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Bio of Princess Lubna Lubna Ahmed is a Certified Master NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. NLP Workshop Facilitator and Soft Skills trainer. Certified Advanced Life Coach. Conducts SuperKoolKids Art Therapy workshops. Lubna reside in Delhi with her family. She has been brought up in an academic & bureaucratic environment. Her late father Late Dr. Mahfooz Ahmed, was a world renowned economist and educationist. Her schooling was done in Delhi and International schools abroad where her father was posted on UNO assignments. Lubna has managed to carve a niche’ for herself in the literary world by her ever so simple 'Love poems'. ‘Princess Lubna’ is her pen name, her writers’ identity. Her love poems are spiritual & has Mystical Aura. Lubna has written many poems for National and International Anthologies. Lubna graduated with first class marks in Science, Zoology Honors from AMU Aligarh Muslim University. She holds diploma in Travel & Tourism and Export Management. Lubna is an avid traveler. She has traveled to more than 35 countries in USA, Europe and Asia.

Lover’s Masque

Love, she realized, is a masquerade

Hidden behind layers and layers of charades

His handsome face, baritone voice, charms of brocades

The innocent gullible ones, are easily preyed

A fluorescent moon that night, starry interventions

Behind a lovers masque, she never did notice his vile intentions

His love, though shallow, did always weaken her defenses 

Should she ignore, look through his pretenses?

Or let herself ride through the passion, the ecstasy?

To live, in the moment, a bit more, her ultimate fantasy?

She tried to move away, way further, from the moment of truth

To hear his velvety words more, laden with silken love, which made her fiery heart sooth

Coz she knew a death of love, will occur when all is revealed

The love, the trust which was with a false promise sealed

Imploring, probing deep to search in his eyes

Inkling to see beyond his masque, his fancy disguise

Love for her, the one she had experienced, she still so desire

Petrified, with trembling hands she removed his masque, of fire

She gasped, a moan escaped her lips, in sheer pain

Mocking at her, his evil eyes, crooked smile, ruthless despite feign

The cruelness of his soul evident, so apparent

She reckons his evilness, a bit too late, harshly transparent

Where did his love vanish?

Why wasn’t she able to see behind his facade?

Was this what they said blind love?

She had loved him truly, she felt betrayed

It was a moment of disdain, utter dispair

Her lover, his love, to die, suddenly, so unfair

Myriad moments of love were lost that instant in dwindling turmoil

Her soul got forever entrapped in a sad unwinding coil

Copyright©️ Princess Lubna


The eerie silence of the lake 

Stifling breaths choking it rakes 

Devoid of any movement sans breeze

Stillness of the swing heart freezes

Reminiscing our hearty laughter

Vivid images of us together

Sitting beside each other swinging 

The love songs merrily singing

Meticulosly planning our tomorrows

Promising joy abandoning thoughts of sorrows

Never imagined losing you to fate

Never will I see you even though I hate

Living alone without you is hard my dear

The eerie silence of the lake is all I hear

Copyright © Princess Lubna


Often in my dreamland I am with my beloved 

A wonderful world of ecstasy

Magical place of glittering fantasy

With him my wanderlust soul flies amidst the skies

Beyond the brightest stars basking below the descending stardust

The specks falling softly on my radiant face

Like a million miniscule love drops 

I glide swiftly, a euphoric state of bliss 

Dancing to the mystical tunes of the universe

Carried by the whistling love winds 

Essence of love travels beyond the cosmos

Blessed are those, in love

Pristine love, elevating their souls

Soulmates, promise to be together

Supreme love, uniting them forever

Copyright © Princess Lubna