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Smruti Ranjan Mohanty, O.F.S, son of Raj Kishore and Shantilata Mohanty, born at Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 1.1.1963 is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer. He is a published poet and writer and a featured poet of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry. His writings include essays, short stories, poems and novels which are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. Working as Finance Officer in Govt of Odisha, he writes extensively on life, its beauty and intricacies which are widely acclaimed. Poems are published in Mother Anthology by Hall of Poets, Voices of Aspirants by Poetry Planet, Mother by Poetry for Peace, Let the men speak for peace, Aroma of wilting petals, Anupam Bharat, Sourav, The Rock Pebbles, Symphony of Souls, Serious &Hilarious, Heartistry, World poetry on let there be peace, Complexion based discrimination global insight, Thought and Nature Anthology, New Creative Anteriority, Spring Window to peace, Indo African Anthology, Love at first sight, Spilling Essences, You and Me, A new beginning, Heart to Heart, Only you, My Valentine, Whispering Hearts, Poetic Rainbow, Fragrance of Asia, The Harmony, Sahitya Anand, East meets the West, Symphony of Peace, Pearls of Poesy, Ambrosia, International Anthology on Autism, Stars, Sky and Poiesis, Rain Drops of Love, Smrutire Parijat, Peace Lover, GloMag, Feb 2019, Tranquil Muse, Medley of Melodies, Nostalgia, Rise to Higher Essence, Cherry Toppings, Inked Thoughts, Whispering Poiesis, Rippling of Peace, Creative Anteriority, World for Piece, Traumas on Widows, Holistic Healing of Widow, The Global Literati Insights Research Journal, 1st issue 2018 etc. Poems are also featured in online magazines like, our poetry archive, GloMag etc., Poem, Destiny poets, Different truths,

My Friend!


My friend!
thousand miles away you are
on the other side of the boundary
yet so near
so close to my heart
so close to me
my happiness and sorrow
in the soul of my soul
in the pupil of my eyes
in the string of my heart

I have not seen you
i have not heard you
i do not know
if ever i will meet you
but my heart throbs for you
my ears crave for you
my eyes dance in joy
to have a glimpse of yours
as if you are someone very close
very special
a part of me and my soul

In moments of stress
i find you by my side
lovingly smiling and consoling me
teaching me the lessons of life
its beauties and intricacies
and the ways to live and love it

My friend!
when i do not see you
do not find you in your pages
i feel so horrible
my days become so incomplete
nights so noisy
you can not imagine
you do not know what you mean to me
you are one of my worthiest possessions
your friendship
my biggest accomplishment
without which just a beggar i am
begging for an iota of love and concern
so rare here

My friend!
where ever you are
be happy
be always for others
like a pillar of support
shining and inspiring
and spreading the language of love
and brotherhood everywhere

copyright@smrutiranjan 24.1.2017



Born and brought up in a remote corner
grew and developed far far away from
world’s fascinating corridor
in the lap and scenic beauty of nature

Schooling was all fun
for money parents were not given to run
teachers were so good
they hardly saw any difference
between the students, they taught
and the kids they reared

Life was sheer beauty
in mother’s lap and under father’s shadow
college life, to begin with, was a bit hard
but transition from rural to urban was not so bad

All was well till tragedies, poignant
came one after one
i lost ones so near
the kids of whom I had to rear
like that of my own
with love, care and vigour

Grew old when I was young
do not know youth and its exuberance
its beauty and grandeur
never lament it even for a minute
for what i accomplished is more
gratifying than what i lost
the beauty of life lies in duty
which I did with heart and magnanimity

Circumstances made me deeply religious
happy as i was in my spiritual pursuit
till a descent job with good salary
pulled me out and promised me all the colours of life which was my due

Back to the world
a marriage to take care
and a family to look after
but life is no better

It seems
i am not what i am
lost somewhere
still groping in darkness
and working out my own salvation

copyright@smruti ranjan 5.1.2017

I and you


I and you
to go a long way
hand in hand, heart in heart, soul in soul
from darkness to light
from infatuation to love
from death to eternity
from the chill and charm
of a foggy winter morning
to broad day light
and bright sunshine

It is a journey
beyond the limitless sky
beyond our vision and perception
beyond time, space and causation
into infinite Bliss
where lies the beauty of love
that illumines and
sustains the whole

copyright@smruti ranjan 12.1.2017

Let Me Live


Let me live my life
the way you live your own
with passion, dignity
and a smile on lips

Neither you created me
nor i thrive on your charity
like you i am a creation of his
have every right to live my life
as I wish

Do not destroy me
you have destroyed enough
let me live and smile
and let others too live and smile

That is why
i and you are here
to stand by each other
live, love and wither

You broke the law
and destroyed the beautiful garden
that nourished you all along
only a few are left
let them live and flourish
or else you are but
inviting your own finish

copyright@smrut ranjan 29.12.2016

The Beauty Of Love



the heart sheds tears of love
asking none to come near,
the soul immerses in deep agony
feeling silently the pangs of sorrow
the wounds remain as such,
fresh, aching and bleeding without being cured
and you live in an exclusive world of your own where happiness and sorrow hardly matter

that is love more like walking
on the edge of a razor with no signs of repentance and sorrow,
no looking back, no dreams
for a different tomorrow
it pinches and pinches hard,
but lived and loved the way it is
being the only possession

you can’t part with the wounds and tears
the moments of agony and ecstasy
your dearest possession
they are part of you and your love
so dear and passionate
no wind can blow it away
no sun can dry it,
no winter can moist it
no rain can drench it,
no therapy can cure it
it will remain with you as a feeling,
a shadow, and will never leave you even
when your love will be no more.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2018
All Copyrights Reserved



Beautiful you are
beautiful i am
beautiful the world around
the sun and the moon
the stars twinkling in the sky
the meadows and mountains
oceans, rivers and rivulets
beautiful whatever i see
and what lies beyond
my vision and perception

Beautiful is the sky overhead
beautiful is the mother earth
beautiful and spellbinding is nature
and its scenic beauty
beautiful is he
who has given us life to see beauty
in all his creations
from beauty, we have come
in beauty, we will merge
only we are to feel it
and see beauty in others

Beautiful and infinite are his attributes
colourful and fascinating
yet devoid of all colours
all fascinations all longings
in everything in every being he is
but nothing in him
deeply engrossed in his creations he is
yet much above it

He is nowhere
yet everywhere
in the heart of our heart
in the soul of our soul
and our whole being is his
only we are to listen to our inner voice
the voice of eternity and realise it
copyright@smrutiranjan 1.12.17

Let Me


Let me live my life
The way you lived it
With all love and passion
Far from today’s rational world
In the beauty of nature
Let me enjoy my early childhood
Relish every bit of it
The way you did
In your good old days

Let me dance and play
Fly in the beautiful world
Of prince and princesses
Fairies and ghosts
And let me have all those moments
Which once you had

Just do not make me
A prisoner of your unrealized dreams and aspirations
Do not make me an oblation
In your sacrificial rituals
To go up and up
In the ladder
Which never ends

I am just another kid
Like those in the hamlet
I envy them
Envy their lives
Envy everything
They have
The carefree life
That freedom and open childhood
Which I do not have

I feel suffocated
When I find my childhood in chains
Give me that breathing space
To breathe
And look at the world
As it is

Even for a while
I ever doubt
Your love, affection and
Concern to see me at the top
But for a moment
Just get me out of the seclusion
The heap of books
The monotonous life
The values of the larger society
The burden of hopes and ambitions
Just enable me to have a glimpse
At childhood
It’s beauty, charm and elegance
That makes life so beautiful

copyright@smruti ranjan 27.11.2015

Nothing is new


Everything therein
yesterday, today and tomorrow
what happened, what is happening
and what will happen
the past, present and future
the jellyfish evolved man and godhood
all there in

Nothing is new
nothing like inventing
only rediscovering things
that already exist
nothing like evolving
only knowing oneself
knowing one’s real nature
that he in fact is

When a part of reality manifests
someone in perfect tune conceives
and a law of gravitation
a theory of relativity
comes into our domain
which are there long since

Everything there in the brain
but under lock and key
when someone unlocks
the lock in the spine
raises his consciousness from
the mundane to divine
he gets access to the ocean of knowledge
already there and becomes
a valmiki, a basista
an evolved and enlightened one
god in fact

copyright@smrutiranjan 16.11.2017

Nothing Like Love


Nothing like love
if you have it
the whole word is yours
if you don’t
just a beggar you are

It introduces you
to yourself
takes you to the source
from where you have come
to where ultimately you go

It makes your more complete
and true to yourself
brings you closer to the real you
which in fact you are
nothing but love and pure love

It lets you forget
the make-belief differences
you always find and guard
between you and others
it takes you to that state of mind
where you closely identify yourself
with others and become one with them

It makes you realise how futile it is to
nurture negative emotions
by having it you only harm yourself
in another way like someone
relishing its own blood for a moment

By loving others you only love yourself
by hating others you only hate yourself
a lover knows what love is all about
it takes you to that blissful state of mind
it gives you that ecstasy
and unalloyed pleasure which the whole world with all its affluence, beauty and
splendour can hardly fathom

copyright@smrutiranjan 2.11.2017



A continuous endeavour in pursuit of peace,
Often equated with happiness,
Which is not.
Happiness is a transitory phenomenon
In between two sorrows
While peace is a permanent treasure
When it descends deserts none

To conceive of world peace is a myth
When individuals are at war
With emotions and instincts
Anxieties and ambitions
With naked self-interest parading high and high In the guise of virtue.
Mentally still in the primitive society,
It is a battle of each against all

Balance of terror
Is something we aim at,
Intend to have that scenario
Where each state strong enough
To inflict unacceptable damage upon the other And ensure that each state lives in perpetual Fear of the other.

Fear by its very nature
Can never be the basis of world peace.
Mental peace of the individuals
Inhabiting the world
Can be the only basis for sustainable peace.

Peace is not a commodity
To be purchased at a price
Nor it will come out as euphoria
From any international agreement.
It is to be sought within

We have come out of peace
Obvious we are in search of it
Since cradle to the grave.
Life is a journey for peace and peace only

At the end of the day
Everybody needs peace.
Behind every human action
The driving force is peace
We all are searching for peace
But in the wrong ways
Only we are to change direction and peep inside And realise our real nature
Which is nothing
But truth bliss and absolute

Where ever you go whatever you do
No peace
Until you content yourself
Something to be carefully harvested
And meticulously nurtured
Nothing and nothing but
Self-introspection and realisation
Can save the world from complete annihilation

copyright@smrutiranjan 13.10.2016