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Smruti Ranjan Mohanty, O.F.S, son of Raj Kishore and Shantilata Mohanty, born at Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 1.1.1963 is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer. He is a published poet and writer and a featured poet of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry. His writings include essays, short stories, poems and novels which are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. Working as Finance Officer in Govt of Odisha, he writes extensively on life, its beauty and intricacies which are widely acclaimed. Poems are published in Mother Anthology by Hall of Poets, Voices of Aspirants by Poetry Planet, Mother by Poetry for Peace, Let the men speak for peace, Aroma of wilting petals, Anupam Bharat, Sourav, The Rock Pebbles, Symphony of Souls, Serious &Hilarious, Heartistry, World poetry on let there be peace, Complexion based discrimination global insight, Thought and Nature Anthology, New Creative Anteriority, Spring Window to peace, Indo African Anthology, Love at first sight, Spilling Essences, You and Me, A new beginning, Heart to Heart, Only you, My Valentine, Whispering Hearts, Poetic Rainbow, Fragrance of Asia, The Harmony, Sahitya Anand, East meets the West, Symphony of Peace, Pearls of Poesy, Ambrosia, International Anthology on Autism, Stars, Sky and Poiesis, Rain Drops of Love, Smrutire Parijat, Peace Lover, GloMag, Feb 2019, Tranquil Muse, Medley of Melodies, Nostalgia, Rise to Higher Essence, Cherry Toppings, Inked Thoughts, Whispering Poiesis, Rippling of Peace, Creative Anteriority, World for Piece, Traumas on Widows, Holistic Healing of Widow, The Global Literati Insights Research Journal, 1st issue 2018 etc. Poems are also featured in online magazines like, our poetry archive, GloMag etc., Poem, Destiny poets, Different truths,

Let me


Let me forget
Everything I have learned
Let me exhaust
All that I have earned
Let me forget
Who I am and where from
Let me come out of
All relationships and hangovers
To visualise life in its true colour

Let me begin life once more
With no past to lean upon
No future to dream for
No status to safeguard
No relations to take care

Let me get out of the cage
Where I have been long since
The social clusters
Caste, creed and colour
Religion, dogmas and superstitions
Pelf, power and accolades
To be in fresh air
Where truly breathes life
In the serene oasis

Let me forget my name and identity
To go beyond me and all
That put limits
Pride, anger and prejudice
Ego, hatred and jealousy
Let me forget history and geography
Boundaries and territories
Myths, parables and collective conscience
To look at things in proper perspective

For the first time
Let my eyes see
Ears listen and heart speak
Let reasons take a back seat
Emotions and feelings
Come out in the open
For a change
Let me be a free bird in the blue sky
To have a romance
With all that I fancy and love.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved

The ocean


Ocean never calls you to come near
Feel its depth and vastness
It is up to you to remain as such,
A drop of water
Or become the ocean yourself
Reality is the same
Which appears to be different to different people
Depending upon their realisation,
Stages of evolution and consciousness
Darkness does not indicate
The absence of sun
But our position vis a vis the sun.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved

From gross to the subtle


The earth is mine
So the water, air, fire and space.
They hold me,
Sustain my existence and
Let me move ahead
With my infinite journey towards infinity
Many births I have taken
Many lives I have lived
Many deaths I have died
They have been with me since ages
Preparing me for that ultimate moment.

As and when I come
They come and combine,
Give me a beautiful body
Mind and intellect
To think and assess,
Enable consciousness under the veil
To come out, observe and deduct
And arrive at the truth
It is the body
Through which consciousness is manifested.
Sans a physical body no evolution is possible.

I am earth, water, air, fire and space
I am the body, I am the mind and intellect
Yet I am much above these
I am the pure consciousness
Having no beginning, no end
But it is the physical form
That makes way for the journey
From body, mind, intellect to consciousness.
From mundane to the Divine
From pain and sorrow to bliss
From death to immortality

I love my body
Hope it will carry me
Till I realise and
Go beyond it

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved

In between


To build a bridge
in between you and me,
They came,
flowers of our love and passion
to make us full.
You never remained yourself,
completely lost in your creations
searching for that endless happiness, in the beauty of fathomless motherhood, ecstasy and joy

In your completeness
my incomplete love was searching for its identity and existence
I was looking at the lover in me
dying breathless
under the heavy weight of fatherhood
and in my love and beloved I lost long since.
In the wilting petals of jasmine
and fading light of the dying moon
I was desperately searching for my love
languishing in an empty space.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©




My love!
you have never betrayed me,
never you can.
How can you betray someone you love,
how can you part with someone
deep inside, a part of your body and soul.

My love!
I am as I was,
be happy where you are.
You never need to prove your love,
it is never defined in terms of
gain, pleasure and pain.
Love reduced to a relationship
becomes a bondage, loses its essence and independence, finds itself in chains,
bound by a thread of
expectations and reciprocations.
In an air of patterned behaviour,
interactions, duties and obligations
love hardly finds its space.

My love!
marriage hardly fulfils love,
rather it let it silently die.
So demanding a relationship,
hardly let love remain as it is,
compels it to change and
undergo metamorphosis to make
hundreds of compromises just to
live a life and keep pace
with its changing needs.
What remains is not love
but something else,
never love and loving,
may be living and enduring.

My love!
you left me to complete me and my love,
to live in me, to keep the lover
in me alive forever.
With your heart and soul
taking care of your love,
do i need anything more?
Doesn’t matter with whom
physically you are,
till you are with me at a different level
where nothing but love blazes with flair.

Love is larger than life,
its beauties, betrayals and hypocrisies.
I am living a life in love,
how spellbinding is that waiting
to have a glimpse of yours,
how fascinating is that craving to see you, feel you and to be with you once more.
How different and fulfilling it is
from living a life together,
I know what it means
remaining a lover forever


My teacher


Happy and contented he was.
No looking back, no regrets
for what he had not done,
what he had not accomplished,
no wishes except a desire
for a calm and peaceful end
to his serene and beautiful life.

No complaint against life.
Nothing against anyone
A life surrendered at the feet of his guru,
a life lived for his students,
for their wellbeing and betterment.

He loved his students,
loved going miles on his bicycle
to see his students smile, to solve
their problems, to be with them
when they are in need.

Never ran after any other identity.
A teacher he was, a born teacher
that was the only identity he had.
For him there was hardly any difference
between his own kids and
the students he took care.
A son had to elevate himself to
the level of a student to know
what his father actually was.

For him veda is mathematics
and mathematics is veda
life is death in motion
and death is life in motion
and one can live and enjoy both
if one has the will to do so.

Till the very end
lived life to the full,
spreading the messages of his guru,
working for the triumph of humanity,
inspiring others to live and let live .
Enjoyed his death while in sleep,
passed to the other side of consciousness
with head high and a smile on lips,
proving his own saying,
one can enjoy death the way
one enjoys life
if the surrender is complete.