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Writing is my passion. It is the best way to convey my feelings, emotions & views. I consider myself blessed to be able to use this medium & reach to the world. Any moment can be captured through poetry. Poetry is healing & is my life. I love to read what others write & listen to people while they narrate their stories. My blog is a medium of self- expression

Circle of life


A knock on my mind,

A distinct impression,

When I gave away into the evil.

What is ‘evil’?

To the two disparate parts,

When they come together,

They create something beyond imagination,

The soul and the mind unite,

A divine union.

Why should they be disparate?

If they converse, argue and then rest at his feet,

Everything is so clear and neat.

Peace that rests within the unfathomable depths of my heart.

I immerse, dissolve and you remain the focus,

A complete thought that leads to an unwavering mind,

A distinct knock is a call of the divine.



Churning of my mind,

And an acute restlessness,

Spelled out in words,

Resulting into a conflict between mind and heart,

A confusion laid bare on the battlefield of a moment,

That I can’t hold by.

As another moment passes,

The conflict gets intense,

My heart takes refuge in my mind,

And slowly accepts defeat.



Even breathing seems to be such a burden.

How do I unburden myself from this deep sense of worthlessness.

Innumerable times have I fought this upsurge of negative emotions,

Battled a thousand waves of despair,

Is this turbulence forever?

The more I discard it from within me the more it wraps me,

Oh! how many times should  I shed you?

How many times do you seep deep into my mind?

I collapse famished,

But, my soul you cannot touch,

Each time you attack me, my soul stays untouched,

It remains a source of energy and everything positive,

It lifts my body and gives the energy to battle everything that you pose with all your might.

You stand destroyed and my soul remains a constant companion to this weary body.

Return of the devil

rock-roll-guitar-musicCrying in her arms,

He didn’t want to release himself from her grip,

The evil within was pulling him back on the path that he so wanted to renounce.

A world of hope was welcoming him with open arms,

In the battle of two world,

The bystanders and the guardians of the society,

Wouldn’t pardon him for past misdeeds,

There is no pardon but, only remorse for a soul that wants to live a life full of love and hope.

A cry to the heaven goes unheard.

In your arms


As you moored me in sheets a countless times,
I gave into you helplessly always.
As I muffled into your arms, I incessantly muttered those words that you so conveniently ignore and alienate yourself from,
I’ve said a number of times to myself that I am not going to be in your arms,
But I’ve so precariously been there,
I guess I was destined to be in your arms.

In your arms


If I had to go a thousand miles to reach you,

I would reach you and it won’t be an impossible task.

But, you sit close and yet you seem to be miles apart,

No matter how much I try, I would never reach you.

It has happened so many times that you linger in your own thoughts,

while I struggle to pull down the wall that you build around yourself.

Words fail but when I touch you, you respond with a smile so enduring,

The wall around you collapses and you embrace me like a child and surrender.

It seems as if you wanted to be in safe arms.

Then the world has its own ways and we have to depart,

You come smiling to my world, be there for a while,

And every time you leave, it is nothing but a departure destined to end in each other’s arms.




A moment of life came screeching at him,

Taking away his naive self,

Life came with it’s show of reality.

He squandered, he leapt, he fought, he wept,

After all those struggling moments,

He surrendered selflessly,

He had no demands,but just performed his deeds,

Now, life took a steep turn,

A turn, which took him to a clueless land,

It was a promised land of fame and wealth,

As he traveled in the land, he gathered wealth & fame, to flourish and settle.

Lost in this enduring land, intoxicated and self obsessed,

Another moment came to soothe him,

He blatantly captured it perceiving it as a moment of swell,

With a gush of reality, a lightning struck,

All lost in vain, he was back to his original self.

Ego stopped him from surrendering this time.

Now a ramshackle soul, he lost all that he possessed.