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I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

The waste of life

When I look at the surf-splashed columns of rock,

With an aerated drink in my hands,

I get lost in the breathtaking scenic panorama.

Somewhere, far away, butterflies must be fluttering

In rapturous delight in the pretty

West lands stretching for miles.

I think of the religions and traditions,

Of slavery and debauchery

Eating and hollowing mankind

The way termites do to wood.

Life seems such a waste.

The love we have not given,

The powers we did not utilize,

The children left to perish with diseases,

The women abandoned shamelessly,

The old ill treated and left to suffer alone,

And The soldiers bleeding to death.

We all thought that the purpose of life

Is seeking for our own happiness,

Making life so cruel and senseless,

A real waste!

When shall we rise from this waste?

Is that day far when

Our waste of life will turn

Into opportunities of wisdom?

pramila khadun

Love is that key

Love is that key which in innumerable guises

Unlocks the mysteries and beauties of life,

Be it Holland or Poland, Pakistan or Rajasthan.

Love flies with the wings of Truth,

Propelled by the winds of change,

Exerting a powerful influence on beautiful minds.

The frozen straits of epiphany,

The riddles of existence, the hidden secrets

Are all unlocked by the key of love.

The recipients of great literary accolades,

The poised and savvy thinkers and philosophers,

The brilliant minds of our generation,

The natural code breakers and the mystic

Who push their minds beyond limits

All know about the power of this key.

The unforgiving mind, the selfish mind,

Always inclined to hurt others by words or actions

Will never find the key of love.

For them, it will be the proverbial

Search of the needle in the haystack.

Love is that key, which, with consummate skill

Can bend History in the direction of justice,

Change the hearts of most hardened cynics,

Dissipate those clouds which fuel conflicts,

Make minarets sway and church spires glisten

While the whole world gets suffused with peace,

A stimulating gaiety spreads around

Ans a magical smile plays on all lips.

pramila khadun

Blood and Ink

Blood and ink
I simply love leaning on your poems
O poet!
It ignites the interplay
Of blue, red and white in my heart,
Setting free those hidden feelings.
Fondled by your poetry,
Readers find their past and present
Resonating in them.
Your poems are so freshening,
So liberating, so rejuvenating,
That they throw a resplendent smile
On their faces, kindling a light
Of exotic pleasure,
Evidenced by your acts of love.
Your poems come as myriad colored jewels
Bridging your heart to readers’ hearts,
Transcending language barriers,
Adorning them in dreams and reverie,
In worship and in wisdom,
And with your great compassionate mind,
You harbour them all,
The segregated, the sedated,
The worn-out, the dishevelled,
Making their hearts
Run out of tune
By creating the chemistry
Of flint and steel.
Your poems speak of the blazing fire,
The fleeting embers, the desires,
The lovelorn cry of peacocks,
The owls in tree hollows,
The transgressions against God’s laws,
The sighs of lovers,
Their pains of separation,
The fresh Spring gales
And the Holy Grail.
Dear poet, I know you write with a pen
And yet, the mystery of
Your powerful pen remains unravelled.
When I think of your pen,
With neither flaw nor fault,
Something deep inside me
Humming a sweet rhapsody, tells me
Your pen writes not with ink,
It writes with your blood
For ink is for the conscious mind,
Blood is for the unconscious mind,
And great poets like you
Write with the unconscious mind.

Amazon is burning

Amazon is burning and with it my heart is burning.

The fire was not created by slamming of two stones,

Nor did lightning fall from the sky

To create this mayhem of ravage.

Can Planet Earth, without the Amazon be envisioned?

The nuclear superpowers committed

To global security and safety of environment

Must save Amazon, the lungs of the globe.

We are living in an era of herd mentality

Where people care more for themselves

And lesser for what is around them.

Deforestation is affecting our oxygen supply,

Injuring our health and the pristine beauty of nature.

Our rainfall is threatened and with it our crops.

Thinkers of exceptional sensitivity,

Responsible botanists and men and women

Poised and savvy, shocked to the core

Are waiting for a panacea for this evil.

Like moth to flame, we are drawn

To the illusion of materialism

At the cost of putting Mother Nature on her knees.

Amazon, like the phoenix, rise from your ashes.

The orangutans are beating their chests,

The rabits stunned and the colorful birds

Are fluttering their wings in agony.

So many species of animals and plants are affected.

May nations across the globe unite their efforts

To stop the burning and smouldering

Of our beautiful Amazon, so loving, so motherly.

Save Amazon

pramila khadun

Time Had His Reasons

Time had his reasons

My thoughts linger with the remnants of a lost love
Gone with the wind.

With precision profound and passion unflinching,
A beautiful allegory showcasing the truth of love,
Reigned in my heart for years many.

‘Loving is always cathartic,’
He whispered with feelings exuberant
In my ears soft and attentive.
The message spread around,
Hale and hearty, light and bright,
Like caleidoscopic rangoli
In all the cells of my body,
Making me shine with
The seven colors of love.

I was in the prime of my youth,
Always talking gleefully, gently and peacefully.
I touched his silvery grey hair
Which was like fur of a velvety cap.
Leaning on his shoulder, I replied,
‘Love knows neither decay nor decline.’

We looked at the crystal moon,
Our fingers entwined,
Admiring the sights and sounds
Offered by the waves.
We slept together on the sands soft.
In the morning, while the first rays of the sun
Warmed our hearts laden with love
And bodies drowned with passion pure,
We said ‘Adieu’ and parted.
Love had her reasons to bring us together
And time had his reasons to separate us for ever.

pramila khadun

Just love me

I do not want palaces studded with stones precious

Nor do I want luxury cars and jewellery rare.

I simply want to hear your voice,

Crossing the mountains and the seas

And softly landing in my ears,

Touching my higher state of consciousness,

Saying ‘I love you,’

While the perfumed candles flicker

Arousing desires too sweet to be told.

Just hold my hands in yours,

Allowing the beauty of my breasts to shine out.

Let my fears evaporate,

Look into my eyes,

Let me nestle in your cosy arms

While the stars perenially shine

In the vast sky filled with mirth.

Let us lie down on the sands soft

While the waves kiss each other

And we smile listening to the dolphins serenading.

I come close to you,

You cover my whole body with kisses.

I melt and softly murmur in your ears,

Just love me.

pramila khadun

Water, the pathfinder

Water is life and without water, humanity vanishes

And life from planet earth perishes.

Water teaches us lessons for survival

And if we follow them, our life will have no upheaval.

Water, water everywhere and in each drop

Is hidden a lesson to make more productive our crop.

Water needs no guide to find her destination,

She is her own pathfinder in all perfection.

Look at the grace with which she flows,

The white billowy clod knows

The contours of her body, the charms of her heart

And the generosity with which she quenches thirst.

She waits not for anybody, she knows her mission

And focusses on her way to reach her destination.

She is fearless, never afraid to traverse the woods,

Come wind, come fire, come obstacles, in same mood

She flows and if over an obstacle she cannot flow over,

She just flows by its side, all sober.

pramila khadun

The place where I live in

The place where I live in is called Lallmatie.

It is the centerpiece of the History of Mauritius

As many political struggles for the Independence of Mauritius

Took place in this village where great patriots live.

With concerted effort, the villagers have worked hard

To produce sugar, maize, vegetables and fruits.

The valleys rife with fragrance, the bees hovering around,

Harvest time and the orchids nestled in the hills

Add to the natural charms of my lovely village.

Hindus, Muslims and Christians live in harmony

Exchanging food culture, friendship and companionship.

Major festivals have become National festivals

Where Hindus celebrate Christmas and Christians

Celebrate Divali and Eid is celebrated by all.

The chinese who came to settle as traders

Have their retail shops and they speak Bhojpuri as well

Along with creole, a dialect sounding like French.

Famous dishes which are cooked, shared and sold are:

Biryani, meat, chicken and fish curries, noodles, fried rice,

Parathas and boiled basmati rice, local juices and alouda.

South Indian dishes are very popular.

Lallmatie is lively with friendly people

Living in big comfortable homes, driving lovely cars

And above all, encouraging their children

To reach great heights in the field of education.

With its rich cultural heritage, Lallmatie

Is an example to follow for other villages.

I feel so proud to live in this great and peaceful village.

pramila khadun

Call life by any name

If you call life Sympathy,

It is helping others in distress

Or at least holding their hands in yours.

If you call life Happiness,

It is feeling happy seeing others succeed in life.

If you call life Love,

It is loving unconditionally

Irrespective of caste or creed.

Life may be called Pity

If tears roll down your cheeks

Seeing the pains of others.

Life may be called Silence

If you do not utter any word

When suffering is inflicted upon you.

Tolerate and life is known as tolerance.

Rise for your rights and life is known as Justice.

Strive for the betterment of society

And life will be known as Compassion.

Work and life turns into Worship,

See all as one and Divinity becomes life’s mission.

See God in man and life will be Humanity.

See God in yourself

And life becomes Bliss.

pramila khadun