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ABOUT THE AUTHOR SUZETTE PORTES SAN JOSE She was born and raised in Cebu City, spent her elementary years at Stella Maris School, Franciscan Missionary Sisters at Mabolo, Banilad, Cebu City and her high school years at the University of San Carlos Girls High School, Holy Spirit Sisters. She went to college at the University of San Carlos, SVD Priest in Cebu City, Philippines. She is a University half scholar from high school to college. She was born with a passion for writing and living in her art forms. She started writing online in 2013. She now has joined 18 book anthologies from 2015 to 2019. Each of her poems is written with her painting as visuals and is now appearing internationally, namely in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines. She is also a recipient of multiple awards for her ARTworks and Literary works. She was awarded Poet of the Year in 2017 by one of the prestigious poetry site Destiny Poets International Community of Poets UK. Also, a regular contributor to GloMag a monthly issued magazine in India. She has also published her 2 narrative poem Chapbook book "As The Wind Blows" and "Whispering Silence" in the 10 part series. She has also done her first-authored book "The Dawning" along with other books Isle of Words and Colors Vol 1 "Footprints from Every Waks of Life", Isles of Words and Colors Vol. 2 "Journey to the New Horizon" and Kirky’s Adventure Vol.1. Now coming up with Isle of Words and Colors Vol. 3 "At The Rainbows End" and her 2nd book "Whisperings". It has always been her dream to leave her legacy as a fulfilled artist and for her next generation to follow her footsteps. A dream comes true. Thank you, Kirk Dominic (granddaughter) Wilyam Gabriel SJ Reyes (grandson) and Angelito Portes San Jose (only son) for dreams that came to reality.

Captivating Light

the destined fate in faith i hold deep in my heart

as the glowing light in the darkness now depart

amazingly it holds the beauty of an earthen charm

bewitched my sight upon the skies, glaring so warm

my thoughts wander in the vastness of the sea

the ripples sang a melody only silence hear and see

no crashing of the angry waves, it flows so free

and with so much hope for a joyous day of glee

the enthralling kaleidoscope hues of deeming sunset

shunts a smile and whispers upon the wind “never forget”

“i will shine again to enchant hearts from sorrow and pain”

in watercolor on A3/300gsm by suzette portes san jose

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Through It All

leave behind the trails of the agony in the passing years

the tremors of the world that burden the soul with fears

the haunting of the dawning with hearts falling tears

i walk through it all… i took the steps, dreadfully dares

stiff and high, i buckled, never look back for i may fall

remained heads high, with visions of dreams, stand tall

this is the ladder of passion long-lived in a certain goal

i follow the voice within from the longing of a silent call

through it all, i will stand steadfast with time till the end

even in heavens call my glorious soul i commit to send

in strong faith and hope, i trust in the days to commend

for i surrender all that is left in love, on my knees bend

the joy and happiness unseen from the broken step i take

carefully place my steps forward in little moves to make

reaching out the awaiting lights of visions i won’t forsake

i will live through with a promise to myself i will not break


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Let heart whisper within the silence

Hear the voice from reminiscence

…how sweet

…how soft

…how tender

let your spirit flow and reveal

tell her…of the warmth to feel

whisper…words straight from the hear

twhisper…love that promised, never part

tell him…he’s a true love found

whisper…hello, in its sweetest sound

whisper…words so soft…so tender

let your heart and soul bind together

hear them say “I love you” in a whisper

whisper…that love sublime

whisper…that love never ends with time

let “time” go and pass you by…but never ever whisper “goodbye”.


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Don’t Say Goodbye

it is never easy to say goodbye with hand to hold and love last

wanting forever will always be beaconing all memories of the past

share moments in every breath with all that lingers in the heart

keeping the promise of love that ends only for another start

we have the joys and sorrows, it is life to exist to begin and to end

in every passing day, the bits of thought our heart could mend

gives a spark in our eyes and in our lips were the sweetest smile

knowing that we treasure something worth it all to go on a mile

this wonderful feeling be the strength and light to lead us through

among the clouds, among the skies and among the ocean so blue

don’t say goodbye but live in hellos of each mornings greeting

from the sweet kisses from the warmth of the bright sun shinning

each lonely day be gone by the wind blown away and wouldn’t stay

and the cold air remains whispering in our ears ” always be happy”

no words can express knowing you’re there always having eyes on me

the way i look at you even beyond the beauty from the deep blue sea

don’t say goodbye for our love will surely last in time of forevermore

along with all sweet memories in every footstep on this sandy shore


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the insights of life that vision the apprehensions

the thorn that brings you in the depth of emotions

the voice within that commends you to slip away

like the setting sun that refuses to brighten my day

the flower blooms with fragrance and beauty

with budding hopes that give life a full bounty

so soon would wither with petals on the ground

crumpled to dust and no traces were ever found

like the sun that gloriously shines each morning

are the shades that bring darkness in my evening

’twas the borrowed moment treasured in my heart

knowing that someday you will leave and depart

everything we kept through the years will change

and the looks in each eye will soon be strange

and as the hands of the clock go round in a circle

when my hair turns gray and my knees will buckle

i will have you near as my thoughts shall forever linger

changes will keep changing but yet, i have you dearer




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Mother of the Land

she is a mother…. who so love the world

she gave it all….her pure heart of gold

she is an angel… from heaven’s a God sen

tshe teaches us to kneel…in prayers so fervent

with a heart so soft…and so tender

she willed to suffer…without surrender

a strength of her soul…upon her weariness

a bounty spirit…born with the ruggedness

she stood in a vow…of patience and pity

she stood all…for the love of humanity

she stood to give…love and tranquility

she stood all…for the worlds serenity

mother in heart of gold…in ovation, we rise and salute

for all her deeds done…we praised with great resolute

your sacrifices looked upon…as love so grand

we bow down to our knees…your reverence, mother of the land


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Journey to the Unknown

we escape from our troubled mind

i drifted into the bottom of my fears

shivering quivering, myself i couldn’t find

lost in my deep dark thought in tears

the haunting of yesterdays torment

the moaning of the soul’s lament

as i go descending into my inner being

the very core of my reasons for living

surpasses the adversities and woes

carefully i walkthrough in tiptoes

so not to awaken the nightmares sleep

the boogeyman in the closet i keep

i will not prevail future to come near

my soul seeking thoughts and visions clear

unconsciously i fall into the pit of unknown

a mystic journey to the reality of my own.


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Staled Within Oblivion

born to live in the mist, lost and forgotten

left behind when every moment is forsaken

cast the shadow for those eyes are forbidden

shuttered into pieces, all unseen and hiddenun

derneath in the coldness, remained stale

till time to revive each breath to tell the tale

no life within, frozen in the breeze of time

in shivering cold, once more clock will chime

to linger among the green leaves rustling

dancing with soft sounds of winds whistling

when it will finally find the strayed rhymes

buried in the ground, was a shallow grime

staled within oblivion took shelter to rest

exist pale and frail just to redeem the bes

twill be here in a world no one will know

with memories of time as the winds blow

staled among the still waters, a burdened heart

within the oblivion time never spared for a start

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Helloes and Goodbyes

i longed for hellos without goodbyes

when you’re always the apple of my eyes

to have you in my arms warm embrace

and feel you with your sweet tender caress

we said our hellos the day we first met

there was that sweetest smile that we get

from then on togetherness we found

strong as the tree standing on the ground

our world was like a misty forest in beauty

i am the lone flower upon you with fidelity

you have me and i have you till eternity

living life will never be a lifeless futility

this is the paradise of our own world

to be with one another heart to behold

when hellos never are goodbyes forever

as i hold you so close till time somewhere


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