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About Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

Rabindranath Tagore – The Voice of India

Rabindranath Tagore – The Voice of India

In a world of literary magazines Tagore lived

Music recitals, and theatre he breathed,

His was a large social group of art lovers.

Oldest brother, a poet and philosopher,

In the Civil Service and elite group was another brother,

A gifted musician, playright, composer, one brother,

And a novelist one sister.

His sister in law Kadambari Devi

Was his close bestie

And a powerful influence on him,

Her sudden suicide devastated him.

The void left a profound mark on his literary life.

Causing a real emotional strife.

Tagore started writing poems around age eight,

He underwent the upanayana, a coming-of-age rite:

Shaved bald, and sent into retreat,

To chant and meditate.

He instead beat drums and played, 

A sacred thread of investiture after which he received.

His first close contact with his father was on a tour.

He visited Shantiniketan full of greenery

Where he felt free with no ‘servocracy’.

He was exposed to astronomy,

English and Sanskrit-language books he read,

And on biographies he was fed.

He travelled to England  in early October,

With the intention to become a barrister.

He first stayed for some months near Brighton

Tagore was brought to London.

 He enrolled at University College London.

But just over a year it became boredom.

Exposure to English language and culture brought gradually

To his passion, music, poetry and drama, a new creativity,

Permeating his earlier knowledge of Bengali.

Nevertheless, he never held on to English wholly

Or the traditionally severe Hindu religious observances

 In his art or in his life but chose what he deemed best.

His earned him world repute with his literary activities

His volumes of short stories,

Novels, dramas, essays, travel diaries, autobiographies, 

His songs, drawings and paintings.

And his poems having universal themes,

Lead him to more fame.

The voice of India he became sooner.

Being universally acclaimed as a prodigious writer

Of deep human concern, being a great thinker,

An outstanding philosopher,

And he bagged the Nobel Prize,

Surely, nobody could challenge the great rise.

My Garden of Eden

My Garden of Eden

Life in my ‘Garden of Eden’ went on gaily,

Nothing worried me,

I was so carefree,

I remembered only me,

And walked so light heartedly

And often sang full throatily.

Merrily, merrily, and blissfully.

So full of cheer were my days,

All I had to do was to enjoy like popinjays

Surrounded by love, care, and security.

Till I reached my teens.

I started becoming keen

To explore the world fanciful,

With heart aflame plentiful.

Soon I experienced feelings, sentiments,

Passions growing and ephemeral enjoyments,

Praises, missives, new encounters,

In thousands of colours,

Brought a new world of high self-esteem.

Selfishness reigned supreme,

With self-love in the extreme.

Soon, sudden doubts, sudden strife,

Struck my vulnerable blissful life.

Streaks of moodiness took over,

Satanic thoughts began to hover

In MY Garden of Eden.

Destroying my peaceful haven.

Spring’s gaiety seemed a thing forbidden.

All that made me light, turned to boredom

And dissatisfaction,

And unexpected swings of mood and frustration.

My days were stormy,

With confusion and irascibility.

Examination fears, uncertainties,

Invaded with many other frailties.

Alas! Gone was my light-heartedness,

Life becoming jittery,

Gossips and rivalry attacked me, 

Reducing my life to a mockery.

Fancies strange haunted my mind,

With an urge to have a partner kind,

To bring joy and have peace of mind.

The Inferno

The mountain of flames enveloped in all fury,

The treasured holy church in an inferno so woozy

It blazed,

Our eyes glazed

And when the steeple, engulfed in flames fell apart,

The crash gripped our hearts.

What a fall it was!

What a shocking sight it was!

Holding our breaths, on our knees we implored

For mercy from the Heavens to be bestowed,   

Thinking, for nine centuries it stood supreme,

Majestic, mood elevating, it reigned supreme,

Hallowed, revered abode of serenity

Joy, solace and beauty,

Doubtless like the phoenix it will rise.

Rise it will. To bless us, the Lord will certainly devise.

The Almighty Divinity

The Almighty Divinity

Creator you,

Moulded figure me,

Saviour you,

Dependent on your mercy me,

Flutist you,

Listener me,

Healer you,

Permanently need of healing me.

Grace is You,

Looking forward for a gram of that grace me.

Guardian of the universe You,

Great need for protection me.

Law of Karma You,

The chastised me.

Inculcation of virtues You

Ever the learner me.

For eternity ruling You, 

My constant companion I seek in You.

Manifested in innumerable forms You,

Unfortunately, previously I did not see You.

My mundane preoccupation kept me from you.

How I wish I could have sooner known You!

Why did my selfishness distance me from You,

Hindering the realisation that everything comes from You?

Space for Love

Space for Love

Couples undergoing stressful moments,

Need to avoid unnecessary comments,

 Strive steadily to bring calm,

To act as a balm,

Make space for each other,

For getting closer,

Appeasing their frustration and anger,

Creating the ambience to forgive themselves fully,

Just as a plant needs care to grow beautifully.

For love to bloom again

For couples to bond all over again,

Instead of wilting in pain,

Why not make it all a mutual gain,

With private talk, understanding, patience,

A dose of tolerance and perseverance?

Love will certainly bloom in abundance.

With space for intimacy,

Thus gaining supremacy.

The Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

Reading acts as a mental stimulation

A panacea for desperation,

Slowing or preventing Alzheimer and Dementia

Transporting to other realms and reducing inertia,

 Letting tensions drain away,

 Allowing you from worries to stay away,

Ultimately bringing much good,

With elevation of mood.

With knowledge, doubts you will keep at bay,  

Tackle any challenge coming your way,

Even if everything else you lose,

Your newly acquired knowledge will be of use.

And act as an illuminating power fuse.

With reading, we learn to be articulate

And shyness in many professions dissipate,  

The lawyer or the politician’s nervousness disintegrate,

Boosting the self-confidence,

And self-esteem or self-assurance.

 And with self-esteem,

Our short term

Or long-term memory

Improve remarkably,

Giving opportunities to reminisce considerably.

Reading brings better analytical skills

To tackle daily problems or ills,


Bringing peace and serenity,

And contentment, improving our serendipity.

Spiritual texts reading arouses renewed interest,

Or self-help books, radiate best

Fresh doses of optimism and more acceptance,

Added to our resilience

Bringing personal and societal harmonising balance.

And if you read avidly, you won’t be morose

But instead, invite possibilities to write prose.

And become writers or poets, who knows

Producing best sellers probably,

Or gain popularity.

Hard Work

Hard work

The old adage ‘we reap what we sow’

Has been proved a thousand times to be so.

Hard work is that which matters most.

It pays ultimately though at a cost.

So, let’s try and try till we succeed.

And provide our need.

However little we accomplish today,

The little that we do, will accumulate someday.

No need to compete with others,

Why with competition bother

Or feel that we have not achieved?

The lord has perceived

Our dedication

And our devotion

What matters is that we have tried

And strived

Sincerely and whole heartedly to provide

And despite hard circumstances, to abide

By hard work and discipline and perseverance

To the limit of endurance.

Sweet is thy Beauty- The Flamboyant Trees in Mauritius

Sweet is thy beauty – the Flamboyant Trees in Mauritius

My heart leaps up when I behold the flowers

Of the flamboyant trees laden in heavy bowers,

Oh, my Lord! they are like ‘phantom of delights’

Dressed up in their splendid, glowing, bright,

Fiery shades of red, vermillion and orange,

Displaying their hues grandly in vivid range,

Gracefully, mesmerizingly, 

Holding the viewers’ gaze enchantingly,

Like in a festival, all around this paradisiacal island,

Bordering roads, flat land, high land,

In gardens, villa entrances, landscapes,

Serving to artists and poets as muses and escape,

With their alluring rainbow colours, 

Appealing to lovers to embrace its odours,

Uttering sweet endearing nothings,

Under their awesome branches blooming.

The dancing, awesome laden blossoms,

Seem to convey a message to our bosoms,

In this festive season, specially,

Message of love for humanity,

Soothing words of peace, justice, and liberty,

And with newly awakened zeal, enthusiastically, 

Welcome the New Year jovially.

Ellana-1, Ellana-2, Ellana-3

Ellana- 1

Ellana walked full light hearted,

And firm footed,

Praying to the Lord of all regularly,

For guidance, for right direction accordingly,

With a thousand and one thanks repeatedly,

For all her benedictions,

All, from her earliest recollections,

Of her dear mum’s love

Her unconditional love,

Her reason for living,

Her reason for her confident being,

Her reason for fervent faith in the Supreme Being.

Ellana – 2

Her stoicism, her integrity came

Through motherly inculcation,

Of right values, specially integrity,

Shirking laziness and instead inviting assiduity,

In every act moderation,

Curbing hankerings leading to destruction,

Learning to be content,

Giving love, support, and encouragement.

And a thousand other motherly inculcation,

Ellana treasured with great appreciation.

Ellana – 3

Virtue is her inner trait

Wisdom illumines her gait,

Pleasure always at hand,

Pain she bears with a stoic stand.

Her reason brings light

Contentment is what makes her heart bright

Peace replaces in her bosom all scepticism, 

Hope shedding rays of optimism,

Her life, though at times burdensome,

With resilience, made less wearisome.

Blessed Mother Teresa

Oh, noble spirit, you lived to be a boon to mankind,

Being the friend of the sick and the blind,

Carer of the poor,

You founded a leper colony for the lepers,

The disabled, the aged,

You are deeply revered,

For your selfless love, your dedication,

Your bounteous humanity.

Know it dear lady.

The ostracized ones gained the comfort grandly.



You founded the charity of missionaries,

With branches in more than hundred countries

A worldwide symbol of charity becoming,

Prize of Nobel Peace winning.

The Medal of Freedom you were awarded,

Officially declared a saint and beatified

Known as Mother Teresa of Kolkata the blessed.