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Smruti Ranjan Mohanty, O.F.S, son of Raj Kishore and Shantilata Mohanty, born at Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 1.1.1963 is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer. He is a published poet and writer and a featured poet of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry. His writings include essays, short stories, poems and novels which are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. Working as Finance Officer in Govt of Odisha, he writes extensively on life, its beauty and intricacies which are widely acclaimed. Poems are published in Mother Anthology by Hall of Poets, Voices of Aspirants by Poetry Planet, Mother by Poetry for Peace, Let the men speak for peace, Aroma of wilting petals, Anupam Bharat, Sourav, The Rock Pebbles, Symphony of Souls, Serious &Hilarious, Heartistry, World poetry on let there be peace, Complexion based discrimination global insight, Thought and Nature Anthology, New Creative Anteriority, Spring Window to peace, Indo African Anthology, Love at first sight, Spilling Essences, You and Me, A new beginning, Heart to Heart, Only you, My Valentine, Whispering Hearts, Poetic Rainbow, Fragrance of Asia, The Harmony, Sahitya Anand, East meets the West, Symphony of Peace, Pearls of Poesy, Ambrosia, International Anthology on Autism, Stars, Sky and Poiesis, Rain Drops of Love, Smrutire Parijat, Peace Lover, GloMag, Feb 2019, Tranquil Muse, Medley of Melodies, Nostalgia, Rise to Higher Essence, Cherry Toppings, Inked Thoughts, Whispering Poiesis, Rippling of Peace, Creative Anteriority, World for Piece, Traumas on Widows, Holistic Healing of Widow, The Global Literati Insights Research Journal, 1st issue 2018 etc. Poems are also featured in online magazines like, our poetry archive, GloMag etc., Poem, Destiny poets, Different truths,

Battle of Nerves



When the battle is on
Why a meek surrender
Why not a brave fight
Let us carry ourselves
And those who can not
Let us put our body, mind,
Head and heart together
We will be the victor
Before begins the encounter

Many a war
We have fought with empty hands
And won by power of will and perseverance
Now we have the means and expertise
Why so much of fear?
When we know the enemy on our soil
Is only for days and hours

Let us find the man in us
The coward who panics
Will be no more
Just listen to your reason
Take care of your hands
Never allow them to play
With your nose, eyes and lips
And bring disaster for no reason
Don’t touch your face, eyes and nose
Frequently wash your hands
With a shop or sanitizer
Ensure it before you touch your mouth
When you touch a suspected object
Never forget to wash your hands
Take warm water and lemon, amla etc
That are rich in natural vitamin c
Help your body immunity fight the invader
Remain away from the crowd
Don’t build a gathering
If possible remain in isolation
Social distancing is the best solution
Never leave home
Unless there is an emergency
Listen from time to time to
What the experts say
To those never turn a deaf ear
Who are risking their lives for all of us.
When you feel you are unwell
Maintain distance from others
Remain confined to home isolation
When you cough and sneeze
Put something on your mouth
Help others to remain safe
Never panic
All coughing, sneezing and fever
Are not due to Novel Coronavirus
But we are to take care and comply
And help the management to do the rest
If you have come from abroad
Never fail to register
Never hide your illness
Talk to the doctor
Be with the system
That is fighting against the deadly virus
Help yourself, help your family, nation
And the whole of humanity
Be cautious but never panic
Be a disciplined soldier
Know for sure
The victory will be yours
Have patience
The days of Corona are numbered
It will not be here forever.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

I know you love me


I know
you love me
i love you too
whenever we meet
our eyes dance in joy
hearts whisper, lips quiver
but i love you
we fumble to murmur

I reciprocate your love
you feel my feelings
but our love is not
the way it is understood
so unique and different
let it be where it is
in the heart of our hearts
where we truly live

Never let our love come out
very few will understand it
very few know what love is all about
it will be too much to bear
if you go down in the eyes of other
i can not see the petals of our love
wilting under the scorching heat of sun, pears of shower and the chill winter playing havoc
with all that we jealously treasure

Let that bud of love blossom
into a beautiful flower
with all its fragrance and colour
nothing can snatch it away from us, our love, our only possession so dearly conserved in our heart

We know and respect each other
share our moments of agony and ecstasy
we too appreciate the limitations
with which we look at each other
and my dear! that is what love is
always for the one, you love
you are in me
i am in you
living each moment for the other
my love! this is our love
do we need anything more?

copyright@smrutiranjan 9.3.2018

Find Yourself



What that sense where prime of youth is not in its colours
What that physical assertion where love is not in its lovely ebullient flow
What that richness where to live and let live is unfound,
What’s that life if, for own, dreamy waves won’t go round,
What that achievement which meant for all and surrounds??
After sharing, inch by inch, in the least piece-
Among all, you call your own
Have you ever thought of dilapidation
That, You and your dreams only, not your contemplation;
Someone is there, who dreams in drizzling monsoon –
In sedative silvery shine bedecked of filmography
Of acceptance of inseparable hue
And salubrious night subdues in golden scabbard night’s view.

Me, not Dhritarasta; you my Gandhari,
Nor am I Arjun, You are born from Fire, Jangyasenii.
You my only resort
Me your first and first ever love,
The cloud burst assurance and beliefs of last to absorb.
Yes, I am bowing down GANDIB before you ;
Remove that blinded asking of close-run thing,
Have a close look in my eyes how beautiful is life filled in spring

Step again,
Pave on crossing over stairs of desire and sacrifices
As of a modest and newly wedded in a palanquin.
Taking into my hearts account
In time-honoured solidarity
I will do up by series of scented vulnerability
Lines of arrayed red-stream
And handful oblivion
Bags of colour and utter belief-cream.
I will forget what’s the month of my age,
Reverberate to unveil bashful daiquiri wine
Calls there another newborn morning, a new beckoning
Celebration of child sun’s evaluation.
Have your lips on mine
Life is yet to begin

©® SmrutiRanjan Mohanty

I Feel Guilty


I feel guilty when i do not listen to conscience
and act as per whims
i feel guilty when something wrong happens
for which the reason is me

I feel guilty when
i avoid duty deliberately
and remain engrossed in my life and its beauty
i feel guilty when i lavishly spend
while my immediate neighbour
is in dire need of it

I feel guilty when i put a mask
make thousands of compromises
die and reincarnate time and again
to live life the most ignoble way

I feel guilty when i am not true to myself
see and tolerate injustice
keep mum and enjoy
the comforts of life as i wish

I see
innocence suffers
justice denied
i feel guilty when i behave as if
i know not anything
and find excuses for
my dignified silence

Sunsets and shines
life goes on
but i carry the burden of guilt
all along
being too sober and gentle
i expect others to raise their voice
and bring that better tomorrow
which is none of my concern

copyright@smruti ranjan 23.2.2017

The Journey-4


With the sun, shower and winter overhead
I walk along the thorny and lonely path
Carrying a heavy load on my back
Life probably means nothing
but load and walk, pain and gain
And I am born to ensure it again and again
The pathway lengthens, weight inflates
In lateral inversion falling and rising,
Leaning , jerking and arousing
I run and run breathlessly ;
Dreams drift away
Unbearable aches repay
Tear filled eyes ,physic and mind,
Tired body seeks to rewind
A handful of shade
And eyes get closed when cool breeze beheads.
Forgetting all and everything I dream again
How beautiful life is shaken !

Endless is the journey so does distasteful dullness ;
The road never ends
Never ends the walk
In the midst of pain, I dream again
Handful of earth and sky
I feel as if I am a big nothing
In quest of life, its definition
Within the ambit of pain and pleasure
Dreaming and enduring

©® SmrutiRanjan Mohanty



My father!
how sweet were those days
when i was at your feet
chanting your hymns
siba sahasranama and mahimna stotra
from morning to evening
how beautiful were those moments
when your temple was my lone asylum
your prasad my only diet

How captivating were those nights
spent in repeating your name
visualising your resplendence
so engrossed i was
could not differentiate
when i was awake
and when i was asleep
in my conscious mind you were
in my subconscious mind you were
in every moment of my life
i felt your presence
and your sweet smile
guided me in each step

In a weak moment
might have craved for
your affluence and splendour
and you gave me the whole world
but took away those fulfilling moments
those fascinating days and nights
that innocent smile on my lips
that simple mind
far away from this glittering word
and its lovely amenities
i lost those beautiful feelings
my heaven on earth
what i gained
everyone knows
but what i lost
i only know

My Lord!
what to do with your spellbinding grandeur
when you are miles away
beyond my horizon and
the more i look at your splendour
the poorer i become

My master!
take away everything you have given
but return me those days and nights
which were once completely mine
let me be at your feet once again
praying and repenting
feeling your presence in whatever
i see and what lies beyond
let me have a bit of the poison you drank
to be of any use
in this cosmic drama of yours

copyright@smrutiranjan 12.2.2018

My Valentine


My valentine
always with me
standing like rock, calm and serene
enduring moments of sorrow and agony
my changing moods, conflicting demands
whims and caprices with a lovely smile

She never lived her life
her life is a poetry of dedication
where in she imprinted my name
in her sweat and blood
an open book she is
a perennial stream of love and dedication
every moment of life she lived for other
forgetting she has a life of her own

The ebb and flow tide of life
hardly perturbed her, its vagaries
failed to snatch away that beautiful
smile from her lips
the stay of my life all along

I can not imagine a life without her
every moment of which is filled
with her grace and grandeur
non like her, non can be
the only reality in my world of
fading dreams and changing priorities

In her arms my heaven
in her smile my whole world
in her eyes all my dreams
in her touch colours of rainbow
in her love the meaning of
life, its fulfilment and beauty

My valentine
the only oasis in a dry desert
my paradise on earth and gateway to heaven
without her life is no life
a rudderless ship
in the boisterous sea

copyright@smrutiranjan 6.2.2018

My Friend!


My friend!
thousand miles away you are
on the other side of the boundary
yet so near
so close to my heart
so close to me
my happiness and sorrow
in the soul of my soul
in the pupil of my eyes
in the string of my heart

I have not seen you
i have not heard you
i do not know
if ever i will meet you
but my heart throbs for you
my ears crave for you
my eyes dance in joy
to have a glimpse of yours
as if you are someone very close
very special
a part of me and my soul

In moments of stress
i find you by my side
lovingly smiling and consoling me
teaching me the lessons of life
its beauties and intricacies
and the ways to live and love it

My friend!
when i do not see you
do not find you in your pages
i feel so horrible
my days become so incomplete
nights so noisy
you can not imagine
you do not know what you mean to me
you are one of my worthiest possessions
your friendship
my biggest accomplishment
without which just a beggar i am
begging for an iota of love and concern
so rare here

My friend!
where ever you are
be happy
be always for others
like a pillar of support
shining and inspiring
and spreading the language of love
and brotherhood everywhere

copyright@smrutiranjan 24.1.2017