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Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

Sushant Singh Rajput, the Rising Star

Who would think there was so much strife
On the bosom of the young thespian, full of life?
An emerging artist with vivacious talent,
Nay, brimming with talent!

Whether it was histrionics of acting,
Whether it was on Rhythik’s moves dancing,
An emotion packed or a romantic scene,
You were in all at your best seen!

And your innocent catching smile,
Conquered the hearts of so many for miles,
Profoundly, indelibly, irresistibly,
So dear an actor, we shall miss terribly!

This admirable son of Bihar, so unexpectedly,
Sending shock waves internationally,
Left his envious traitors for the heavenly abode,
Far from nepotism, malice and all deceitful load!

Many others will come and go periodically,
But nobody can replace you surely,
You with your charisma exceptional,
Brilliant, ambitious, intelligent, phenomenal.

You had your own unique astuteness
To make us grieve after your demise,
Your own ray of brilliance,
To display eternally your radiance.

Your body is no more,
But you will be in our thoughts evermore.
They say those whom God loves, leaves us early.
Rest assured your memory will be cherished eternally!

Equality for women?

Equality for women?

International Day for women,
Only one day a year good Heaven,
And other days,
Be in a haze,
Question on equality,
To accept or practice amity,
Or suppress, oppress,
And invite unnecessary stress.

Ladies, why not grasp a boon
Instead of waiting for the moon,
Which waxes and wanes
Shockingly bringing a bane?
Instead invite assiduity and creativity
With patience and all positivity
To become independent financially,
To be able to provide for yourself and your family.

Being self-sufficient,
You will invite contentment,
Why expect equality
When you can be self-sustaining fully?
No need to seek for approval
When you can provide withal,
With plenteousness,
And heaps of joyousness.

Become your own guiding spirit
To be always fit
Mentally, spiritually, intellectually,
And certainly physically,
Otherwise expecting would be
Trying to find an oasis in Sahara Desert,
Or the Kalahari Desert,
Or the driest one, Atacama Desert.

Be the Ruler of Your Kingdom

Be the ruler of your kingdom’s space
While running life’s continuous race.
Ever and anon breathe into it freshness,
To be away from lethargy or restlessness.

Bring freshness physically,
Always exercising regularly,
Stretching, to activate dormant energy,
To release new vigour constantly.

To boost yourself mentally,
Resort to stimulating activity,
Like reading, painting, poetry writing,
Or playing with your best friend or sibling.

Enrich yourself spiritually,
With the cream of knowledge on spirituality,
Getting deeper into the essence of life
To get rid of incessant strife.

Uplift yourself emotionally,
Commune with Nature’s exuberant beauty,
To stimulate your stamina,
And enhance your persona.

Prayer Supported by Action

Prayer is definitely what makes our days shine,

Submitting ourselves wholly makes us feel fine.  

But prayer should be supported by due action,

Fully integrating both prayer and action,

Letting go of our sense of control prayerfully,

Cooperating with God’s work fervently.

If we simply pray but don’t act justly,

 Our faith won’t bear fruit ultimately.

More harm will result without contemplation,

And less good, even with well-intended actions.

Therefore, action should follow prayer,

For blessings to blissfully shower.

In today’s religious, environmental,

 And climate political,

Giving rise to unexpected upheavals,

Our complete surrender to the Lord is vital.

Listening to our hearts’ longings is vital,

Before thinking of healing global.

Each of us should resort to productivity,

Be it insignificant initially,

And if then we implore to the Almighty,

Mercy will rain on us ultimately.

If we use the Lord’s gift of human intelligence

Trying hard will certainly lead to deliverance.  



Alas! What is born should die.
That it brings much sorrow and grief is no lie,
In many, emotional pain and depression,
All unavoidable truths in succession.

Of all biological functions bereft,
Of life nothing left,
The corpse, a set of remains, a cadaver
When all flesh gone, merely a skeleton later.

Innumerable are the causes which bring about deaths
Trauma resulting in terminal injury, or accidents,
Homicide, dehydration, starvation or malnutrition,
Disease, aging or predation.

Many cultures and religions believe,
After death, again you live,
In after life, you gain a recompense
Or for one’s sins a sentence.

Buddhists believe after death there is enlightenment,
Plato termed the separation of soul and body as bereavement.
According to Epicurus ‘when death is we are not’.
And Hinduism maintains after death people reincarnate.

Nowadays, we have almost lost count of who is dying,
Such a heavy death toll, the ravaging pandemic is causing.
Alas! Death comes as the great leveller unaware
And lays its icy hands alike on kings and beggars, beware.

The Invisible Enemy

The invisible enemy came furtively,

With crown and all, disastrously,


Flew over one land to another,

Without any bother

Of the devastations,

The havoc, the utter desolation,

The deprivation.

The poor who depend on daily stipends

Have been left without any stand

Like a whirlwind it has left so many impoverished,

Helpless, famished.

And worse still, with satanic relish

It has caused so many to relentlessly perish.  

Alas! The hungry crowned one, invisible,

Seems to be insatiable.    

How long we puny human beings will be attacked?

How long will our body and mind be ransacked?

The unquenchable seems so ruthless,

Not sparing rich or poor, being utterly merciless,

Vanishing into thin air our pride.

We don’t know where to hide.

To bandage our faces oddly,

 Or wear double masks, to protect totally.

Staying centred

Staying Centered

Uncertainty is certainty.
We know little about the devastating effects surely
Of the pandemic crisis and its advent.
Mundanity isn’t the central torment
Uncertainty is prevailing in the moment.

Why not the mental error affecting avoid
Be being centered, not devoid
Mistaking uncertainty for speculation,
Bingeing on information,
Why not ward off the threat into fast oblivion?

Why not ration your news intake,
Instead, for a little hope to poetry take.
It’s just another of the many stress-relieving
And humanizing inputs that we are missing,
Instead of our state totally aggravating.

And like Keats,
Fly on the wings of poesy
To a world of discovery,
Feeding your imagination,
Making creative beauty your consolation.


5 Hay(na)ku



Necessity became

Mother of invention.



Converted me,

Jack of trades.



Urgency, boosted

Awakening, proaction, self-dependency.



Preserver, destroyer

Mercy, You Lord!



Solace, reassurance,

Almighty, pestilence saviour!

Just plain exhausted?

Just plain exhausted?

If you’re just plain exhausted

You just need to retreat a little from the world

Or a nap you take

Or sink into a long sleep not leaving it at stake.

 If it’s love you are asking about, or work,

Take a break,

And spend some time without interruption,

In serious reflection.

If an unpleasant drama arrives unexpectedly,

Approach it philosophically

With other parties.

Remind them of the bigger realities

About plans not aligning

Or when tensions are rising,

Take a step outside promptly,

 And just take a big breath of fresh air vigorously.