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Who Are We Really?

Angels or devils?
Right or wrong?
Good or bad?
Goodness or evilness?

Some call it relativity,
Some call it judging,
Some call it duality,

I call it fact,
I call it reality,
Stealing, Abusing, Killing..
Can this be good by any chance?
Doing this kind of dirtiness how can this be right?

Some people are so happy doing evil things,
Some people are happy to leave their dirty fingerprints on the walls of your life,
Some people do the impossible to ruin your life,
But still other people do their best to help you with all they got,

They say God can’t see,
God loves everybody,
God can’t judge,
God can’t support one party,

But we all know that God is love,
God has created this world with love,
And the whole universe is turning around with the power of love,
The whole world is turning “Right”,
And if something goes “Wrong” in a fraction of a minute all can be destroyed,
“Right” and “Wrong”..
Good and Bad..
Goodness and Evilness..

Are words created for a good reason,
In this world even coincidence is created on purpose,
The purpose is to make the world go on good, right, and with Love,
Love is maintaining this sacred net,
Love is setting the connection with harmony,

Why are we so proud to be bad?
Why are we so eager to show we belong to evil?
Why are we fascinated by devils?
Why do we love hate and its destroying intentions and powers?
I wonder what can we gain by walking in the darkness?
Leaving loving trace to always remember,
isn’t it better than leaving dirt to remember??

This can be coming from a very deep wound maybe,
But when we got hurt,
Why would we want to hurt everybody?

Making the world full of light, happiness and laughter,
Isn’t better than making it full of darkness, blood, sadness and tears,

We can decide the path we’re going to walk,
The path that God drew,
The path of Light, Joy,
The path of Peace, Love,
And Always Blessed by God.

Rima N. Jaber

Give Yourself To True Love

Love a pure dawn awaking all feelings,
Love God’s divine waves changing our reality,
Love a wind of kindness,
Love a caress of tenderness,

Love so soft though unbreakable,
Love so fragile & so powerful,
Love is the most humble though the most glorious,
Love can be sometimes sad though it’s the most joyful,

Let Love take over your soul,
Let Love draw your destiny,
Let the divine waves of Love fly you to its universe of wonders,
Let the wind of Love purge with a blast of joy your heart,

Give yourself to Love,
Give yourself to its purity,
Give yourself to its divinity,

Don’t ever hesitate,
Don’t ever fight its true beauty,
Don’t ever stand against its flow,
Answer the call of True Love,
The essence of your soul is made of it definitely.

This is what my Love has taught me
Rima N. Jaber

Eldorado , Land of Dreams

Can we make it reality?
Can we bear to live without money?

Can we consider jewels & gold as sand only?
Can we live without paying for anything absolutely?

Can we live without making crimes with jails empty?
Can we live sane, can we live wisely?

Can we realize that we believe in one God totally?
Can we live without meaningless wars everlastingly?

Can we build barriers to our world preventing evil corruption permanently?
Can we be ourselves these barriers preventing to fall under evil temptations drastically?

Can we love everybody freely, unconditionally?
Can we serve each other voluntary & lovingly?

Can we step in this new world made by golden pure hearts only?
Can we throw the burden of the materialistic world entirely?

Can we free ourselves from negativity?
Can we wake up & see in our hearts our divinity?

Can we seize & live our life mission finally?
Can we live our real human destiny?

Can we let our spirit rise to the level of genuine humanity?
Can you try to do this, can we walk this path hand in hand you & me?

Rima N. Jaber

Inspired by:
Candide by Voltaire
“..Cacambo and Candide make their way to a village, where they find children playing with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. When the village schoolmaster calls the children, they leave the jewels on the ground. Candide tries to give the jewels to the schoolmaster, but the schoolmaster merely throws them back to the ground.

Cacambo and Candide visit the village inn, which looks like a European palace. The people inside speak Cacambo’s native language. Cacambo and Candide eat a grand meal and try to pay for it with two large gold pieces they picked up off the ground. The landlord laughs at them for trying to give him “pebbles.”

Moreover, the government maintains all inns for free. Candide believes that this is the place in the world where everything is for the best.
Cacambo and Candide go to see the village sage, a 172-year-old man. The sage explains that his people have vowed never to leave their kingdom, which is called Eldorado. High mountains surround the kingdom, so no outsiders can get in, making Eldorado safe from European conquests. They also have a God whom they thank every day for giving them what they need. No religious persecution occurs because everyone agrees about everything.
Cacambo and Candide visit the king. They embrace him according to customs explained by one of his servants, and such familiarity and equality of address with a monarch shocks them. Candide asks to see the courts and prisons and learns there are none. Rather, there are schools devoted to the sciences and philosophy..”

It’s Time

Only for love,

Only because he loves,

Was killed for his love,
Every minute we betray him,
Every second we hurt him,
Every day we kill him,
because he still loves us,

He did all for us,
I wonder how we refuse to do anything for ourselves,

We let life blind us,
We let the flow take us,
We forget what was done for us,

Living for one purpose,
Thriving for one reason,
Always fake purpose,
Always ephemera reason,

The light is here but we can’t see,
The truth is here but we like to ignore it,

Slowly we let our consciousness dye,
We let our hearts deny,
Then we ask why??

Why the whole world has changed?
Why people are becoming inhuman?
Where this goodness has disappeared?
Why the light is become darkness?

We are the image of this world,
We’re doing nothing but betraying it & betraying ourselves,

It’s time to rebirth, time to start a new self,
Time for a new beginning, time for a new pure world.

Rima N. Jaber