
never shivering knees to buckle in struggles
standing strong to walk with living puzzles

around we go in a destined journey without end
with bruises and wounds, only time can mend
burdened sorrows, prayer to heaven shall send
head bowed humbly in shuddered knees to bend

the howling in the darkened night stunting the moon
to rise and shine along the shore of the living dune
the whirling winds keep on and on with dust of time
a mirror of the universe in sparkling stars that mime

the speck of dust that made a being whole again
a heart within that meddle with torment and pain
in this imperfect world, forbidden soul shall remain
beholding the chant of silent lullaby in a sad refrain

upon my feet, before this body laid on the ground
may the earthen glory of a silent song be found
to sing for just even once, the song of silent sound
beneath the unseen shadow entwined and bound

soon time that angels shall kinder a heavenly light
to warm my heart and soul with magnificent delight
the unmeasured and the unconditional love in sight
visions the glorious mystical divinity of Gods’ might

if i shall let thine eyes fall asleep in deep slumber
the silent lullaby be sent in my hearts chamber
my blood in my veins to flow and so remember
that my song will forever be in silence to ponder

upon the shimmering ripples of every waters flow
when the breeze of the cold wind felt in its blow
look at me in the skies with all glitters and glow
hear the rhythms of my angels’ song softly and slow

n acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

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How can you hurt me this way?

i hold you close within my arms embrace
holding you tight so you won’t slip away
believing you to be my only solace
as i dream life drifting along in a long way

the trodden path that i walk with my fears
are the steps in barefoot of flooded tears
the thorns that hurt me are in my heart
when it will end and have nowhere to start

i am hurt the way that i have never been
blindly converge my thoughts of what is seen
my heart keeps pondering and beating fast
never will i know how this ends for life to last

how soon promises are made to be broken
leaving me in the world with a heart forsaken
shall go and play on the stage of hope and faith
till time ticks around into the phase of its death

tell me please, how can you hurt me this way?
when all you ever knew is wanting you to stay
as my world would stumble upon your feet
i raise my sword only to conquer my own defeat

Jan 4, 2020

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the insights of life that vision the apprehensions
the thorn that brings you in the depth of emotions

the voice within that commends you to slip away
like the setting sun that refuses to brighten my day

the flower blooms with fragrance and beauty
with budding hopes that give life a full bounty

so soon would wither with petals on the ground
crumpled to dust and no traces were ever found

like the sun that gloriously shines each morning
are the shades that bring darkness in my evening

’twas the borrowed moment treasured in my heart
knowing that someday you will leave and depart

everything we kept through the years will change
and the looks in each eye will soon be strange

and as the hands of the clock go round in a circle
when my hair turns gray and my knees will buckle

i will have you near as my thoughts shall forever linger
changes will keep changing but yet, i have you dearer

IN ACRYLIC ON CANVAS by suzette portes san kose

Image may contain: flower and plant

The Lingering Pain Of Silence

speak not, for my tongue is numbed with lips that are closed
my words in my throat, holding back a breath indisposed
thoughts pondering, finding lost words to shout my pains
only the dust of time from the past left a choice without refrains
whirling around in my own space that holds me still
my body hollowed with so much emptiness, i need to fill
i gather the pieces of my shattered moments to mold back again
wishing to burn within the silence of my lingering pain
like the ocean in its deepest, my soul breathes out a distant sigh
from the freezing cold waters, teardrops mounted upon the sky.
unto the shoulder of the dark clouds, i rendered my burden
when it rains once again, let me drench from tears of heaven.
the shivering cold i feel brings me back the memories,
i have you beside me, warmed by your arms, to tell my stories
i open my lips for a little smile, coz it’s you that i see
awakened from a wink of my eyes, there was no one but me
how i wish to be seeing you from the places that surround me
where we giggle and laugh, fumble and feeble with glee
it is always you, the soul of my soul my mysterious glory
let me be a part of you though we travel in all of life’s misery
with you is the joy i behold without regrets and without compare
all the truth and lies in this earthen imperfection i dare
slumber and drunk with my brokenness i forebear falling
found myself lost and alone, it is you that i am calling
keep filling myself with nothing, but only the thoughts of you
broken pieces to keep me whole again from that shattered hue
i remained in the silence of my lingering pain and speak no more
till i hold you back to stay within my embrace forevermore
hear me, dear, the sigh of my endearing whispers of pain
tears never stop like the rains tapping my windowpane
burying me deep away from my own self and my own sanity
far far away that brings me out and beyond eternity
lost …lost into the darkened deep, till nothin of me can be found
no footprints nor my ashes from every traces of the ground
i am nothing now but the wind touching your skin
touching your lips, with that alluring smile of a silly grin

acrylic on canvas by suzette portes san jose

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May Simple Wish

a light to feel the warmth on my endlessness
as my falling leaves are leaving my branches
while i remain standing lifeless
still believing that i won’t be useless

some rainy days that won’t be my tears
a day without feeling all of my fears
for each morning a rainbow that appears
to dream the best that life adheres

let live life in dreams of hope once more
in this world, i shall exist forevermore
i open my branches for your touch to adore
leaving my thoughts upon the sky to soar

whenever the twilight time shall come to fall
the darkness of nights will leave me standing tall
soon birds will be singing upon the dawnings call
and i will feel you again in my days and all


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The Shell

stayed hiding myself within the shell
keeping me safe from the earthly hell

know not how to see the world around
the chaos and the formidable sound

the whining of the apocalypse horses
the agony of the souls pleading voices

i bare not to hear them wiping anymore
within my thickened shell i bare no more

confusions devoured this whole being
as my thoughts never leave me pondering

closed my eyes submitting myself to darkness
embracing my own world in deep hollowness

in my long sleep behind my protective wall
i will be awakened to remain standing tall

stretching and reaching out for the gap
the breaking through of a soul will never stop

only to regain strength to fight and not fail
and to the world, the courage that tells the tale

(c) SPSJ

Surrealism in acrylic on 16×20 canvas by suzette portes san jose

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when silence is too deep to echo a sigh
heart whispers;
…into the air in search of another heart
…into heaven to touch another soul…

to hear a thousand of unspoken words from within
…the tears and the wailings of the living
…the haunting sorrows of yesterday and today

when the roaring thunder never exist
heart whispers;
…the joys and fulfillment of your longings
…the laughter and smiles from your lips

to anticipate the coming oblivion in phases of time
…in the infinity of your dreams the mortal self, finding the divine glory

when silence stands in the stillness of your world
heart whispers;
…the callings of haven in the lightness
…the spark to kindle a little brightness

to find the bridging rainbows of now to forever
…in the promises creating hope and faith
…in the deliverance of your… whisperings …

Sept 14. 2019

in acrylic painting on canvas by suzette portes san jose

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Till Then

just as the moon shall serenade the night
the warmth that touches your skin from its light
as it brings your heart such wonders of thought
on darkened waters, a reflecting beauty sought

the rhythm of the song that forever lingers
so sweet-sounding in everyone’s ears
singing a tune in every beat of the heart
till every minute ending, tossing time to start

from the whirling wind of the murmuring waters
hear them like a lurking song of soft whispers
drowning you into the depth of your soul
existing in your fantasy, dreams, passion, and goal

under the moonlight shall cast a shadow
the story of a legacy be told by tomorrow
till then… shall be the telltale of your glory
with the moonlight serenading, starry…starry…

(if i finish the line i will lose the rhyme, so, I’d rather request someone to sing the song starry starry nigjht…

in acrylic on canvas by suzette portes san jose

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Once in a Lifetime

once in a lifetime;
you’ll find love that never ends
believing in the power it beholds

when the moon and the stars will bring faith
in time to find your destiny…

once in a lifetime;
you’ll know that someone never lies
believing true love never dies…

when heaven is shared in earthen moments
with arms in a warm embrace…

once in a lifetime;
you’ll know that hearts are meant to be
believing to find that someone

when i hold the soul of your soul
the heart of your heart…

once in a lifetime;
you’ll be here to have and to hold
believing to cherish till the end

when i know you are mine forever
you are my once in a lifetime…

Aug 30, 2019

ina an acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose

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