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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

Mission To Earn Grace


Hear the cry of peacock inundated
See the tears of the street lad frustrated
Smell the stink that spreads from oppression
Touch the soft crumbled nerve of love suppressed

Feel the tide of pain rising in air
From ocean of innocent hearts bare
Pray orphans get nourished to subsist
Do not close eyes to social sepsis

To ease their dilemma lend your smile
Let love, compassion be your profile

We are here to heal and love mankind
To us has Lord this mission assigned
Our strong hands can drive away disgrace
Compassion will gift us lasting grace

©®Sunila – 31/08/2017.

Roses for Different Moods


Red roses bloom in gardens of minds

When you are in love, it’s a red rose

When you are at peace, it’s a white rose

When you are content, there’s yellow rose

When you smile, it sure is a pink rose

Blue reminds of vast sky and ocean

Choose from peach, orange, green or black rose

Each for a different mood you pose

External roses give transient joy

Pick the inner rose that never dies

©®Sunila .

Conscientious Survival

Eager eyes on target point focussed
Holding heavy staff with both hands cursed
Four pitchers laden on her head small
Neck strained day after day with this haul
Destiny turned blind eye to her age
The little soul defies her childhood wrecked
Delicate steps firm mindfully grope
Balanced ‘tween life and death on tightrope
Fatal it’d be if toe falters hold
Survival swings on pendulum’s fold
Let’s see the mindset of this brave girl
Doubtless she’s proud of her endeavours
As she marches forward with each step
She seems to say loudly with her acts
Hold on, I come here to challenge life
Like a lioness I win over strife
I know I am missing my childhood
But to own, I’m proud to contribute
An asset I am to my parents
Whom I repay with love complacent
Life is an endless ordeal throughout
I’ve learnt this early, no doubt

©®Sunila ..14/07/2017.

Never to Return


When the sky cries
small drops of tears
The drums beat behind
to sympathise
Light shudders down
Trees tremble and frown
Birds fly to cosy nests
You don’t see faces
Just circles whirling
Wet geometric designs
in myriad colours
Hurried focussed steps
Water drips, splashes
Tip tip goes the rhythm
Cups of tea rain in
And you reminisce
of golden seasons
of fairy times
of yester years gone
Never to return!


My imagination paints me young


A riot of colours greets on the way
Green, orange, red bougainvillea sway
Taking me to the rainbow valleys
Where as a child I swing from tree twigs

Birds sing songs of love as in concerts
Butterflies fly on flowers as flirts
Funny faced monkeys swing with long arms
Almond eyed squirrels holding nuts, charm

Brooks shining as diamonds gurgle downhill
A velvet green adorning as frills
A bridge joining paths from east to west
Where only love laughter and peace nest

Kids running carefree and elders chase
Playing to heart’s content in end, embrace
No diseased or old, all live long, young
Nature in full bloom man’s companion

On my life canvass splashes just fun
My imagination paints me young

©®Sunila – 29/05/2017.

The Yearning Peacock


Resplendent flow its green tresses
A melange that mesmerises
Long rich velvet feathers cascade
Countless emerald eyes collate

A gift of pure art by divine
On Lord’s crown it’s ever entwined
Its elegance amaze viewers
The beauty of nature cures

Now what has disturbed this royal bird
Its eyes eagerly search beloved
Glance towards sycamore for signs
From terrace finely designed

Why don’t the rains pitter patter
that inspire to spread its feathers
Like aura of sprinkling flowers
In heavenly spurt of showers

Where’s its muse to inspire rain dance
How it yearns to go in a trance
Oh rains, manifest your fluent grace
Lend relief to peacock’s long wait

©®Sunila – 06/05/2017.

Charming Flower for Aesthetic eyes


A feast for the eyes, a feast for soul
O violet beauty, heaven’s orchid
Your purple petals demure as gowns fall
Soft supple shape with orange silken frills

Like a maiden dancing a ballet
Swirling gently in the western winds
On strings of melody played unseen
Inviting butterflies to join in

O heaven’s star when you bloom on earth
Poets pick their quills and poetry compose
Bees and blue birds flap their wings in mirth
In form of honey ambrosia flows

How beautiful you look in bouquets
Or when pinned in hair of a new bride
When in garlands on deities you grace
God forbid on dead bodies encase

Your petals pose as soft beds for ants
In your bosom come and go insects
Humans use your colours and fragrance
Your life’s an inspiration for man

O flower with charm for aesthetic eyes
Although your life span’s short, you are wise
In easing others’ tensions you aid
Your purpose is noble before you fade

©®Sunila – 10/05/2017.

Demon strikes again


A demon’s one who kills to take revenge
Loathes and finds no other way to avenge

Greater’s a demon who kills for pleasure
His hatred for man has no dearth or measure

Greatest’s the demon who kills innocent
Malignance peak in name of religion

In Manchester arena, Young sought fun
On 22nd May 2017, at Ariana Grande pop concert

Not knowing terror had an aperture
Vehement demon stalked at departure

A blast murdered short lived amusement
Screams of terror rebounded at 22:33 in stadium

Lone terrorist demon had struck with bomb
Killing 22 amongst which were many children

Blood and bodies scattered with 59 lying injured
Frantic parents searching missing children

Tears red, hearts seem dead, clouds black, skies clamour
When will end this massacre, senseless terror?

©®Sunila – 23/05/2017.

Silence of the Sun

I heard the echo of the twirling trees
Thumping of leaves falling off in pain
The wind slapped the tree trunks repeatedly
Did you not hear wailing voices? I did.

I love the silence of the sun at dawn
Chirping birds drive away my silly yawns
Melody sweet amidst cacophony
Yes, I stare in silence to feel it deep.

I love to chase butterflies in the park
Play with puppies and kittens till it’s dark
They love and ask not a thing in return
Are they not better than most of humans?

They say I’m as slow as a snail to learn
They sneer and when I’m vexed I tend to spurn
Heard them call me autistic, I don’t care
They light up blue but I hate their strange stares

Often I pull my mum’s dress, she minds not
She smiles, pulls me close to heart to hug
I’m special for dad too but others laugh
My family’s love is more than enough

©®Sunila ..02/04/2017.



In the range of definitions of truth
I search that truth that will for good beat time
Let present become future, as time would
But that truth should hold good through any time

The mirror cannot but reflect all facts
Your eyes will reflect what your heart believes
You cannot shield long what your inside maps
For every little drop filters through sieves

All that’s required is to bear conscious true
And stick to facts no matter what some say
Till death befalls, to thine own self be true,
And it must follow as the night the day

Thou canst not then be false to any man
And to God you will answer as truth can

©®Sunila ..23/04/2017.