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The Unique ‘I’



definitely, i am not you
and you are me
we are different
neither you are inferior to me
nor i am superior to you
we are unique in our own way
let our relationship flourish
on the appreciation of that unique i

look around
just impossible to find two things alike
even two things from a source may look alike but they are not exactly the same
there lies the beauty and mystery of creation, the craftsmanship of the almighty
there is always one, nothing like two
one and one makes two
but two exact ones are not possible
how can you make them combine into two?

The most intelligent cannot compare
with the dullest of the dull
both excel in their own field
and there is hardly anything to compare in between

you are socialised to look at things
in a particular way
you call someone beautiful and someone ugly and your views are shaped as per the attributes of beauty forced into your mind since childhood
you call someone good and someone bad
as per the collective conscience and the values you internalised
the window through which you look at
is the society in which you are born and groomed
the reality is you are as beautiful as good and as intelligent as anyone else

the way to a beautiful life lies
in accepting and appreciating the reality that we are unique and different in our own way
our unique difference is to make us
complement and supplement
and interdependent to meet each others
need and requirement

we will remain unique
till at a different level, we meet
and become one where remains
nothing except that all-pervasive unique ‘i’
the vast ocean of consciousness and bliss
wherein melt all ego and identity

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2019
All Copyrights Reserved

The First Kiss



life on earth is poetry
the innate urge to unfold
its grace and beauty is poetry
poetry is the smile on a child’s lips
the thread that binds the whole of humanity

poetry is your lover’s first kiss
poetry is that pink envelope wherein treasured your love and its beauty
poetry is lover’s paradise
a perennial stream of boon and bliss

poetry is those intimate moments you share with your love with lips
locked and soul hugging each other
poetry is meadows and mountains, rivers and rivulets, deserts and oceans and all those which touch you, your heart and soul
with their spellbinding beauty

poetry is that old man’s love
who has lost his wife
the anguish, apathy and alienation of
man struggling to live a life
poetry is society, its values and beliefs
sorrows and happiness, unfulfilled desires, shattered dreams and dramas
and hope for a better life

when the earth romances with the first rain
the rays of the rising sun
embraces the blooming lotus, the dancing lily touches the silver moon, when joy and ecstasy know no bounds, when sorrows become too much to bear, the lines of poetry emerge and take you to a world
hitherto unknown

to all these i am a passive onlooker
living a prosaic life with no rhythm and rhyme
for me poetry is a lonely man’s lone walk
on the empty corridor of life
my poetry not with me
lost it way since
could not muster enough strength
to tell her i love you
for which i am not me all through

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2019
All Copyrights Reserved

Something I Look at-1

I love you
For you have in you
The sentiments and emotions of all
From a child in his teens
To an old guard
Looking at the world
Through a pair of coloured glasses
And repenting
Why you were not there
When he was
Young and cheerful

l like you
For you have witnessed
Love and frustration
Agony and apathy
Emotions at extreme
Yet remained indifferent
Untouched by it

You are a good friend
For you never carry me away
And let me
Lose touch with reality
And a platform
To look at me
And the world around
With all dexterity

I love you
For you have in you
The beauties of the world
The thought of present
And the passion
Of yesteryears

I like the way
You carried yourself
Over the years
Silently enduring
The sorrows and happinesses
Unfolded on you
You remained within
But above it
And carried only some likes
And comments
Which are never yours

I do not know
If it is face book
On which I share views
Or it is the mirror
I daily look at

( copyright@smruti ranjan 1.6.2015 )

A Look At Life -2


is the language of love
it speaks a lot
which a palpitating heart
can never fathom
rapid breaths
can never feel
and drooping eyes
can ever find

Love matures
over the years
when one loses
in the other
the body never
craves for another
and the heart
meets the heart
eyes look at
each other

Love and lust
are step sisters
can never co exist
they run
parallel to each other

Love unfolds
in silence
when two beings
become one
and work in tandem
have a single pair of eyes
to look at the world
a beautiful heart
which beats and beats
for the sake of love and love

copy right@smruti ranjan 3.6 2015

A Look at Life-13

Slowly but surely
I am to detach
From all that I love and fancy
And prepare the body and mind
For the final detachment
To have a hug
With the lady of my life

I am to bid farewell
To all those beautiful moments
And nicest of relationships
Which made my life
A heaven on earth

Bit difficult
But worth enduring
For I am never to live
Under a shadow and
In perpetual fear of
Losing something
Which is never mine

It is the go of the world
One who has come
Has to go
Even the sun and moon
Have lives of their own

To lament for something inevitable
Is nothing but abuse of life
Better to prepare
For that journey
With a smile on lips
With chest up and head high
To have that ultimate romance
With the queen of the night

copyright@smrutiranjan 30.6.2015

The Way I Live My life


when i get up
i look at my lord
fall in love with him
with all my heart and soul
show my gratitude for his unconditional love
reassure my self that i am at his feet
my only possession
i relish the golden rays of the rising sun
the symphony of the wind blowing across
ceaseless rain and the charm of the chill winter
meadows and mountains, rivers and rivulets
again and again, i fall in love with life
for what it has given me
and have no regrets
about what i don’t have
have no complaints and always feel that life has given me the very best
one can ever have

i look at my mother, brothers, sisters and kids
my friends and neighbours
my surrounding, plants and animals, my work, obligation and commitment, freedom and bondage, joy and ecstasy, worries and agonies, and feel so fortunate to have all of these that make life so complete and fascinating
i look at my wife
as if i am looking at her for the first time
as and when i unveil the veil
i find the same teenage love
sensuous and passionate
living and dying her moments
for me and my love
for me, she is the most beautiful
and virtuous lady on earth
always nice and captivating
full of elegance and grace
passionately i take care of the greatest gift of my father, my life on earth, with which i am always in love
this is the way i live my life
I don’t know any other way to live a life
one has to accept it as it is
and be honestly satisfied
with whatever he has
whatever comes his way
without thinking about others
about what they have
for they are as incomplete
as i am and as you are

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2018
All Copyrights Reserved

Something I Look At

i know not
how many deaths i have died
but i will live life to the full
before i die my last death

i know not
how many times i ran away
how many times i escaped
but i will be with life and reality once again

for a change
let me see life in me and others
plants and animals
add beauty and glamour to years
rather than making it just another year

let me dream a better life
hope and wish to have all those things
love, life and concern, peace, brotherhood and freedom which i badly missed over the years

let me realise the reality
all along i have been betraying myself
running away from life
i will dive deep into it, to feel it, feel its warmth and beauty

i don’t remember
how many times i was loved and betrayed
how many times i became the cause of other’s sorrow and happiness
how i utilised my time and resources
let me learn and develop upon my lapses

if there is a time
it is right here knocking at me
this is the year i have been looking forward to
and by all means i will make it count

let the sun come out with all its colours
to have a glimpse of the blooming lotus
the moon and oceans rewrite the lyric of love in the silent hours of the dark night
let the moist earth romance with the twinkling stars and make our life a heaven of glee and mirth

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2018
All Copyrights Reserved.