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Shashikala S. is Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA working on developmental genetic and cellbiology. She has a doctorate in Proteomics and Cell Biology (Bio-technology) from Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology (DBT), INDIA. And is actively involved with academic research, but poetry and painting are her passion. She writes on the realms of cosmic spirituality,nature's mysticism and egalitarian philosophy. Her poems have been published Kannur University Magazine, Tellicherry, Kerala and in anthologies 'Resonance" by "Poets Artists Unplugged" and "Across The Way" and at

My blossoms…🌸

I’m that branch of spring,
That shed its autumn leaves,🍂
And still refuses to bloom, 🌺
In frugal nakedness of soul.

Let me rejoice without fanfare,
No rustling music of leaves,
No dancing colors of flowers,
Standing still, aware of myself.

I hide the resilient buds of hope,
They are for silent contemplation.
Making thoughts fragrant within,
They withstood all harsh winters,
Count my strength with my scars.

They will bloom out of season,
They will rustle out of reason,
Just when I want them here,
On my arms laden delicately,
Beautifully unique – charmers.

My blossoms… 🌸🌸🌸🌸

All (c)rights reserved as on April 5/2017
ShashiShashikala Sasidharan

A magical purpose

There is a magic to survival,
And it is to believe in magic,
It’s a treasure trove of imagination,
Of unicorns and jinn like creation.
They all are let free to run amok,
And help visualize away desolation,
To create a dreamy self elation,
To find gleamy diamonds of hope,
In vast deserts of relentless life.
The magic that lifts up sunken dreams,
The dreams that lift you up to create,
The creation that’s most magical ever.
Where you, universe and god are one,
At different forms, existing with purpose.

March 29,2017
(C) shashikala.sasidharan


A bundle of fun,
That resembles you,
A bunch of laughter,
That echoes ours,
A job to keep me up,
A place to hold me up,
A thousand errands to run,
And hundred lists undone,
All things small and big,
A little world of our own.
No trespassers, no bystanders,
Just a space where time stood alone,
Not passing in and out of days, nights.
An inheritance of love passed on…
Quietly, subtly with grace and poise,
To call our own.

(C) shashikala sasidharan
March 26 2017


Sometimes it was the small things,
That we dreamed for, planned for,
But life turned up with greater things,
Than we desired for, prepared for.

There comes this vague, little void,
From uncomfortable…in deserving,
From yearning…for the undesirable,
There comes the nemesis of hope.

One no more knows what fits into,
Qualities of dreams, hopes, life.
Comfortable of all that was the past,
Unsure of present, anxious of future.

And we kind of let go the reins of life,
Let it gallop unrestrained to pastures,
There we may sometimes encounter,
Innocence, freedom, child like hope.

There know that life has come full circle .

Shashikala Sasidharan
March 14 / 2017

A Mismatched Dream


Unpacked boxes are hopes afraid to be dreams,
Seasons they come, bloom, wither and go.
And we see our dreams again and again,
Some sang to us, wooed us,
But we were busy elsewhere,

Despite of all insignificant matches,
In our rhythms and cynical views,
I looked over you, short on time.
In conflict and compromises of life,
Something new kept coming between us.

There… we view sunsets afar through tunnels of time,
Float into whimsical starry nights,
Waltz upon clouds, across the universe ,
That ….reminds me of our promise,
For scripting a new destiny for us,
As life warms up to us in love,
We find our own soft spotlight,
Where the music is mellow with smiles,

Surprises, silly fights…galore,
When did it start smelling burnt?
As we rub each other down,
As we build each other up,
That aroma emanating from heart,
That culminates into our story.

We think ….
If only everything was a wee bit different,
A wee bit rosier, a wee bit starrier, A wee bit lovelier.

Well let’s put our imagination to use…
A mismatched dream….
Cheers to the life we make!!!!

(c) shashikala.sasidharan
Feb 21/2017

Gilded Gold

Once two broken hearts met,
One was melting,
The other cracking.
One was trying to let it go,
The other trying to hold it together.

As melted heart embraced the cracking one,
They glued and bloomed into one bigger heart,
One that could hold and brew universal love.

Once two broken hearts met,
They scratched and peered into each other’s wounds,
They watched and soothed it, until they healed,
And thus was found the elixir for eternal love.

Broken hearts are gilded gold,
They share a deeper past,
A vaster present, A firmer future,
They have learnt it firsthand.

Not in stories, not in love ballads,
But in prayers, hopes and tears.
Broken is braver, brighter, bigger,
A loser enjoys the most, win overs.

All (c) rights reserved as October 30/2016
Shashikala Sasidharan



A sea roars in transient echoes
Within the curves of conch shells
Like transmitted secrets of times
Silent and vacant holding souls

Surfing on the translucent waves
who meant to take one only- alone
Each swell of dreams fetch them
Close to breaking tunnels, thoughts

Floating among the giant balloons
Landscaped life seems minuscule
Shades of expression brushed on
Drifting away to silent goodbyes

Sucking in voices along seashores
The conch confides of castles built
Washed away stealthily by waves
And winds, homes to crabby thieves.

The surfboards modeled to catch
All of them, even the hesitant ones
They too can resent and topple away
If one forgets who plays the dice here

Wrapping the hymns with topaz sunsets
And seagull calls she tells of the riches
Of a golden sea melting all days warmth
To cradle the moon sleeping in clouds.

-shashikala sasidharan-
All rights reserved as on 4/11/2016


The red vase is cracked infinitely,
Yet has not shattered to smithereens,
Suspended in time and space,
The crystal specks hang in there,
And the golden glow within seeps out.

The pain is its halo, Its crown!

My heart couldn’t digest you,
The pangs just fueled a fire,
A hunger that was never satiated,
Even When it was full of dull pain.
Unrequited faeces of my heart,
I finally had to excrete you.

All copyrights reserved as on 28/10/2016
Shashikala Sasidharan


Some memories are bigger than life,
Some memoirs are deeper than cosmos,
As I stand in their remembrance grand,
I feel I’m more than a single being futile,
I feel a continuum of humanity, memories,
Blowing with the wind,
Glowing with the sun,
Flowing like fountains,
Growing like passion,
I feel I’m all of you, who lived, loved and died,
As if I know all their friends, hopes and dreams,
Their laughter, their cries, reverberate silently,
And my soul smiles and tears up for the gone,
Gone all of a sudden,
Gone by petulant strife,
Gone in immense grief,
Gone to bring a dawn.
Where we know each other as one,
Where we know life is smaller as one,
Its grander unified in love,
its purer together in prayer,
Some memories are made, so no more are needed,
Some memoirs are there, for us to look deeper within.
When and where we promise ourselves,
We will grow every moment we live,
As humans, As pilgrims, As artists, As intellectuals,
And it will be one world, in peace, in love.
A grand memory to leave forever in hope.

Shashikala Sasidharan
All(c)rights reserved as on Sep 5/2015



Fear of…

For the fear of death,
I once loved life.
For the fear of life,
Now I love death.

For the fear of truth,
We love lies…..
For the fear of success
We love failure…
For the fear of failure,
We love success.

For the fear of self,
We seek company,
For the fear of others,
We seek to be aloof.

Whenever this fear is gone,
We will be relieved forever.

Shashikala Sasidharan